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FlyingtacO chapter 5 . 2/7/2011
Hi i am Awesome SocksD sister and i was wondering what color socks does kaname wear? If kaname could sniff anything what would it be? If kaname was forced to get a peircing where would he put it-haha:)(P.s. I have my money on his left man Nipple and my sister thinks it would be a gadge in his nose)

One more question is if kaname was forced to get a tattoo saying "yuki's face here" would he secretly like it?
lolo14998 chapter 5 . 2/6/2011

I just want to start out and say that I respect you in the highst way! Yuuki is sooo lucky to have you! And DOn't woory, I know you not Gay, or Bi.

Questons (Dont worry, there not that bad):

Kaname-Sama, what did you think the firs time you saw Yuuki? Was it love at first sight?

I awlay felt so bad for you, staying away from your loved on...Aww

Question 2: When you where little, what was the most embearsseing thing to happen to you?

Question 3: Have you every had glasses? I think you'd look cute in glasses...*Writes a request to author( (PLEASE?)*

Well, Bye Kaname-Sama! HAve lots of fun with Yuuki-Sama! And good luck getting out! (He never will...)
Awesome SocksD chapter 5 . 2/6/2011
Hay i won the bet. (i wonder how) easy money! ;D And how they pronounce your name in the anime is annoying . . . it sounds like their clearing their throt.
sailor sirius chapter 5 . 2/5/2011
Tee hee this thing always makes my day :)

Keep this awesome job up Maryritai and I hope I haven't grossed anyone out with some... stuff... about a certain pureblood *grin*

Now, come out Kuran baka! You've had enough rest from last time, it's time to begin having fun again xP (although today I really do not have ideas within my brain so it's probably just verbal harrassment today...)

1. Awww... how nice Kuran, thank you so much for rating me 10 which makes me an evil mastermind *evil laugh*

2. Now I wonder, Kuran, would you rather have a super excruciating 100 hour torture session which will make you feel like hell and as a chinese saying goes "Living like you think death is better" except in this case, you can't *mwahahaha*, or would you rather want a full make out session with Rido which will take... 5 hours? xP xP xP (sorry, I wonder if this stuff is M rated :O)

3. How does it feel, Kuran, to have your reputation stepped on and trampled all over like a smelly piece of dung? Because of what I've said and what they've heard, you're not likely to gain any mere respect from them anymore which serves you right :D (yes I agree, Maryritai, Zero is SUPER SMEXY HAWT - I'm a huge fan of him xP)

4. I'd just like to tell you Kuran that with my process in convincing Yuuki to go back to Zero, there is a lot of hope she actually will. Now TAKE THAT! (yes of course, it's a GOOD idea - they're just compatible aren't they? *am Zeki fan*)

5. How did it feel to run around the whole world 100 times? You really should be thanking me for getting you some exercise...

6. I know an evidence that you're stupid Kuran.

7. And that is... you don't know how to play chess.

8. IT IS TRUE. All we ever see is you twiddling around with a chess piece and throwing it randomly onto a chess board or breaking it with your pureblood powers. BUT THAT DOESN'T PROVE YOU ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY CHESS. Yet, you pretend you do and act all almighty still. Now, that's just slack, man. I may not play well, but at least I know HOW to play chess...

9. Now, how's that thing going about you and Rido? You know, I have a few pictures of you last night creeping over to Rido's place, into his room and... who knows what you guys were doing in there (I was too afraid to vomit).

10. However, judging on what I heard and your occasional moans of delight, I'm pretty sure you let Rido suck your blood.

11. Sucked in, Kuran don't even bother trying to hide this piece of information coz I already told every single vampire about this AS WELL.

12. Now you won't be getting any respect AT ALL.

13. You know between you and me, Kuran I really should be getting some respect from you because judging by how many times I've climbed over your head and outdone you, I am really more powerful and cleverer than you, don't you think Maryritai and Senri?

14. *reads Senri's comment* Hell yeah, you got that right boy - that Kuran baka really needs to get a brain replacement. *cracks up laughing* Oh and by the way, you said you actually liked Rima *still addressing Senri*? Awww... how sweet you guys are awesome together (PS Shima are my top favourite couple, Zeki second xP)

Well, that's all for today, and just wait there Kuran once I've got enough ideas, I'm gonna come back and kick ass on you...

Mwahaha *runs off laughing*
Kiryuu-kun chapter 5 . 2/5/2011
Hey Kana-chan why Are you saying that you dont love me? *sighs sadly an looks down*

*runs at kana-chan and hugs him tightly*

Kaname do you like when im drinking your blood?

