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Wysperr chapter 1 . 12/28/2011
Great story so far. Anyway, here's my character. Hope you like her! :)

Name: Liara

Nickname: Ghost (due to her pale complexion and lack of emotion. It was what she was called at the School before she escaped and changed her name to Liara)

Age; 17

Appearance: Liara is tall (5’7’), has long straight snow-white hair that goes down past the middle of her back, ruby red eyes with thick dark eyelashes, and pale skin. (She’s albino) She’s skinny and slender, though still slightly muscular and is very good looking. She also has a scar that starts in between her eyes and curls around her left eye, ending on her cheek (It's crescent shaped), a scar in the shape of an "X" on her back, and a long scar on her right arm that curls around it. Her wings are snow-white and have black speckles all over.

Avian Mix: 2% snowy owl and

Bio: Liara was born and raised at the School for almost her whole life. She was raised to be a killer, to be used as a human weapon with only one intention: to kill. In order for her to be the killing machine they desired they began to “train” her at age 6, teaching her how to kill and fight. The training was painful and harsh as they tried to teach her to feel no pain and the experiments done to her were just as bad and more cruel then any other kids’ experiments. But there was one problem. The Whitecoats were trying to break Liara, to turn her into their little puppet that would do their bidding. But it was nearly impossible with Liara's older brother Jason (16 at the time) and her 2 best friends Asha and Chase (twins who were 7). They made her happy and gave her hope. So the Whitecoats decided that it was time for them to go. One night while they were sleeping, the Whitecoats came in and grabbed Liara, Asha, Chase, and her older brother out of their cages and put them in a room. The Whitecoats then brought in Erasers who proceeded to beat and torture Liara's brother and friends right before her eyes. The Whitecoats forced her to watch while they were killed painfully slow, their screams and bloody bodies forever burned into her memory. After this the Whitecoats got just what they wanted. Liara was traumatized and her training continued. As her training went to the next level her Trainers, as Liara called them, brought in Erasers and other experiments for her to fight and kill. At first she refused, but they wouldn't take no as an answer. So they tortured her and locked her up in her cell for days without food and water until she finally gave in. At first it was hard for her to do, but after a while it became easy. As this training continued Liara slowly began to loose herself, becoming emotionless though never completely. This went on for 3 years until the Whitecoats decided her training was over. She then began doing what she was created for; killing all whom the Whitecoats wanted her to. This went on for another 5 years until Liara, who was 14, suddenly remembered the promise she had made her brother when she saw his dogtag necklace she was wearing (It has the word “HOPE” on it). A while ago before Jason had died he had made her promise him to never give in to the Whitecoats, to never let them change who she was, and to always stay strong. Liara suddenly felt as if she had failed her brother and knew that if she wanted to keep her promise she would have to escape. And with the help of a friendly Whitecoat, who felt sorry for her, she did. As Liara lived on her own she was forever changed because of her past. She never lost that emotionless side and it would always be a part of her forever. Liara made her way far from New York City to England where she lived on her own. She makes a living off pick-pocketing people and robbing banks. Liara is now 17 and has been living on her own for 3 years. (I hope you don’t mind that she didn’t just escape from the School. I think it might help the others to have someone who knows the outside world)

Abilities: She can control electricity and teleport not only herself but also people and objects that she touches.

Personality: Liara is the kind of person who comes off as cold to those who meet her. She’s a mysterious person who keeps her feelings and emotions hidden from those around her. She rarely smiles or laughs sincerely and has a cold look to her most of the time. She’s a nice person, which is a surprise to most people because of her outward appearance and is caring towards others especially those younger than she is. She can be easily angered at times and will kill if she needs to. Due to how she was raised at the school, she can be somewhat violent and merciless when fighting the enemy. For more help on her personality, she’s a Tsundere, which is a Japanese character development of a person who is initially cold and even hostile toward another person before slowly showing them their warm caring side over time. With time, Liara will eventually warm up towards her friends especially if she gets romantically involved with someone.

Strengths: She's good at pick-pocketing and stealing, being unseen, fighting, using knives, and is really quick on her feet (has good reflexes)

Weaknesses: She's not the strongest though she's stronger then most girls her age, her temper, has some trust issues, and is impulsive. Her violent nature can also being a weakness since she might start killing the enemy when angered.

