Reviews for Could It Be Magic
Sams Taz chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
*Laughs* this is way too cute. It is just a feel good silly one shot and I loved it! :-)
damageddementia chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
This was such a cute, funny thing to read. I like Adam having a thing for Barry... it fits, in a way. This was nice to read at two in the morning
takers dark lover chapter 1 . 1/17/2011
This was just wild very funny.
JoMoFan-spot chapter 1 . 1/16/2011
Oh happy to see it here too! I absolutely loved this piece and it made me giggle like crazy. I also have officially come to the conclusion that you are the most under-rated author on this site. Period. I keep loving your work more and more. And you keep giving me my Addy deliciousness dose which I need to keep breathing. Thank you for being so awesome!

& Yes, I adored the casual 'normal couple time together' set up for this ficlet. It was sweet, and the main highlight for me was yet again the characterization of both Edge & Jeff.

I CRAVE Adam like this. He is an absolute sweetie and such a cute-pie and adorakable goof, its a crime his character doesn't get written like this much. Throughout the story he resulted in me having several giggle fits one after another. I can so see him like this...AWESOME!

OMG & Addy concentrating like that, in his 'that' state, Jeff hiding the coffee, Addy whining...LMAO too much!

HAHA & how fucking awesome was him singing and bouncing with full dramatic expressions like that! He is such a doll & Jeff's amusement only made it sweeter and funnier. Aww and it is so damn cute how Jeff adore his baby so much! How could he not! Look at Addy being so adorable and pretty even when a total goof...Hehe...yeah, screw him sillier ;) I swear to god, you are so good and on the spot with your Jeff character everytime, it makes me kinda warm. For so long I have been wanting to read him like this and I am finally getting it. Thank you my lady!

Anyways, awesome treat, awesome read, awesome entertainment. Can't adore you enough. Now I have to get back to my reviews for TML lol! I am a lazy ass it ain't even funny hehe.
Terrahfry chapter 1 . 1/16/2011
Ooh, thank you for posting here, Rhi! *loves on* I adore this piece so much.

*giggles* I still love the concept of Adam vibrating w/ caffeine.. or Adam vibrating period :P

"Jeff supposed he should be annoyed at his lover, especially knowing what he'd have to deal with in the morning, but the combination of Adam buzzed and hyper was the most amusing thing he'd ever seen." How could anyone be annoyed at a hyper Addy? Hims too adorable xD Jeff's right to be amused.

Aww, they're so wonderful together like this. I love them like this. Just so cute and couple-y and I can't get enough of it. And I adore Adam like this; goofy, fun. This is the way I imagine them just being together and doing something.

Ugh, Adam, more coffee? He gunna be wired, lol!

I like the little image of Adam trying to concentrate on stacking the creamer containers. The image is just so cute!

Lulz! & right like that Adam goes from pouting to bouncy. I likes Addy all bouncy, btw :P

I love how you've captured all of Adam's little emotions here. They're perfect and so easy to imagine.

& Jeff hides the coffee *snicker*

& Adam's singing *giggles madly* Gawd I love it. & y'know, I can't place this song, tho I know I've heard it, but it was still awesome.

"Answer to all answers I can findEvenThoughYou're AnEnigmaAndByDefinition HaveNoAnswersAtAll" Bahahaha! & I love the "cum into my ass" part, lulz.

"High up where the stallion meets the sun whichIGuessMeans YouHaveAHorseCockOrSomething AndYou'reFuckingMyShoulder..." ROFLMAO, OMG! WTF? EPIC!

& awww, it was so sweet too.

CUM CUM CUM! *bursts out giggling*

I love Adam wrote like this. And Jeff too. I wish more people would write them like this, or give them a chance like this. This was just so fun. They were like so in love & just having a good time. I absolutely love it. Thank you thank you thank you!