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PiperRoseHalliwell chapter 6 . 8/17
Esme kinda sounds selfish if you ask me. In every fic I read about them leaving Bella to her life (whether her life ends up good or bad) it seems she always think about Edward and his wants rather than anyone else like Bella and how she feels about it. She'll take his side about leaving and if Carlisle and some of the others refuse to leave she gets bitchy and dumps him! I never really liked Esme's character in the movies anyway tbh. Her character was just...there. There was literally nothing to her, no gift no nothing really. She was just there and it always made me think she was just an extra person the others would need to keep an eye on so she won't get hurt. Even Bella was better and I dislike her at times too but at least Bella made a great vampire unlike Esme.
Do'B chapter 49 . 6/28
Wonderful story, I have enjoyed reading every word. Though while reading through this chap I did wonder what eventually happened to those who were part of Bella's life both her friends and those who were involved in her "working life". Of course life would have taken its course, just something I was thinking of...
Do'B chapter 26 . 6/24
Who in this entire family actually has Edwsrds back? Are the Cullents over compensating for their own guilt with the way they too treated Bella? Edwsrd must also be feeling empty and hollow.
Do'B chapter 25 . 6/24
Good for Bella...she is handling this better than one would have expected, she is at least thinking rationally. Though I'm sure Edward would like for an opportunity to see her through this to offer support and encouragement...I understand her train of thought.
Do'B chapter 24 . 6/24
It bugs me when people become self loathing with immense sadness and pity when they hear and interperate what they think they heard, clearly Edward said "danced like slut", "moaned like a whore" this is what Bella wanted to "show/display", Edward than goes on to say he "doesn't love this girl"..."he doesn't think he ever could" what he is saying is he doesn't and couldn't love this girl, the girl Bella has allowed herself to become...yet this could with some time and re-hab change as I'm sure Bella would want to turn her life around. It is ok for Edward to voice his opinion and say he does like this Bella and it is ok for him to admit that he could not love this Bella, as Bella herself isn't exactly loving herself, respecting herself. Everyone has a set of standards, moral standards, expectations these are what we live by.

As much as I wanted to kick Edwad in the baby maker for the way treated Bella, I have to say I'm in his corner store at this point. What Edwardsaid needed to be said, he said it perfectly-tough love is reality...and these two both need a dose of reality. A pity the Cullen's are not as honest with Bella, as much as Bella needs to be nurtured as she is broken and untrusting, Molly coddling her, pampering her and rallying around the way they are is not helping Bella but allowing for her to wallow in her own pity party, something Carlisle should of at least be aware of.

Both Bella and Edward need to listen to one another, and hear what the other are saying and not what they think their hearing. Bella can not be in a relationship while she is doin drugs, working at the club stripping and selling her body or being Riley's number one girl. If Bella is going to be in a relationship with Edward than she needs to be his number one girl and not Riley's. Edward does not need to be competing with Bella's stripping, competing against the drugs, competing with Bella's clients or with Riley for that matter...the rest of Cullen's do not have this problem with their partners, Edward and Bella are both deserving of this. Bella is as much as at fault...

Though Bella has acknowledge on her own that she needs help this is a huge step forward and with some counselling Bella will start seeing things more clearly...
Do'B chapter 23 . 6/24
As harsh as this situation is, it needed to be said, in parts I agree with Edward. In the 5 years seperate do from Bella had Edward ever been with anyone? Edward was unable as to how he felt for Bella and always would feel for her. It was a harsh and shitty way for Bella to again to hear this from Edward but perhaps this will be what it takes for Bella to want to make conscious effort to change for the good, to re-evaluate her lifestyle and what the long term effect it will have on her. In time when Bella looks back at this, will she suffer from depression, self loathing and from extreme guilt for the way she allowed herself to live? We read Bella telling others how they don't understand and perhaps they don't completely but than neither does Bella... Does Bella understand why Edward said what he and why he he said what he said-no excuse I know but always two sides to a coin...Edward said dreadfully hurtful things to her that day in the woods but again Bella did have choices and two parents who would done everything they could to help her, so I don't feel that Edward should be shouldering all of this and as Edward said, he has been emotionally and mentally bashed by his family and by Bella's own self destruction and disfunctional lifestyle plus what he himself has put himself through...I do feel that Edwards family were quite harsh, this would be enough to make me want to run too. Bella too needs a reality check and I'm sure Bella herself feels immense shame and guilt further impacting on the already placed disappointment, guilt and shame Bella has felt since living this lifestyle.