Anything else: When someone asks why she was called Ghost she says, “Because I felt nothing. No pain, no emotion. Nothing. Everything seemed to pass right through me. I was an emotionless corpse….a ghost.”

-Dislikes: Erasers (with a passion because of what they did to Jason, Asha, and Chase), hospitals, needles, hospitals, snobby people, and the color pink

-Likes: Fighting, stealing, pick-pocketing, cities (So she can jump around from building to building), sleeping, and Monster Energy drinks (She can drink a whole bunch without getting hyper)

Weapons: She also carries around two knives with her.
Too many Sues here chapter 2 . 12/26/2011
My god, you've certainly got a case of the Sues here. Guess I'd better submit a few non-mammalian or bird things. This ought to be fun.

Name: Red

Gender: female

DNA: 90% human, 7% pronghorn, 3% jumping spider

Skills: great speed and jumping ability, as you can guess from her DNA. She can jump quite high, and has the standard superhuman strength. No extra limbs, but she's got six comppound eyes hanging out to the sides (3 each to the side of her normal eyes), giving her a wide peripheral vision. She's also got pronghorn horns sticking horizontally out the backof her head, making headbutts highly effective but blending in near imposibble.

Non-natural abilities: only one:impact. It doesn't matter how hard she throws the punch, it's if it connects. Using inner energy, she basically creates small explosions from impact points during impact, often blowing enemies back. She works best against multiple opponents in cramped conditions.

Personality: almost militaristic. No, she doesn't care if your cat died yesterday, man the hell up and finish packing up your clothing. She can seem kind of harsh, but she believes in tough love. She has a short fuse, tolerating no insults, rudeness, or laziness. If she feels that you're too lazy, she'll sit you down and have a "chat" with you. Her fighting revolves around strength, speed, and stamina, preferring to batter her opponents senseless through sheer force and tenacity. Extremely loyal, values friendship.

Relationships: none and never.

Appearance: she's Asian, with black hair and yellow eyes (artificially died, the scientists having done so for sake of intimidation. She had been a military prototype). Slightly taller than average, slim, with musclature. Not a bodybuilder, but not a lightweight. Prefers cuartoroid pants and solid color clothing. Her favorite color is red, and she likes hoodies. Her sleeves are usually taped up, to prevent air resistance.

There she is. She is a "good" character.
Rainfire of Riverclan chapter 2 . 12/25/2011
Love it. Update soon
Ramijek chapter 2 . 12/25/2011
Great chapter! Thanks for updating! I've been checking on this story everyday to see when it would update and YAY! I still follow you, and thank you for updating! Good luck with the rest of the story! Exclamation point!
sibunastoryteller15 chapter 1 . 9/26/2011
Name/Nickname: Raven

Age: 14

Gender: female

DNA: 2% bird, 1% cheetah, 97% human

Powers: besides from flying and the usual mutant powers, she has great speed – as in faster than anyone else in the flock and could out run an Eraser, but just barely. She has a quick mind and can answer any (factual) question you ask her within seconds, sometimes before the question is finished.

Appearance: a. Hair: dirty blonde, choppy, around shoulder length, NEVER up – even when she’s flying

b. body type: tall (5’9”), sleek and lean figure, has light weight (but very strong) bones –similar to that of her wings-

c. eyes: stormy grey, almond shaped

d. facial features: delicate features, caring face, pale skin, beautiful smile

Mutations appearance: black wings and 2 sharp fangs which she can retract.

History: grew up in the Institute, in cage. Her mother was a Whitecoat who gave her up for testing immediately. She found this out by overhearing two white coats. Overwhelmed with emotion she just started crying and covered her ears, so she couldn’t hear when they were talking about her father –who was also a Whitecoat. She always has a gold and ruby encrusted Phoenix shaped ring she keeps on a chain inside her shirt. She’s had it as long as she remembers and tends to twirl it in her fingers when she gets bored.

General color of things that they wear: light blue or grey tank tops, ripped or paint splattered jeans, any color of windbreaker, black or purple hoodie, bright sneakers. Her favorite colors are blue and grey.

