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Ladybug chapter 4 . 6/9/2013
Aw that's so sweet. I could tell Cooper was immensely jealous after that Gwevin kiss in Absolute Power. His face said it all. You could tell that he thought his new muscular body would attract her. Oh well buddy, she's still your friend.
Karashi chapter 5 . 1/31/2011
How is it I don't already have you on my author alert! HOW? I must rectify that grave oversight RIGHT THIS INSTANT! Your writing is amazing in how you humanize the non-human characters, placing them in situations that allow them to show characteristics and traits someone can empathize with. And the fact that you can manage this all with a word limit just blows my mind. You, ma'am are iamazing/i!
Life.GetOne chapter 5 . 1/27/2011
I meant to review this a while ago, but I never got around to it.

Of course, Allie is my fave, thanks to the psychological torture. The only thing I could hope for now is another fic where they outright hate each other. Or you could just update Already Over. There's that too.

That first Benlie fic reminded me of a picture you posted on DeviantArt. It's understandable that Julie feels a little insecure, especially compared to the Plumber's kids. Maybe she'll become more than "Ben's Girlfriend" in the show so she won't feel this way. But my favorite in the Benlie chapter is "Sweet Dreams". It sounds like a pessimistic outcome of being a superstar, that even levelheaded Ben would let the fame and fortune inflate his ego and ditch the wholesome yet normal people in his life for other celebrities.

Nowadays, I'm a bit indifferent to Gwen. I'm with you, too many bad quality fics on Gwevin have turned me off from the pairing. So I’m going to consider that one a gen fic, which the Ben 10 archive is in desperate need of. I didn’t regularly watch the original, but the moments where Kevin does relapse into his whiner behavior in the succeeding series do make me groan. He needs tough love, not scathing comments or kisses on his boo-boos, but for someone to just be there and support him. Otherwise, like the fic implies, Kevin will just destroy himself.

Gwooper and MyTrax are a bit harder to comment on considering I never had an opinion on way or the other about either of them. It’s probably because there’s no conflict between Gwen and Cooper, considering he’d want Gwen’s happiness than force her into a relationship, and Myaxx and Tetrax aren’t human so I’m a bit confused on how the physical intimacy part would work out (if aliens even desire physical intimacy). But Cooper does deserve some sympathy after losing Gwen to guy who went berserk and tried to kill her. (Classic bad body wins over wholesome good guy. Keep it coming with the family unfriendly morals, CN). And I like despite Myaxx’s cranky attitude, Tetrax is still stoic, and I bet he could match wits with her in a snark-off he felt like it.

I probably came off a bit snarky, and that’s probably because there’s nothing to read on here while I impatiently wait for the few favorite stories of mine that are still in progress.

Keep writing please. You’re one of this archive’s last hopes.

AlterEgoSadist chapter 5 . 1/15/2011
Yes Yes YES. You've posted something new. I've missed your work so much.

Ben/Julie: These are my absolute favorites. The reason why? You wrote ANGST. Not many people write that genre for this couple, only fluff and Anti-Benlie, which is ridiculous. This pairing has so much potential, and I'm so glad you've decided to take the initiative and explore their relationship on a much deeper level. That being said, the works did a wonderful job presenting their heartache being away from each other. She worries for him while struggling with her own sense of self-identity in his world. He wants her so badly it hurts, the restraint he has to place upon himself begging to be taken off.

Albedo/Julie: Utterly addicting and deliciously thick. The interactions between them are always brimming with tension (mostly on the Galvan's part). She's a craving he cannot ever deny, and he is something she can't get enough of, despite what he puts her through. His aggression and her naivety make for a wonderful story.

Gwen/Kevin: Kevin is a whiner. As if that wasn't obvious enough throughout the entire series, The Forge of Creation episode showed it to the audience, prompting a slew of angsty fics about this couple. He's always wary of people's generosity, something most people take for granted, and spends most of his time complaining and blaming himself for the trouble. Given what he's been through as a child, this attitude is somewhat justified. But it still doesn't excuse him from pushing everyone away. I wonder what Gwen would say in response to this...

Cooper/Gwen: Love the seriousness of this drabble. What started off as puppy love only intensified with the "growth spurt" he had at the Ultimate Alien season finale. And despite all his adoration for her, all he gets is a small kiss and pat on the cheek. But for's enough. ;)

Myaxx/Tetrax: Not too familiar with this couple, but I have to say, it does intrigue me. Sharp and pointed are words I'd use to describe this one, though their actions are quite meaningful and a bit gentler when around each other.

All in all, a fabulous collection of drabbles. Keep up the fantastic work.
brandirandom21 chapter 1 . 1/15/2011
You always right the most beautiful things :D I am so jealous of you x3 -Brandy