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Wolf'sVine chapter 22 . 11/17/2016
So... I'm am so very happy that Sephiroth wanted to kill his future, insane, evil, Jenova-controlled self! Yes, writing that kinda hurt my brain, but it's true nonetheless. Anyways, I'm thinkin' that Cloud is secretly thrilled that Sephiroth is more than capable of not going insane but now I'm a bit worried about Sephiroth... he's seen what he could become in the future... what if he tries to off himself in order to make sure he never becomes that monster?! Jeez, this fic is literally one of the most amazing, magnificent, brilliant, sensational and utterly and completely monumental fics I've ever read and I'm going to beg you to write more... preferably sooner than I can eat string cheese, (which is almost immediately). Um, sorry... anyways. One of the things I like most is how much Sephiroth trusts Cloud... even when he's confused or scared or angry or disbelieving or filled with doubt or even second-guessing everything he's learned... he still has such faith in Cloud. Even now... when he doesn't know quite if he should or not... he wants to and that strikes me as special. I also liked how he said he would prefer to be a weapon in Cloud's hands than ShinRa's and that has me wondering if that will have an impact on how he sees Cloud. I just... I'm now sure what else to write to get you to understand how highly I prize this fic and how much I want you to keep writing... I just really would like it if you would write. Please.
Faery66 chapter 22 . 5/5/2016
Hope to read more soon.

Anon chapter 22 . 4/4/2016
Re-read this after all these years and am more crushed than ever wanting the rest. You've honestly written the most engrossing FF7 time travel story- from the mechanics to the build up/reveal and not to mention the compelling characterization of a young Sephiroth. Resolution is gnawing at me though and I hope one day you'll finish this up. Thank you for the fabulous contribution to the fandom 3
L's Cappuccino chapter 22 . 2/16/2016
Huh... so let me get this straight:
Main Character Sephiroth (15y.o) here is going to be in what I call Timeline 1 (T1) that was what was at the start of this fic.
Clou, Yuffie and Vincent are from what seems like the canon Timeline (CT - Clouds Timeline).
Zack is going to be from a timeline that came from T1 (T1-Future?) who's meddling caused the story to change into Timeline 2(T2).
And Older!Sephiroth is presumably from the future of T2 who's meddling now caused the timeline to change to T3.
That's presuming that everyone who showed up have come from successive timelines, meaning that Older!Sephiroth is from T2 and not a totally different reality (Alternate Timeline - AT).

