Reviews for The Foundations of Faith
writerchick0214 chapter 1 . 5/29/2012 Even though being sick sucks I'm kind of glad I am because I get to stalk your stories and read!

This was beautiful. Truly georgous. I don't like Dale a lot but he reminds me of someone who's dead now so I kind of HAVE to like him at the same time.

I really enjoyed seeing people through Dale's eyes. His take on Daryl was perfection. And him spying on the beginnings of a Daryl/Glenn romance was so breathtaking.

Can I bribe you into writing more? He seems to be the only one that has noticed their love blooming and I would really like to see more of his observations!
afullmargin chapter 1 . 11/18/2011
Wow, I'm new to the fandom and saw this come up as about the only Dale/Andrea floating around & I'm glad to have read it. Very well done, I love the tone you've set here. I find Dale's voice dead on and absolutely perfect. Perhaps the only thing I would suggest is a beta reader to give it a go over for a few typos (I know how those go, guilty myself! Hah) - otherwise, this is delightful.
doctorkaitlyn chapter 1 . 10/19/2011
Holy... wow. This... this was beautiful. You did an amazing job capturing Dale's personality; you seriously are the absolute queen of inner monologues, you know? At the same time, it was heartbreaking; you captured the pain of losing someone so well that I actually almost started to cry myself. I loved how this focused on religion as well; although I myself am an atheist, I do like when religion is portrayed organically in a story and in this situation, it only makes so much sense that one would turn back to religion to support. I seriously could just babble on and on about all things that were right about this (ooh and the Daryl/Glenn slashness, loved it) but I'll leave you with an 'you're amazing and I'm glad I decided to read this.'

PS: okay, I lied. If you ever run out of story ideas, I think it would be a great oneshot if you wrote about the interaction between Daryl and Glenn while they were cooking the birds. But that's just me. :P
Stellata chapter 1 . 3/21/2011
This is a terribly beautiful introspective. Your portrayal of Dale is both deeper and more clear than the glimpses into his character that the show offers us. I quite enjoyed how he watched Darryl/Glenn developing. Also, I'm glad you ended with some Andrea/Dale, but knowing the memory of Irma can change but not go away. Very truthful and poignant. Thank you for this fic, I look forward to seeing what more you write in the future.
Nialon chapter 1 . 1/17/2011
This was amazing! It was so insightful and realistic. At first I wasn't sure about reading this because it was centered on Dale, and I never really got into his character in the show. But this fic has totally turned me around. I really enjoyed it, especially how you portrayed Daryl through his eyes. Daryl is my favorite character, and you gave much more depth to his character than in the show. Then again, this is the show's first season, so I hope they tap more in to Daryl's potential.

Phew, I kind of rambled on there. Like I said before, I thought this was great. I hope to see more from you! :)
Mahiri Chuma chapter 1 . 1/16/2011
MUSE! I love you because you bring me so much fic joy. This was SO well written and insightful ... Just like Daryl and Glenn you have Dale down to a tee. I am astounded!

'No one knew what to do, not even Rick, and it showed." I'm pretyt sure this is exactly what will be happening when we get S2. I think you picked up EXACTLY where they are going to be. And Shane secluding himself to the edge of camp ... so it begins! You know exactly what's gonna happen, you seer you.

I love Dale's ponderings: "He supposed that the heart of the dilemma was that he simply didn't understand it. He didn't understand why, out of millions, that he was still alive. " I really like this, I feel like it is VERY real and would be the question on every single survivors mind. A sort of Why Me? complex. You capture the post-apocalyptic thought very well. The Winston Churchill bit was fantastic too, very, VERY Dale - well done there.

I also love his very honest self analysis. You really have gotten a handle of Dale. Yes, he is old, and not as strong but he's sharp as a tack. He gets it. And you get it and I LOVE that.

I like your exploration od T-Dog's faith as well. You make the WD so real and believable, it's very full of characterization and rich in imagery. I am ADDICTED to your writing style.

And the part with Irma. Okay, I'm going to try to explain how I read this. Have you seen Watchmen? I hope so because otherwise this will make no sense. The part when Dr. Manhattan is talking about his girl - that's how I read this. It was so epic in my head and so beautiful because the way you wrote it was so perfect and mirrored the period in such an eloquent manner. I just LOVED that part, so gorgeous.

"How ironic is it that our minds tell us the bold truths of our situation only during the times when we find that we cannot bear bring ourselves to listen?

God…he missed her."

Umm, I'm not kidding when i say you should write a novel because hello, that is art right there. Serious art.

And ahhhhhh - I LOVED the bit with Daryl and Glenn - Obviously. As always, you protray Daryl perfectly - I loved seeing him from Dale's POV - I really want to see him interact more with Dale in the future. I think Daryl IS in tune more than the others ... he wouldn't be able to do what he does if he wasn't.

"Yes, it had to be said that anyone who got in between Daryl and his survival was destined to lose. And lose quite spectacularly if he wasn't mistaken…" This describes Daryl perfectly.

I also love the part where Dale is realizing that Daryl is way more emotional and deep than they originally gave him credit for and OMG. NAKED CHEST AND TATTOOS? I need this in the show. I need this in my life. I love that he also watched over the camp and checks that everything is ok before stalking off to hunt.

And Dale totally catching on to their soon to be wonderful Glenn Daryl wonderful. "Indeed, he wondered if the two even knew it themselves…" I squeed like a complete fool. i LOVE you for this.

You do an amazing 'person watching from afar' voice. Does that make sense? Just perfect - I love what is happening around the camp as they all wake up and start their day. Just beautiful.

And I just choked up when Dale was searching and looking at the box."He knew he should have buried it with her. He knew she would have wanted it that way. But he just hadn't been able to bring himself to part with it. He couldn't." This broke my heart. So gorgeous.

"And perhaps that's why; some small, wispy little part of him, only recently coaxed to life by time and circumstance, murmured in secret that they would be good for each other. For they both, all too keenly knew the raw nature of loss." PERFECTION. a wonderful description on the beginnings/flourishing of his relationship with Andrea.

"He saw her shade her eyes, meeting his own heatedly through the thin plane of glass that separated them, the corners of her lips twitching with the hint of a smile as she crooked her head slightly towards the fire, in a clear invitation to join them." I can just see this - as clear as the show in my head.

You have such a massive talent, Muse, I am wildly jealous. You write in such a deep and gorgeous manner, creating a tangible world for us reader's tp live in with the characters. I felt liek I was sitting right there next to Dale. You astound me. Seriously.

rest those sweet finger my friend, they deserve it because WOW. I am stunned.

AND asd;fkjasd;fkhdsf - that's the only explanation for the love I feel for the Glenn/Daryl bit. Him rapping on the tent and wiggling the birds in his face - ADORABLE. I wish I could see this in the show it would be so adorable and flirtatious. It made me sigh like a girl in love.