*Yuuki appears and tries to steal Kaname*

Yuuki stay the hell away from my kana-chan

I love you kana
Anonymous chapter 1 . 2/5/2011
Help Kaname! I'm so in love with a guy who is just like you (It's funny since everyone says I'm just like Yuuki) and he likes me too. The problem is that I think he's too perfect for me. Any advice?
Kagome's daughter chapter 5 . 2/5/2011
If you and Yuuki had a baby/babies, what would they look like and would you want a boy or girl?
rockbabyval chapter 2 . 2/4/2011
xL-iz-After-BeyondBirthdayx chapter 4 . 1/29/2011

1. Did you ever order Siren to give you a BlowJob?

2. I R GOD, LOL! :D

3. My ass hurts, massage it? ;D

4. I still hate your face.

5. *stares*

6. Stare~

7. ...Are you sure you aren't Zero's secret Lover? ;D

8. Hi!

9. Bye!

10. ~Terminator Voice~ I'll be back.
C0smic chapter 4 . 1/28/2011
1. I be the ninja! May I assassinate u now Kuran?

2. Can I get someone else to assassinate you?

3. Can I run you over with a car and make it seem like an accident?

4. why are you so gay?

5. Don't lie I know your gay! I saw what you and Kiryuu did last night in your office! Don't deny it!

6. Denial! Denial! Kuran is in denial!

7. Why are you cheating on Yuuki with Zero? I'm telling on you.

8. Are you a pimp or something? Cuz in the last chappie u killed Lord Aidou then left Yuuki. Do you just pimp girls then leave them? Who's next, Shirabuki?

9. Why did you kill my sweet Aidou's daddy?

10. I fucking hate your guts Kuran. Your hair makes u look like a women. I even hate u more now after killing Lord Aidou.

11. For Aidou I will assassinate you! I have created an organization devouted to ur destruction!
Suncharm chapter 4 . 1/28/2011
Oops I accidentally pressed review!

3: Shiki-sama do you like rima?

4: Kaname did you ever have cute experiences with Yuki-sama when you were little? If yes what are they?

Sorry my questions are a bit lame so I hope they aren't !
Suncharm chapter 4 . 1/28/2011
Hello Kaname-sama and Shiki-sama,

I have a few questions for you two!

Don't worry I won't ask any perverted questions! The ones I read make me sick sooooooo

1: Kaname-sama, if you could rate your popularity from one to ten in vampire knight what would it be?

2: Shiki-sama, before I will ask any questions I want to inform you that my friend tells me I'm like you! I always talk in a monotone unless one of my friends have serious news.(which is like never)

3: Anyhow, Shiki-sama do you like rima
sailor sirius chapter 4 . 1/28/2011
Fufufu... I feel evil :P

Awesome job as usual Maryritai! And don't worry I won't kill Kaname... for now...

Now for MORE fun with Kaname... *evil chuckle*

1. Yes I know you were kind to that nice girl, but not to me you don't! (actually well I kinda know why you wouldn't have any manners towards me so I don't really see the point of me writing this LOL nvm...)

2. Oh yes it is fun!

3. How would you rate me on the "evil" scale! (1: least evil, 10: most evil)

4. Mwahaha, now everybody's staring at you weirdly or disgustedly coz they know you like Zero in thattt way...

5. And Yuuki's heartbroken...

6. I am persuading her into going back to Zero...

7. TAKE THAT! Also TAKE THIS! *throws a random frisbee at Kaname and plonks him on the head HARD* xP

8. How was your night with Rido last time? xP Fufufu...

9. Did you know that when Rido was biting another of his victim, he accidentally moaned your name!

10. He LOVES you! And you LOVE him! (ewww... *vomit*) You're CHEATING ON ZERO!

11. (Can I ask Senri something, Maryritai?) What do you think of Kaname's incestuous and homosexual ways?

12. (back to Kaname) *forces Kaname to run around the whole world 100 times* Go, bastard, GO!

13. Are you exhausted, Kaname?

Ok, surprisingly I feel pretty guilty now so you're let off for now. See you soon tho! *evil laugh*


O.O I am evil... okayy I am being weird and exhuasted bye!
Awesome socksD chapter 4 . 1/28/2011
Kaname is your name pronounced ka-nah-meh or ka-name?

Its pretty annoying trying to pronounce it right 'cause my comicbookbuddies and sister yell at me when i dont say it their way. {p.s my and my sis r team zero and ichijo. CBB sorry girl on yer own!}

[p.p.s boxers or breifs? and r they silk or that cotteny fabric?could you ask ichijo which one he wears? Havin a bet w/sis 10 buck at stake} ]

Rayne Taylor chapter 1 . 1/17/2011
ok, so I'm going to sit here and make up a bunch of annoying questions to bother Kaname, because it would be funny!.


1. why do you like about being in love with Zero? we all know you lllloooovvveeeee him!

2. If i ask enough questions will you kill me?

3. Would you rather be stuck in a room with me or Zero?

4. Would you eat waffles if Zero made them for you?

5. Would you eat them if I made them for you?

6. Will you teach me Japanese?

7. Would you sing me to sleep if I begged you to?

8. Am i annoying you yet?

9. So when are you and Zero getting married? Cuz we know it'll happen!

10. Will the two of you have kids? What will their names be?

11. Now I'm annoying you aren't I?

12. You want to kill me right now I bet, so I'll let you relax some and ask you more questions later!
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