Wonderful story.
Do'B chapter 20 . 6/24
I think it is now time for the Cullen's to go all out ninja on Bella's ass, the same as Bella went all out on Edward. How many times is Bella going to say "you don't understand"? It is understandable to feel betrayed and used especially when you know that your feelings towards another were sincere, genuine, real and you believed everything that he told you. There comes a point when Bella can no longer keep using the same reasoning to justify her hurts, pain and lifestyle as to why she users, dances, and sells her body.

There was a point in time when Bella could have reached out to Charlie, if Bella felt too ashamed because of what happened when she was living in Forks, than maybe Bella could have called Renae? Calling either one of her parents would have been a far better choice than what she decided at the time. Yes Edward's actions/words initiated this and than Jacob was the last straw to break the camels back so to speak.

Sometime hurt and pain is far more easily to hold onto and to hide away behind it as it becomes familiar and easy to justify than to face the this can be the cold, hard truth, something we are not always familiar with and this is what Bella is struggling with...
Do'B chapter 9 . 6/24
Edward maybe wallowing, depressed and somewhat detached rather than "not noticing what is going on" as his family thinks. Edward see's exactly what is out of character with each of his family members. It is one thing to "not want to be bothered with stuff" or "with hearing all your families thoughts concerning yourself" but I'm thinking that Edwards family are underestimating him. He see's what is not normal/not right, things that are out of character and the more everyone guards their thoughts the more suspicious he will be...
Do'B chapter 7 . 6/24
Alice is like the Energizer Bunny on crack...
Do'B chapter 6 . 6/24
Esme is to a point somewhat right about Alice making promises that were not hers to make, there again there were also choices and decision Edward made for his entire family who agreed to follow without standing up to Edward or tried fighting for Bella, Esme herself never fought for her daughter...

Who would have thought that Rosalie would be the one with words of wisdom, it's such a pity that they now realised how important Bella is to their family and they are now so eager to bring Bella back into their fold... Rosalie had always acted so indifferent towards Bella so to hear this from Rosealie would have been a real eye opener-a dose of reality.
Do'B chapter 5 . 6/24
Awesome chap, I really enjoyed how you have portrayed Bella. We always read how gracious Bella is, how accommodating and easy going and forgiving Bella is. Here we read Bella giving it right back to Alice and Jasper, I agree Bella should not just roll over and accept everything for what it is, the Cullen's must all work at earning Bella's trust and forgiveness. I don't think that there will ever be enough explanations to justify why the Cullen's left.

I have always had a problem accepting why the Cullen's left. Doe's Edward have that much power, authority, control over his family that his word is gospel to be obeyed at all cost? They all had choices, to stand up and have their own say, it is one thing that Edward chose to leave but to have that much say and control over the rest of his family...I don't buy it. So I really enjoyed reading this chap and Bella's thought process.

Bella said it perfectly, she was supposedly looked upon as a member of the family...yet she was not treated as a cherished family member. We know there are so many fractured and serverly messed up families is society who turn their backs on each other for all sorts of reason, so what did Bella ever do to "her" family to warrant for them to turn their backs on her and walk away? What did Bella do to Esme her "mother" and Alice her "sister", as well as Emmett her"brother" for them especially to turn their backs? This is Bella's way of thinking as how else is she to process all of what had happened to her?

Alice and Jasper can not now expect Bella to just hear them out and all will be forgiven, so much damage has occurred because of this course of events, I'm not saying that Bella' lifestyle can be blamed wholly on what has happened though the events have had their detrimental impact. Bella has acted out of desperation and as a way to "escape".

Will keep reading.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/13
It's unfair to spring a non-canon relationship on readers who don't want to read it. This fic is NOT canon and she be marked as such. I won't be reading any more of your work due to your lack of attention to details and non-canon compliance
Guest chapter 15 . 3/12
This really should be labeled OOC. There are too many unnecessary POV changes, the Cullens in NO universe would be okay with Bella's drug use, furthermore they'd be able to smell it, and the Cullens would never have chosen Bella over Edward at this juncture.
TwilightObsessor chapter 39 . 8/12/2015
But...but, why!?
Snappher chapter 24 . 2/18/2015
Img, Ive seen Rent in .nY several times and sobbed my way thru irpt...I still burst into random tears listening to the cd! So powerful...edward is afucking dick and he is going to destroy his whole family! They should vote his sorry ass off the island!
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