Reviews for Growing Pains
Rose Gilmore chapter 19 . 12/24/2011
Did Levi just imprint on Francy? "And then everything changed." No no no no no! Even though Kara isn't my favorite, I've disliked Francy since day one! And I didn't want Levi to imprint! And above all, Leah is going to be pissed! Both of her kids dating/falling in love/or whatever with a Uley. No no no no no.

Of course, loved the Brian/Di scene, Levi's inner monologue and comments about those two are hilarious.

While I understand the pain and feeling like you have to forgive your father (my dad is an alcoholic) I still feel mad at Sam. If i was Brian I wouldn't have forgiven him so easily. I know trusting too soon and forgiving too easily is what we (kids of alcholic or drug addics) do, but reading about it makes it just seem more ridiculous. I do hope he pulls himself together. I'm not sure if i could ever forgive him if I was brian, Sam would definitely have to prove himself to me. But yeah. I'm just glad he's alive.

The conversation between Will and Levi about Nessie was priceless. Obviously he knows that Seth is banging Nessie, but he and Seth have a pact or something. Or he's just torturing Levi. Lol

Jacob and Levi's little father/son moment was really cool. There are parts of Levi that remind me of Jake (his abs. jk jk) but I think he's more of his mother's child.

Loved this line: (killing vamps was just too much fun; wanting to look after the others was far too natural).
Rose Gilmore chapter 18 . 12/24/2011
The pack is growing so small. I really hate seeing the original pack shrink. I love Will and Levi and Brian, but now it is just Brian and Levi and it just isn't the same without Jacob's original pack. :(

I wonder if this means that more of Levi's generation is going to have to phase, and if that means that a girl will phase to...

I hated seeing Sam try to act responsible for Brian. He has been such a prick and basically abondoned his kids, and now as soon as Brian starts making (in sam's head) "bad life choices" he decides to attempt to be a dad again. I'm glad that Levi stood up for Brian/Dinah because if Jake and Leah can make it work, there is hope for them. I think that is probs why Sam is so against Brian/Dinah but, he really has to get over himself and what happened with him and leah and jake when they were all kids.

Oh and I skimmed through the last few chapter of "for these ones" and Jacob and Leah are just so fierce and passionate about life and their feelings for each other. No wonder I miss them being the center of this fic. (not sure if that last sentence made sense, but i just mean to say that I miss Jacob/Leah.)

Merry Christmas eve!
Rose Gilmore chapter 17 . 12/23/2011
The thing that I love about your writing, (especially in this universe) is the way that you highlight familial bonds, even if they aren't blood relatives. In Open the box and for these ones, it was the way that the original pack was so strong and bonded together, covering for each other, fighting and (occasionally) being serious with each other and knowing they love each other.

It's not a bromance or something laughable, but it's just true friends.

All my blathering means that I absolutely love the relationship between Will and Levi. Sure, they aren't as 'mature' as Brian is in the websters definition, but they have always had each other's back, and I know that Will is pissed at Levi for 'shipping him off', but deep down I think he knows Levi was just trying to take care of him in the only way he knew how.

I'm worried about Brian and the kids...they are doing the best they can, but Sam is just spending it faster than the money comes in. I'm also wondering why Francy didn't just do the FAFSA or take out a bunch of student loans? They could probably be able to survive better if they didn't have to support her in college... Plus, if you're native american and smart, wouldn't she have won a whole bunch of scholarships? Maybe I'm being too optimistic but as far as college goes, I always think that there is a way. OH! I KNOW! WHAT ABOUT THE CULLENS? Don't they have tons of money? Why aren't they financially helping? Idk, fandom has made me believe that they'd do that. (Especially since in the Leah flashback scene, it didn't seem like the pack totally hatted the cullens? tldr; but I loved the leah flashback scene "after I made carlile check my blood 23 times he told me to screw off and I knew i was pregnant" I'd love to see more of young jacob and leah black as parents. especially since they were hoping to get pregnant first but she still wouldn't marry him? lol. Also, did you ever give a reason to why she could get pregnant? I thought she couldnt? lol...)

Omg I'm so so so sorry for all the rambling thoughts. I hope all these long reviews/comments aren't annoying to you.

