Reviews for Thanks
Foxyleo28 chapter 1 . 9/4/2016
This is how it should have been after Niz but nope the writers couldn't let them be nice
Divine Fighter chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
Wonderful short story! I love the idea of Sam and Liz being friends, or at else being able to talk to each other!
Maibe Josie chapter 1 . 1/18/2011
I would KILL for a moment like this to happen on the show. The wish that Sam and Liz could be friends, get along, etc... apparently makes me a terrible JaSam shipper. But ever since they joined forces at the cabin with the boys, I've wanted them to at least agree to bury the hatchet. They didn't always hate each other. The moment when Liz acknowledged Sam with Jason at the hospital and let Jake play with them... especially with Sam, I was surprised and I went back to liking her for a moment.

I loved this little short fic, it really captured both women well, and showed that yes they can be friends. It's so hard to find a good JaSam fic when majority of it is Liz-bashing. Having to bash a character to make a couple look better doesn't help the story any.