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Evil Cosmic Triplets chapter 2 . 3/12/2013
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What a wonderful story this was. Exciting and emotional, and very well written. Great job.
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You like to hurt Danno! A lot! You sadist! Lol

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But it's good angst tho. I like concerned Steve so I guess it's good. But maybe next time try not to hurt Danno that much? Like for your next fic, consider a broken finger or a low-grade fever or something. Haha

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“…as the little body snuggled into a father's experienced embrace.” I love the imagery of that. Danny isn’t a daddy only when Grace is around; it’s always there in him.

I liked that Steve and Danny sought to lighten things up for the boy by engaging in one of their arguments.

I am amused at the notion that Steve has never felt the need to learn any more about Danny than his gut and direct experience tell him. Gotta wonder what other accomplishments might be lurking in Danny’s past waiting for opportunities to be revealed.

And I like your vision of a game Steve, doing his best to accommodate Grace’s instructions on how to properly voice the book they were reading.
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