Ok, so I think I talked about everything that I wanted to talk about, except that -I still dont really like Kara as much as I like everyone else, and oh! -what is Leah's job? she has an office or something? Andddd I'm super glad that you implied Seth/Nessie. :DDDD

Merry christmas! Sorry for the scattered reviews-i've been busy with holiday stuff, and trying to finish Inheritance. Have you ever read the Eragon books? I think you might like them.
Rose Gilmore chapter 16 . 12/22/2011

I was hoping that we'd get a cute brian and dinah memory. 33 these two are so cute and broken but still amazing. I loved the little talk levi gave dinah too. haha. he's so funny when he tries to act like her older brother. xP

Will. /3 He's so complicated. I think he's the most messed up one of the bunch. His story isn't black and white and it's so complicated.

Oh, and I didn't realize in the previous chapter that Francy didn't know about the werewolf factor. It slipped my mind that since she had not gone home, no one would have told her what has really happened to the boys of La Push.

And Kara and Levi are cute too, I just wish we'd get more about Kara? That she wasn't just Jared's daughter and this shy quite girl that Levi is dating. Her roll seems to be just girlfriend right now, which is sad because I'm sure she's more interesting then just that. Like, even Marlena had more depth to her than Kara has right now...

Seth. /3 I totally forgot about how he imprinted. Wasn't she really super duper old? Lol. I didn't like her. (you've made me into a seth and nessie shipper from your other stories).

I really hope Will doesn't do anything stupid. Maybe he could get away from La Push and join the army? Or just go to college? Or something, i know he feels hurt and empty and belittles (ex the outburst in Levi's room) but I want to see him pull himself together. I know he can do it.
Rose Gilmore chapter 15 . 12/22/2011
I love that the answer for every problem in the pack is either fighting it out or getting shitfaced. Lol

Also, I'm very happy that Brian and Dinah are back together. It's about time! haha. yay!

The Will and Fran flashback(?)/moment(?) was very great. I enjoyed seeing this other part of Will and Fran and it really is too bad that it seems like the whole financial problem of the Uley's has not quick fix. :(
Rose Gilmore chapter 14 . 12/21/2011
You are evil.

You killed Marlena! How could you do that? And how could it be a stupid cosmetic bag? Marlena was one of the only things holding Will together in life and getting him to become not a deadbeat. (i understand that sentence isn't grammatically correct but in all honesty it's the truth).

I really liked seeing the familial essence of the pack when they comforted Will and Embry. Will is such a mess now. This is so horrible. Forget about what kind of name Ginger is, what about-who dies falling down stairs? does that even happen? The universe really hates the boys of La Push. Ugh.

Is it wrong I got a sick satisfaction when Levi went and punched Sam out? It makes me feel as angry as when Katniss (from the hunger games) when her mother just gives up on life after her husband dies. grrr stupid parents not doing their job and being there for their kids.

Also, I'm curious-does/did Seth and Nessie have a thing?

My favorite lines were these:

-Both Embry and Marian seemed bewildered, like they were lost and knew they needed to ask for directions but couldn't figure out whom to ask. Dad and Quil were standing behind Embry (they were pretending it was so they could hustle him out of there if he needed it, but it was just so they could put their hands on his shoulders, touch him, because somehow that made things better in the tiny way they could ever be better again). Embry had his arm around his wife, who had her arm around Bert, who I don't think recognized me at all. All he did was blink, baffled that the world was still moving.
Rose Gilmore chapter 13 . 12/21/2011
I seriously have no words.

I thought I liked the last chapter (the whole fic basically lol) and then comes this wonderful chapter from Leah's point of view that just breaks my heart over and over again. I hope you know that her part of the chapter was so perfect, I'm not even going to describe it because it'd be wayy to long. I didn't realize how much I've missed Leah's point of view-and the line about her not wanting her kids to think she was daddy's second choice. My heart, it just broke again.

You are way to amazing.

I also really liked the way that the line about something was wrong with the boys of la push mirrored itself in the last sentence of the chapter.

It was also very cute hearing Leah's little jealousy about wanting to be first to have kids and then how she and Jacob lied about getting married the year before hahaha. (oh that makes me wonder-this is in the universe of open the box and for these ones?)

