Reviews for Osculation
DezoPenguin chapter 3 . 8/14/2011
Somewhat belatedly, I realize that this story has more than one chapter and read the last two thirds of it...

Sumire comes off as a brat. Which is actually all right, because she's not supposed to be in any way a true rival to Kara for Adan's affections. Her attitude towards Adan is one of someone towards a prized possession rather than an object of affection...which is also quite appropriate; it's quite reminiscent of how male characters in historical or fantasy-based male-dominated societies would treat or think of women. You can see that whatever she thinks of Adan, the fact that he beat her in combat is brushed aside in her mind as an anomaly that will be rectified in time; it's Kara who she considers her true opponent because a possession can only be taken away by another owner, hence her concern with Kara's claim or lack thereof.

(It's also reflective of Sumire's youth that she repeatedly fails to account for the fact that Adan, Gwyn, and Kara come from another culture where things are done differently between people, including marriage and courtship.)

Hopefully, Kara will figure out soon enough that she's not actually mad at Adan but rather mad at a situation that has Adan in the middle of it and stop giving him grief for something that's not his fault (if she really *is* mad at Adan then she's being as much of a brat as Sumire; I realize that the characters are young themselves but I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt here because of literary necessity-I *want* her to be worthy of falling in love with Adan and having a proper romance, not of having a kid's crush on Adan and going out on a few after-school dates). We'll see in future stories how that works out...
DezoPenguin chapter 1 . 8/7/2011
A quiet little story, but one which serves the purpose, continued from previous sequences, in directing the cast to Skyhaven and New Mota (of course, in-game there's no direction to New Mota at all, you just have to blunder across it in the course of zipping about in the sky with Wren!); this way is better. Otherwise, it's a little expansion on the other people of the Alisa III (though those are definitely some very young ladies if they're babbling over Adan in quite that way...heh, "the most beautiful man in Frigidia," indeed!). The twins goofing off together were cute (and since we've had the color discussion at length earlier, I'll skip it here).
Vicious Pink chapter 1 . 1/14/2011
I can tell you really took your time in creating the Kensai tribe and working out its placement in your stories. It's a fascinating read, one I wouldn't have expected in a PS3 story. You put quite a bit of originality into this story, yet the heart of it is still very much PS3, with everything tying into Layans and Orakians. I think this works very well in conjunction with events in the game. It didn't seem too tangential at all.