Strengths: anything involving her powers, logical things, she is good at persuading people and confusing them to get what she wants. Some think that is part of her powers but she always denies it.

Personality: Kind and caring and the motherly one. Always willing to help and usually the one to turn to when you have a problem. Appreciates small things and nature. She sometimes flies high up in the air just for the view. Since she has 3 types of DNA, not the usual 2, she can sometimes have sudden mood swings –though it is not so common-

Can I kill?: If you really really need to. Can it be a noble death or something dramatic? Preferably no, but it’s your story right?

Can they date?: yes :” I want her to be paired with the other character I’ll submit

Good/Bad: good

I'm sorry if it's long, I'm a perfectionist and like giving complete, specific work
Ramijek chapter 1 . 9/5/2011
Your story is much more original than most of these. I hope that you consider my character. Good luck writing! (I actually modeled this guy after my brother. Who I like)

Name/Nickname: Alex

Age: 13-15 (you can chose

Gender: Male

DNA: Bird

Powers: Sees auras sometimes.

Appearance: auburn hair that is medium length (for a boy)

Chocolate brown eyes

Fraying gray T-Shirt (with a blood stain and wing slots)

black sweatpants

scuffed up sneakers.

Tall with strong leg muscles

Mutations appearance: (e.g, colour of wings) red-tailed hawk coloring

History: He grew up in the school without wings. His wing were grafted onto him later in his life. He escaped soon after they were and has gotten caught several times, escaping each time because he can figure out which scientists feel guilty about what they're doing.

General colour of things that they wear: Dark blue and dark green. He likes sweaters.

Strengths: Running, sudden take offs, convincing, bluffing, and staying true.

Weaknesses: He's very childish sometimes, is less sure of himself flying, and is weaker (weight-wise) than the average bird kid.

Personality: Good natured, funny, sarcastic, good at lying, and a bit full of himself.

Can I kill?: I would prefer that you don't kill my brother right away, but I wouldn't mind if it was crucial.

Can they date?: Yes.

Good/Bad: I would prefer him good

I hope you consider him and I wish you and your story the best.
vampirepailaii chapter 1 . 7/11/2011




Speed,body and mind

Red w/ white tips gose down to shoulder bladesbrown eyespale skin5'8long lashesfull rose red lipsheart shaped facethin eyebrowsskinny but lean

Fox tail and ears

She was born at the school and was born with fox genes and the school let her loose but she never attacked anybody she has ben living in a cottage for 9 years with no attackes.

Red White Gold

Her speed and her brain

She can be feirce, loyal, dependable, witty, sarcastic, kind, and motherly.

I'd rather not have her killed

Yes and she's straight

TheAwesomenessThatIsDumbledore chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
Name/Nickname: Emmett

Age: 11

Gender: Male

DNA: (e.g, 2% bird): 2% pigeon

Powers: (No more than two, as they'll probably get more in the story): An uncanny ability to tell when something bad is going to happen and prevent it. It's random and spontaneous and wrong just as many times as it's right, but when it IS right, it can save lives.

Appearance: Short, spiky hair that's absolutely, prematurely WHITE from anxiety. Tan skin, brown eyes, kind of short.

Mutations appearance (e.g, colour of wings): Grey fading to white

History: At the School, he was always freaking out because he could TELL horrible things were happening to those around him, and they always did. He was afraid he was some kind of oracle or, even worse, that by suspecting these things, he made them happen. During a test one day when the Whitecoats were trying to pinpoint the exact part of the brain it took place, he suddenly announced that the wife and children of one of the Whitecoats in the room were going to die, soon. He got very angry, but was subdued by his coworkers, who reminded him about the many false alarms the boy had raised. After the testing, Emmett went back to his cage and everything was normal. THat is, until a Whitecoat slammed into the room, ablaze with rage and screaming at the top of his lungs. From what Emmet gathered, his wife and children DID die, and in his mourning, crazed, twisted mind, he blamed Emmett. He ripped the boy out of his cage and threw him to the ground, doing everything he could to cause him the most pain possible. Broken and sobbing, Emmett ran from the room, blindly stumbling through the clean, bright halls, pursued closely by the Whitecoat. And suddenly, he emerged into open air, on a damp, concrete rooftop. The Whitecoat came up behind him, swaying and still screaming, and ran at Emmett. Emmett panicked and darted out of the way; but the Whitecoat kept running, not even realizing he was doing it, and, with a heart-wrenching scream of pure agony, he sped off the roof. Emmett, shocked at what his power had just caused, took off from the building and lived on the streets, never able to forget the scream still echoing in his head.

