Reviews for Alone Bled Black
SGRTJ756 chapter 1 . 1/5/2012
Thank you for writing this, it's really touching and beautiful and Nanaki is one of my favourite characters and I feel very attached to him. And Case of Nanaki is my favourite episode of the whole novel and having it in mind, I find this little and adorable piece of yours as a very fitting 'lost paragraph' of it, because it's so well-characterized and canon that I could totally feel, while reading, that this oneshot 'belonged' in the novel.

"He was still young – old, but young. He matured faster than he should have, as the burden on his shoulders roughly weighed him down, making escape impossible. He was young – and his friends were old, and getting older faster than he was. It wouldn't be long until they were gone for good."

Definitely the best part, like another reviewer has already pointed out. Thank you again for this precious story that was already added to my favourites.
ShadedHeart Lamora chapter 1 . 5/2/2011
Oh confound it, you made me cry D: it's your fault if my lenses fall out now!

Aww seriously, I cried like a bitch when I read case of Nanaki too, and this was just too reminding...even thoguh I've written a story on this subject myself. it's so sad...and adorable at the same time!

You're so good! You know that I idolise you!
ViviMouse chapter 1 . 1/22/2011
Oh my, this story was worth my time.

It was very touching and beautiful.

We don't give enough attention to Red XIII; but I think he is one of the most interesting character in the game, if we knew the memories, the secrets and the past he hides (yeah, I'm a kind of Red XIII fan. I used to always put him in my team; he was so strong and so cute. :D )

For sure, you've tackled a really intersting topic; I have also wondered about his thoughts on his comrades; about their short lives and what he was going to do, believing the sole survivor of his species. And yes, Vincent is a special case. xD

But I liked the fact that he actually worries about them, he does care. (As we know, Red XIII is not only a beast.)

"He was still young – old, but young.[...]He was young – and his friends were old, and getting older faster than he was"

This part is my favorite one. :) I appreciate how you wrote Red XIII's thoughts about the mortality of the human race.

Well, thank you! I had a nice time in reading it. :)