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JK5959 chapter 22 . 11/4
Okay, I find it very sweet he wants to give her all these experiences and they’re taking things slow. But Jesus, teenagers move faster than this lol They seem to be taking things a little too slow. She may be a virgin but they’re both adults and know what they want. They can do other stuff besides sex lol.
JK5959 chapter 16 . 10/31
Haha love her response! Totally busted lol

But god damn! Billy f*cking knew about Jake and let the wedding happen anyway? He’s totally okay with ruining her life in order to save face? There’s no excuse for that. He can spout all the reasoning he wants. Whether he felt the tribal council wouldn’t understand or maybe he tried convincing himself it was a phase and Jake outgrew it once he got together with Bella. It’s all BS and deep down Bully knew that. He just didn’t care that Bella was going to get tangled in the farce. What a piece of sh*t he is. And Jared giving her grief for moving on? Is he serious? Ugh - these men suck lol

Oh, and Leah’s batsh*t
JK5959 chapter 15 . 10/31
Hmmm….but won’t not kissing her for a month send her the wrong idea? I mean, for f*cks sake, her husband never touched her! Give her something. Lol
JK5959 chapter 13 . 10/30
Sh*t, how big of a problem is James going to be?

Finally they’re making some progress. It was slow going but so worth the wait. Edward seems extremely certain of his new path now. Thank god!
JK5959 chapter 12 . 10/29
It’s disappointing that Mike was that bad. I was hoping he was still a decent guy just annoying, and not Edward, you know. But he’s a creep.
JK5959 chapter 9 . 10/29
Hmmm….Mike’s coming on a little strong. I mean, the timing is perfect. It’s pissing Edward off, which is what she needs. Hopefully this forces his hand
JK5959 chapter 8 . 10/29
I love that Bella is now in on it. Let the fun begin!
JK5959 chapter 7 . 10/29
This is getting so good. Poor Edward doesn’t know what to do with himself lol
JK5959 chapter 6 . 10/29
Work is definitely going to be interesting for Edward. How long is he going to fight this?
JK5959 chapter 5 . 10/28
God damn that was a lot of shopping. Please tell me Edward’s going to see the new Bella next chapter? Lol
JK5959 chapter 4 . 10/28
I f*cking knew it! Jake was gay. And of course his lover was Jared. All those camping trips….. But jeez, the whole thing is so screwed up.
JK5959 chapter 3 . 10/28
Poor Bella. I mean, my heart just breaks for her
JK5959 chapter 2 . 10/28
I sense a makeover coming on soon lol
JK5959 chapter 1 . 10/28
So, Jake’s gay
CLEFE chapter 1 . 10/11
Thank you for this great story that I just finished!
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