General colour of things that they wear: Gray or black; he's in mourning.

Strengths: His power, his ability to tell people what's what right to their face, how he's able to face the truth, his strong morals, how he never stereotypes anyone

Personality: He's a tortured soul for sure. He blames himself completely for the death of that Whitecoat. He doesn't think of anyone badly at all after that; instead of congratulating himself on ridding the world of a twisted abomination, he mourns a man dedicated to science who lost his wives, his children's, and his own lives in one day as a result of the thing he helped to create. He's lost inside his own mind and hates his power, hates having to look at someone in the street and think, 'Yep, he's not going to get that job he applied for' or 'she's going to see her father on his deathbed tonight'.

Can I kill?: Oh, God, no.

Can they date?: Preferably. Put a little happy in this boy's life.

Good/Bad: Good. Couldn't hurt a fly.
SapphireMoon10 chapter 1 . 3/11/2011
I'm probaly too late, but I felt like filling in a form anyway. :)

Name/Nickname: Mia

Age: 8

Gender: Female

DNA: (e.g, 2% bird) 2% Bird, 98% Bird

Powers: (No more than two, as they'll probably get more in the story) No powers, but she is a kick-ass fighter, despite being 8.

Appearance: Brown hair, freckles, cute, tomboy.

Mutations appearance: (e.g, colour of wings) Dark wings, quite big even though she is small.

History: Grew up in the lab, pretty much the same story as all the other poor sods that end up in there. The white coats wanted to test reflex and stamina abilities so she was taught how to fight.

General colour of things that they wear: Black.

Strengths: Can fight really well, run fast too.

Personality: Tough on the outside, cusses a lot (if you put cussing in your stories), on the inside she is scared.

Can I kill?: Only if it is essential to the story line.

Can they date?: Shes 8.

Good/Bad: Good.
Rainfire of Riverclan chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
•Name/Nickname: Kathy Adams (Kat)

•Age: 8

•Gender: female

•DNA: 80% human, and 10% panther, and 10% crow

•Powers: Night vision, and has Darkness or shadow manipulation the ability to create or manipulate darkness, often by mentally accessing a dimension of dark energy and manipulating it.

•Appearance: black pixie cut hair and gold eyes. Is short and skinny. Has some mussel and tan

•Mutations appearance: panther ears and tail. Claws and fangs. 14-15 feet long black crow wings

•History: was abandoned by her parents and taken in by the school and has lived there ever since she willingly agreed to become a mutant an she can fly excellently

•General colour of things that they wear: black, gray and white

•Strengths: blends in well with the dark

•Personality: easy going, lovable, just wants to live her life to the fullest, but likes to find a nice warm place and sleep

•Can I kill?: your story

•Can they date?: sure

•Good/Bad: bad

•Name/Nickname: Koda Harper

•Age: 15

•Gender: male

•DNA: 90% human, and 10% barn owl

•Powers: Light manipulation the ability to control, generate or absorb light particles. And has telepathy with his twin the ability to read the thoughts of, or to mentally communicate with others.

•Appearance: tawny short cut hair with coffee colored eyes and light tan skin

•Mutations appearance: 15-16 feet ling barn owl wings

•History: his twin and him were orphaned and then taken by the school were they were turned into mutants they managed to escape 10 years after they were originally brought there

•General colour of things that they wear: green

•Strengths: can fight almost anyone with his twin as back his partner

•Personality: ver open and trusting lives to fly and have fun

•Can I kill?: your story

•Can they date?: sure

•Good/Bad: good

•Name/Nickname: Korben Harper (Kory)

•Age: 15

•Gender: male

•DNA: 90% human, and 10% barn owl

•Mediumship the ability to see and communicate with the dead. And has telepathy with his twin the ability to read the thoughts of, or to mentally communicate with others.