What I'm not exactly sure is where Don Corneo fits in, did he come from a Shinra-Wins!Future (same as AT? Or another one?) and then somehow made it to the past which turned into T1 which then was somehow discovered by CT? Or is this following the paradox theory that time travel is only possible because of time travel and he actually came from a successive timeline (eg. T6? T8?)?
Aynon chapter 22 . 1/23/2016
Maybe adding Valentine will be enough to stop the horrible future from happening! Here's to hoping that knowing who his real mother is (and maybe even talking to her), having a father who will love and protect him, and then learning the truth about the future will be enough of a counterbalance. Fingers crossed! Looking forward to the next chapter.
Black Fox34 chapter 22 . 1/11/2016
Ok I don't know if your still active In here or not but I would love to finish reading A Soldiers Weapon. I'll be looking forward to the updates.
k123 chapter 22 . 10/12/2015
This fic is so great! It's really interesting how you tie in multiple timelines. I feel so bad for Seph, who only wants to help, and for Cloud who could never say no to him :(. I'm glad he doesn't seem to be going insane in this timeline - which means it's all about the happy ending :).
viviboo chapter 22 . 9/23/2015
Oh my, the things have gone quite pear shaped for the time travelers and I quite like it! Now that the turks are in the know I wonder if information will stay there or not. Based on canon, the turks are at this point of story first and foremost loyal to Shinra but the same company did screw over one of their own... I'm looking forwards to read more of our favorite evil professor, Hojo, who is currently pissed that Cloud has the S cells. Since he thinks that WolfHaven stole from him, wonder how he will react. Happy to read that you haven't given up on this story. Can't wait for your next upload ;)
OnCuzImBored chapter 8 . 8/4/2015
You mention towards the end that Cloud must've broken Aerith and her mom out just about when he arrived at ShinRa from the future, but this is supposed to be from Sephiroth's POV and he DOESN'T KNOW THAT TIMETRAVEL TIDBIT YET.
aimdiscord chapter 22 . 6/16/2015
Okay, after loving the story and thinking about the probable ending (for months!) I realized that Don Corneo's potential future is the darkest one of all. Crazy Sephiroth trying to destroy the world is always stopped... furthermore, there is a way to 'save' the planet's life via Omega / Chaos, right? But if you let ShinRa make these machines and suck the life out of the living people, burning it up, basically, the lifestream ends. It can't go on like that forever. And then I realized, Don Corneo's future... WolfHaven came to Cloud, right? They told him they needed help with catching Don Corneo, and offered him a chance to change the past as a reward. But that means WolfHaven is trying to preserve the worst future of them all! One where the planet dies slowly... And Don Corneo said that he didn't recognize Sephiroth because of the scars, where he tried to cut his own face off, so maybe it wasn't even Sephiroth in that future? Maybe it was Cloud, and Hojo perfected the cloning process that time? Or something equally horrifying... It sounds like the true bad-guy is WolfHaven (aka ShinRa from evil life-machine-sucking timestream); they are moving through time instead of within it. By allowing Cloud to 'kill' Sephiroth, as a reward, their plans aren't disrupted. He will just be the next clone, himself, even if he succeeds. WolfHaven / alternate ShinRa doesn't mind if someone kills Sephiroth, as long as their preferred future becomes true. Poor Don Corneo was not a 'nice' person, but he was the only one LEFT - so he tried to save the world, in a half-assed fashion. Maybe Cloud and Zack only THINK their actions are having an effect on the time-stream, but it is because they are used to thinking about their own past as the 'proper' one, the 'first' one. And WolfHaven thinks that way, too. Their 'proper' timeline is where ShinRa accidentally creates this wormhole, years before the Jenova Project even starts, and ... Don Corneo MUST be stopped so that ShinRa can destroy the world! EEK! All the earlier chapters I was thinking about WolfHaven being some sort of outgrowth of AVALANCHE or something. But they might be the true problem. And if Crazy/alternate sephiroth comes back from the lifestream, again, like he did before - no big deal, they have Cloud AND zack AND nice/stable Sephiroth to deal with it. The story doesn't even have to cover that. Maybe Vincent, now awakened since Sephiroth got the key, is the one to figure it out, after hearing Sephiroth and Cloud speak of alternate futures. maybe it takes a turk to realize the true 'badguy' is the one causing holes in their own world's timeline. Maybe Don Corneo's actions (giving away that key) do save the world, after all, in a manner of speaking.

Okay. Long post. How far off the actual plot did I land?
aimdiscordgmail chapter 21 . 6/16/2015
Don Corneo's change to the timeline will have the most effect of all! Yay! It brings Vincent into the story. DoC is the only one of the games I actually played. So, I ended up liking that character a whole lot.
aimdiscord chapter 20 . 6/16/2015
"Giant rock from space." Well, when she puts it that way... it does sound ridiculous. :)
aimdiscord chapter 19 . 6/16/2015
eek! You warn the readers about implicit 'mentions of rape' but honestly Don Corneo's possible future is FAR scarier than rape. It's like ... the Matrix crossed with FFVII. Where they breed the babies and take them from the parents and kill them, so the rich people can have electricity for their parties. Ouch. At least the machines in the Matrix... ostensibly... had an excuse... sort of.
aimdiscord chapter 18 . 6/16/2015
Aww. He thinks about his Mommy, when he looks at himself all dressed up like a queen. Yes, loving this innocent / jaded Sephiroth, in your story.
aimdiscord chapter 16 . 6/16/2015
But why would Veld bother to give this paper to Sephiroth? Hmm. I guess it is still in his 'interests' as a Turk to make Sephiroth avoid Cloud? Maybe Hojo is mad and doesn't want the association to continue... And ZFAIR got assigned to the mission so quickly! After only one week!
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