Reviews for Wild
Teresa R chapter 30 . 7/25
Renee is nuts. Phil has left her or he is dead. It was worth the wait :)
IfTheApocalypseComes-BeepMe chapter 50 . 7/24
Wow. I am honestly speechless after finishing this fanfiction.

I have literally just finished this story, and I couldn't possibly be more in love with this if I tried. It took me a couple of days to get through this, and I am so glad I did because it was spectacular. Seriously.

I couldn't believe the lengths Renee went to in this story, and Quil was equally creepy. The torment Bella endured because of them was awful, and I think you wrote that perfectly. The twists and turns couldn't have been more perfect. They were actually beyond perfection.

I love the ending of this also, the outtakes, and the future takes, and just the story as a whole. It was bloody brilliant.
Teresa R chapter 29 . 7/21
Loved the funny story's lol
Teresa R chapter 28 . 7/20
Love it Alice is the bomb Renee is such a slimy bitch just an incubator not a mother
Teresa R chapter 27 . 7/20
Renee needs to crawl back under the rock she came out from. I don't like or trust her. Emmett heard what Bella and Edward where doing lol
Teresa R chapter 26 . 7/19
Busted lol
Teresa R chapter 25 . 7/10
That cleared up a lot Edward can hold his head high
Teresa R chapter 24 . 7/9
Bella said she would not just run with out taking first. Is Bella going to find Tanya working with James
Teresa R chapter 23 . 7/8
No wonder he gave up woman Bella will heal him lol
Teresa R chapter 22 . 7/8
She is ready
Teresa R chapter 21 . 7/8
It's good they are driving each other crazy lol
Teresa R chapter 20 . 6/28
Wow that date could not have gotten there soon enough. I almost thought they where going to split up but it was the fire they needed
Teresa R chapter 19 . 6/26
He is getting to know her body before even getting the kiss wow. They will start a fire when they kiss the first time lol.
Teresa R chapter 18 . 6/25
Reading about all the food makes me hungry lol
Teresa R chapter 17 . 6/25
Great first date. Love Alice she is so cute and so excited
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