•Appearance: tawny ear length shaggy hair with coffee colored eyes and light tan skin

•Mutations appearance: 15-16 feet ling barn owl wings

•History: his twin and him were orphaned and then taken by the school were they were turned into mutants they managed to escape 10 years after they were originally brought there

•General colour of things that they wear: green

•Strengths: can fight almost anyone with his twin as back his partner

•Personality: closed off untrusting doesn't like to be around a lot of people and loves to read

•Can I kill?: your story

•Can they date?: sure

•Good/Bad: good
Sun E. Day chapter 1 . 2/10/2011
Name/Nickname: Flint (Flin)

Age: 14

Gender: female

DNA: (e.g, 2% bird) 2% panther 98% human

Powers: (No more than two, as they'll probably get more in the story) Blend into completely black back ground

Appearance: Green cat-like eyes and dark hair always in a ponytail. She is very tan and has black ears, a black tail, claws instead of finger and toe nails

Mutations appearance: (e.g, colour of wings)

History: ran away from school in FL and flew and stode away on a freight ship to Europe

General colour of things that they wear: Silver and black and red and purple

Strengths: hiding, being quiet, seeing in the dark, running, climbing

Personality: She is quiet and dark and is very good at hiding. She generally dislikes people and is sarcastic. She has many enemys and little friends.

Can I kill?: I hope not, but if you must

Can they date?: Sure

Good/Bad: Bad, but they think she's good so she's a spy, but half through make her turn good and have the others not trust her.
moi chapter 1 . 1/29/2011
Don't listen to flames from scum like "nathan-p." He can't write without cussing fifty million times in a sentence. He kinda sucks the life out of stories and books. So, yeah. Please disregard the flame. It happens to good authors because bad authors are jealous.
nathan-p chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
Reagan is a dead president who was unfortunately afflicted with Alzheimer's. It's not the best of names for a protagonist.

(Also, though your character may not be American: I don't know of any currency where ten bucks / pounds / what have you will buy you a backpack of any sort. If you do, I propose that you send me an invite to said magical place, as I wish to partake of its wonders.)

Submit-a-character fics are explicitly against the Guidelines you agreed to follow when you joined this site. Since you have 12 other stories posted, I thought perhaps you had read said guidelines, but apparently not. Would you kindly cut the submit-your-Mary-Sue crap and come up with your own characters?
I'm Not A Leprechaun chapter 1 . 1/22/2011

Age- 14

Personality- smart, tough, distrusting, loyal, protective, sarcastic. Riley doesn't trust easily, and is very antisocial. She considers looking after herself to be her biggest priority, and doesn't usually do things for other people.

Appearance- About five foot five, with short black hair, Riley is African American, quite pretty but not beautiful. Her eyes are very dark brown, and her skin is quite dark, but not black exactly. Riley is thin and looks almost malnourished. she has several scars from various fights, and a long burn mark up her arm that she hides.

Skills- Riley is an expert thief, and pickpockets for a living. She can run almost as quickly as an Eraser and is almost as strong.

Hobbies- Riley enjoys listening to music and reading when she gets a chance.

History- Riley ran away from home at seven years old after her mother died. She began a new life on the streets, stealing and avoiding the local gangs, befriending some other kids her age. Riley was often hungry, and got in fights easily. Riley has never been caught stealing- that is, until she tries to steal from a certain bird kid...

Strengths- Riley is tough, fast on her feet and smart. Dhe is excellent at stealing and fighting

Major flaw- Selfishness. If it's a choice between saving herself or someone else, Riley will pick hersrlf every time.

Pair/Kill? Pair her with a guy who suits her, and yeah, you can kill her.

Other- Riley is COMPLETELY human. She just happens to find out about the flock when she tries to steal from Reagan.

Please use her! PM me if you need more.
Royal Lady chapter 1 . 1/15/2011
Name/Nickname: Chemical (Mical for short)

Age: 10


DNA: (e.g, 2% bird)

Powers: (No more than two, as they'll probably get more in the story)


Mutations appearance: (e.g, colour of wings)


General colour of things that they wear:



Can I kill?:

Can they date?:

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