Reviews for A SOLDIER's Weapon
Keimichi chapter 22 . 5/6/2015
Awesome story you got there.
I'm kinda sad that it wasn't all written in Cloud's perspective (Cloud's pretty much the reason why I've been going through all these FFVII fics), but the way you set Sephiroth up for all the mysteries and the time travelS is very smart. I don't think I've come across any time travel fics similar to this in the few fandoms I'm in.
Hopefully you might consider picking this story up again. Either way, it was a good read, I enjoyed it.
Keimichi chapter 11 . 5/3/2015
Nooo, Zack, an antagonist? Noooo, I'm gonna cry over this haha. ; u;
Good twist, albeit a sad one ; u;
dragonflylj chapter 22 . 4/7/2015
Just reread this one! Still one of my favorite FF7 fics with so much complexity and there is no clear answer to whether they can change things or not. I am still hoping this may have more installments with evil hojo and seph, but at least some things have been cleared up. There is always apart of me that wondered if hearing about his real parents before he latched onto jenova would have filled that void instead, so I like where u are heading with Vincent's involvement. If the plot bunny ever comes back we would all be thrilled, if not great job on an excellent story!
White Morticia chapter 10 . 2/4/2015
Well, that sex scene came out of nowhere. That escalated quickly! One minute they're mentor and student, the next they're talking about sexuality then having sex. Oh well... Not that I'm complaining but since you took the time to build the romance (10 chapters to be exact), I was expecting things to move a little more slowly.
About the story, the plot is interesting even if I have no idea what's happening most of the time. But I realizethat it's a deliberate move on your part since the story is mostly from Sephiroth's POV and he has no idea what's happening either. So I'm fine with that.
What I really like about this story is how unique it is. It's different from most time travel fics I've read and for that it stands out for me.
Anyway, good work.
damagectrl.07 chapter 22 . 10/28/2014
Absolutely loved your take on time travel here. Great job on a well written story, amazing plot and insanely good characterization. I love how you wrote Sephiroth's character and how you developed the relationship between him and Cloud. I can't wait for the next update and I hope it comes soon! This story is too good to be left unfinished. Great job!
Cremage chapter 5 . 10/23/2014
I have just finished reading chapter 5.

I must admit that at first, I tought that your story was not going to entertain me. (I am REALLY picky on what I read). It has a slow start.

But I have to say that even though it starts more slowly than other stories I read this week, you have me hanging on my toes for the next chapter. The way you depict Sephiroth as an unsure teenager makes him a little more human, a little more real than that badass-always-so-sure-about-himself older self that most writer seem to prefer.

I love your story so far, and the time twisting thing is entertaining as well. You have a nice writing style. Keep it up!
Linaeraan chapter 22 . 9/1/2014
Great story!
Laryna6 chapter 22 . 7/9/2014
A very interesting story, and I hope to see more of it whenever you get around to it.
Valiant Lies chapter 22 . 6/13/2014
Not only is this story the most interesting time travel fic I've ever read, I am loving the changes you are putting in and how you're characterising Cloud and the others. I absolutely love that you are writting singularly from Sephiroths point of view. It's fresh and adds mystery and fun because sometimes I know more than he does. You also have a wonderful writting style that just encourages me to keep reading!
And now that I am finished reading what your have written I have to start crying because the story isn't finished. I hope to read more if you ever get around to writting more.
May the lighting of inspiration strike you twice.
LazyLamia chapter 22 . 6/8/2014
It must be difficult for Sephiroth to watch his future, crazy version and thinking that Cloud wants to kill him - I wonder how his relationship with Vincent will develop.
Cloud will have to make great effort to gain back trust from Seph - and I hope he will not spoil this.
RhythmAndBeat chapter 10 . 5/22/2014
I am completely hooked on your story. I just devoured the first 10 chapters, and had to stop to leave my gushing praises.

Every little detail that you've added about how the world of FFVII works makes me giddy. Like how you explain phoenix down and how it's stored and used. Or how you've ingrained materia and PHS's into everyday life. Just wow. What you’ve come up with is so interesting.

And I'm loving Cloud's screwed up relationship with Sephiroth. If anyone could even want to forgive Sephiroth and understand that the crazy ideas in his head had a lot to do with the way he was raised, it would probably be Cloud. But at the same time, after the cannon events Cloud would have some serious hangups about relationships and probably a lot of control issues. And you portray a balance between both of those concepts so fantastically.

I enjoy watching Seph having to slough his way through the ranks of the army: not just rocket to the top. It makes his character so much more relatable, and also reflects the fact that Hojo is no tactical genius, and just engineering a human to be as strong and fast and hearty as possible doesn't make him the perfect soldier.

I'm also enjoying your portrayal of Cloud. He's complicated and crazy and frustrating. But at the same time, he's not spiraling into depression all of the time, he has a dry sense of humor, and an interest in the people around him. You've shown how a lot of his anti-social behaviour is a defence mechanism rather than a constant flaw in his character. And whether it's romantic or not, I just love the idea of Sephiroth having someone he looks up to and wants to impress, and how that could change his character.

I'm sorry this is so long and rambling. I don't know if you are going to finish this story, but I am going to have a great time reading the rest of what you have posted here. You're a fantastic story teller, thank you so much for taking the time to share your writing!
kooksthekook chapter 22 . 5/13/2014
Hello! I am so glad I found this fic. I really love it! I haven't read a good fic like this in ages. I really do hope you continue this to the end. There's too many fics that were started that ended up being discontinued. I know it could be from personal reasons and I understand that, but I would be sad to see if this fic were to end up like that. It really struck a chord with me. I for one, am a firm believer in parallel worlds and your approach to this often used concept in fanfic is astounding! To actually tell it from Sephiroth's point of view is a feat in itself. The fact that he's still trying to find some humanity in himself and trying to understand the point in which he goes insane so he doesn't...ahh I could go on and on about this.

I also like the way you stayed true to the characters. I also think that Tifa is the kind of person who wouldn't leave Marlene and Denzel behind to go back to the past. I do want to point out that a baby is usually born after 9 months not ten. That is not to say that an extra month would be detrimental. In fact any additional weeks added to the gestation of any baby increases the child's brain formation (there's more science to this but I'd be too nerdy then). Unless that was deliberate for the story's purpose.

In any case you've just earned yourself a firm reader! Hoping to see more from you soon!
Guest chapter 22 . 4/3/2014 really hooked on your AU :D
patricia.pc chapter 22 . 3/23/2014
love this story! :D It's really interesting and well written. The characters and plot are also amazing! Thanks for sharing. Hope to read more soon.
God of Insanity chapter 22 . 2/25/2014
I was very delighted to see an update or two, so thank you. I know everyone is busy with life, I know I am, but it's great to see not every story that's amazing has been abandoned.

Anywho, I loved the whole Future-Seph/Past-Seph fight scene and just them meeting in general. I have to admit I was anxious to have the Sephiroths meet and to see how that would all play out. Young Sephiroth is being a little childish, but I really cannot blame him and I cannot blame Cloud too much, either, but yeah there's obviously a communication error going on there.

I think what I love most out of the recent chapters is Vincent appearing and Vincent feeling compelled to protect Sephiroth. I've seen so many stories in which Vincent is all to eager to hurt or kill Sephiroth. It's really nice to see him actually showing some concern for him. So yeah, I am quite eager to see how Sephiroth and Vincent's relationship will develop over time, be it mere friends, a father/son sort of dynamic, or something else.

Sorry about the really, really late review. Really glad to see an update and hopefully someday in the future, it'll continue. You have a really good story going here.
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