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rachtree chapter 9 . 3/7/2014
Have you given up on this story? Or do you plan to continue?

I love it so far. I'm not so much into the Clay-focused stuff. I like Clay, but not enough to read a Clay-centered What I do like about it though is that even though all his friends were oblivious for a while, once they found out they go into protective mode. Especially Brooke and Nathan, his two best friends. I'm glad Lucas and Julian told Brooke and that she turned around and told Nathan once she realized how serious it was. Really glad Nate went in. It proves that even though he's an ass with girls, he truly cares about his friends. But I wonder who got hurt.

Best part for me is Brooke/Nathan and Peyton/Nathan triangle. I love them both. And the sweet part here is that neither girl knows about the other so they're not even betraying each other. That's awesome to me because I also love the Brooke/Peyton friendship so I don't want either girl to betray the other. Nathan's in trouble though when they find out, but hopefully that's not for a while because I'd love to see more.

Of course that won't happen unless you're continuing the story, which I really, really hope you do.
CaseyJr chapter 10 . 2/18/2012
Great ideas. I love that all of them are included and that you updated. I hope that he accidently shot Brooke and you'll give us a long chapter how she feels and how Clay reacts. Please update sooner than usual! Thanks
PartyInTheBackBuisnessUpFront chapter 9 . 1/2/2012
I love this ! Ive wondered what it would be like with them all in high school with the new characters and I love it! so good please update soon! please please !
Dylin chapter 9 . 2/9/2011
Two thumbs up!
journey17 chapter 9 . 2/7/2011
oh my god this is just so sad poor clay this is really breaking my heart yeah his father should pay heck maybe even die but not by clays hands he would hav 2 live with that 4 the rest of his life and thank god im glad brooke know now and im glad she found him and was there 4 him still hoping that turns into more Bray all the way and ugh of course she runs right 2 nathan ugh sry just cant stand them 2gether makes me want 2 throw up and yes brooke u were so involve with ur secret with nathan u didnt c what clay was goin through cuz ur 2 busy screwing nathan 2 think bout anybody else ugh wow im sry 4 that rant now back 2 what i was saying yeah nathan dos need 2 know that his his best friend after all but still ugh anyway oh god what did they c in that window what is clay bout 2 do?update soon!
PlainLauraJane chapter 9 . 2/7/2011
Another great chapter, you've got me hooked with the cliffhanger and I can't wait for the next chapter! :o) xxx
Dylin chapter 8 . 1/31/2011
Great chapter. Love the clay storyline. I feel bad for him and I understand where he's coming from. My best friend use to get abused by her dad and drugs was her only escape too. I'm a little iffy on the peyton/nathan/brooke love triangle. I really hope nate ends up with peyton not brooke. But anywsy keep up the good writing! Update soon :)
journey17 chapter 8 . 1/30/2011
oh my gosh poor clay thats so doesnt deserve that he needs 2 tell his friends but child abuse victims usually dnt they act out liek what clay is doing with drugs& is just so sad i dnt want him 2 go through that :( ugh stupid whore rachel i hate her and i hope thats the last we c of her and im glad julian told luke bout clay now they can help him through all this and now brooke get over it ur being played by nathan and so is peyton nathan is sleeping with u but is falling 4 wait til ur messing around catches up 2 u nate cuz then u will lose em im happy there wasnt really any brathan thank again poor clay!update soon.
sobreyra274 chapter 3 . 1/30/2011
i totally love this story! awesome job! i cant wait to read more! hope you update soon!
s00000 chapter 7 . 1/30/2011
Great. update soon
journey17 chapter 7 . 1/24/2011
ugh eww more brathan disgusting i really hope peton&brooke find out already what a dog nathan is but i still want him with peyton or haley just not ugh the whore rachel is cheatin on clay go figure ugh pat of me wants brooke 2 tell him but anoter doesnt cuz it will send him over the edge and i dnt want really nobody is happy which is sad but lucas&quinn r workin there way 2 something so thats bray and less brathan sry just had 2 say it and more clayley cuz i love em 2gether 2 lol but i also want 2 c the guys hangin out and bonding but mostly luke&nate cuz nate needs 2 tell someone he is bangin 2 girls out once and who better then his update son plz.
journey17 chapter 6 . 1/23/2011
ok just 2 let u know im bout 2 rant so here we go wth y nathan thats just gross cuz its obivous he wants 2 be with peyton &this is just goin 2 make brooke&peyton mad at each other ugh y nathan y y clay come on u can so do better then that whore rachel like say brooke or haley but rachel ugh i hate her i hope it doesnt last just like the brathan thing eww plus oh crap clay has a alchol&drug problem that isnt good but im glad someone found out but come on julian u hav 2 tell someone before it gets out of control and i was right julian does like haley and she likes clay im smart i have a feeling chase&nathan friendship is goin 2 be on the rocks when he finds out bout him& i think im done now lol update soon.
Dylin chapter 6 . 1/23/2011
Uh oh I smell drama...yesss! This chapter through me off a little with nate and brooke hooking up but I still loved it. Update soon :)
UniquelyFrankie chapter 6 . 1/23/2011
This is such a great story so far. I can't wait to read more.
23bNrAuLcEaYs chapter 6 . 1/23/2011
Nice chapter, I still personally don't like Rachel, but nice chapter :)
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