Also Brian should just suck it up and get back together with Dinah. Moaning about it is very annoying haha.
Rose Gilmore chapter 12 . 12/21/2011
Oh how you tease with these brian/dinah flashbacks. You are so evil. haha. But seriously, Dinah is trying so hard to get back together and Brian is being so stupid and gahhh frustrating.'s only a matter of time until he breaks down and they get back together.

Stupid ginger.

I'm confused by this one line..."Duh. I couldn't believe it took me that long. If you wanted to get the Uleys to do anything, all you ever had to do was say Emily's name." I know previoulsy Levi was just talking about how he's never had imprinted parents? But that line just didn't make sense in context to the previous sentences...

Anyway, i think this was one of my favorite chapters. I loved the Leah and Dinah fight because Dinah has every right to fight for love (just like Leah did) but yet Leah is right-Brian does seem to /want/ the imprint to work. :((( It's just so complicated, but Jacob is right that they are all just children and they're alive and that they deserve the chance to try. Jacob/Leah 3

I also liked this chapter because a lot of the problems Dinah brought up have been bothering me-but, they aren't gods-it isn't their responsibility to fix all the problem's in the rez.
Rose Gilmore chapter 11 . 12/21/2011
I’ve always liked the interlude parts of your fic. This girls night in seatle didn’t let me down. :) I loved seeing the girls act separate from the boys. But, the thing that stuck with me from the chapter was about Marley. I really hope she is ok, and even if Will doesn’t mean to hurt her-ugh. I have a huge problem with him bruising her.

I really enjoyed seeing the Di and Francy scenes of them just interacting, and the lines about scars not disappearing just broke my heart.

It was a little confusing trying to figure out which pov this chapter was, since it switched a lot, but it was a very fun chapter and very insightful. (I knew brian and di were sleeping together before they broke up! haha) I never realized what an unreliable narrator Levi was before this chapter, and I really hope Francy comes home. Oh, and I know in my last review I was pretty pissed off at Francy…well, I’m not anymore. lol.
Rose Gilmore chapter 10 . 12/20/2011
I'm still not ok that Di seems fine with her ex love to be all imprinting on a 12 year old... just, i'm really rooting for them to have a friendship imprinting thing. and the fact that his brother likes her? ugh awkward!

the last scene between kara and the blacks? so priceless. love the line about the belt. hahaha leah is the best ever!
Rose Gilmore chapter 9 . 12/20/2011
This is just dreadful. I really hate Francy for not coming home and Brian for not just trying harder to fight for Di or just fight off the imprint. It's just so wrong.

It's also very wrong and frustrating that Emily's family has just abandoned Sam and the kids. I'll have to go back to the family tree (if it's still on your profile) to see how many kids there actually are lol.

I just had a horrifying thought-I hope that after all this with Kara, Levi doesn't imprint. That would make me even more depressed! lol

The lines comparing Emily and Leah ruling their house made me feel so sad for Emily. /3
Rose Gilmore chapter 8 . 12/20/2011
So hey! I'm back! lol. Breaking Dawn got me so upset at how atrocious bella and edward were that I went wandering back to your fics. :) Just finished rereading all the previous chapters...they were just as amazing as I remembered them to be. :)

Gahhhhhhh I did NOT expect Brian to imprint. You totally had me voting for brian and di, esepcially since it was Brian Uley and his father had totally screwed leah over since he imprinted on Emily. Just, ugh, i loved the scene where Leah is almost crying and Jacob is holding her. I, too, am worried if history will truly repeat itself. :((( It makes me really sad. Stupid imprinting. :( I was seriously about to cry at the end of the chapter. :(

I usually can't stand original characters, but Levi, Will and Brian are so bad assed that this story is awesome even though it isn't 100% about Jacob and Leah. Can't wait to read the other chapters! :)
Jassi chapter 22 . 12/1/2011
Awesome story..:-)
bratkaren chapter 22 . 8/10/2011
Another great story from a great author. Your stuff is consistently good. "She Hates Me" is one of my all time favorite fanfics.
leahfan2009 chapter 2 . 6/8/2011
that was hilarious! I think everyone has those sort of growing pains (perceiving what we ALL wish would remain hidden) LOL
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