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seriefreak141 chapter 20 . 9/14
This deserves a sequel! Lo ed it!
Ci chapter 20 . 7/21
Don’t mind me just doing my yearly reread :)
excat94 chapter 9 . 7/15
I know its been a while but i guess i want to offer an explanation on why it would be so easy for Rachel to accept Quinn as her best friend after the lies are out

1. Quinn, in the process of her mission to become the Stepford wife, while under pretenses, became a perfect support for Rachel. She did everything she could with zero credits (including college) to advance Rachel’s career and popularity. She did not sit idly by and whilst at the beginning a lot of things are for appearance’s sake, once Q became R’s (and J’s) pitbull, once the perfect proposalring were picked out, it was extremely difficult to see this ~origin story~ lie as anything BUT the literary device for creation of tension, to be broken later by emotional and physical intimacy.

2. Lie vs lie? Let’s look at this from 2 different possibilities: if Q is lying and R is not and if R is lying and Q is not.

a. If Q lies to get out and is completely selfish (which a lot of the ‘show dont tell’ in the next 7 chapters flipped around), Q uses R’s supposed feelings for an escape from a place where she’s seriously in danger of hurting herself..

b. On the reverse, R uses Q’s supposed feelings for an escape from an overwhelming situation where shes in danger of burning out completely..

Both of the lies are selfish in nature, both were necessary and possibly life-saving. They make the meta in which both characters have to confirm again and again that theyre not un-loveable, from different perspectives. Q for her actions in the past, and R for not taking Q’s feelings into consideration when she basially accepts Q as a housewife from the 50’s who is also doing something absolutely outside of any college’s honor code so R can better her career.

3. Attraction as manipulationa sweep-away of the lies coming out? Dang, Q was doing the exact same right before she blurted out her secret in order to ADVANCE Rachel’s (and Jesse’s career, again. What Quinn was doing was a shortcut into a situation where they actually have the time and space and emotional support from each other (because we KNOW that that is real from both sides now, what’s with Q always putting R’s needs firstR’s small grand gestures ie. MercedesNYU application). It’s so obvious thru their actions that they care about each other. And the thought of not standing side-by-side tackling the world is emotionally draining for both, no matter what R’s “tiny realistlovely name btw) has to say.

4. Obviously them being in love doesnt make everything “ok,” but that’s what the rest of the story is for. Building up trust, emotionally supporting each other, Q becoming a bulldog (lets face it shes always been a bulldog when R is concerned, positive or negative lol) and protecting R (and then a roster of artists lol) from the harsh entertainment industries.

5. Rachel Berry being able to forgive Quinn Fabray and vice versa is quintessential canon Faberry, and they always start over at friendship. The ‘best’ moniker works here, because of the (no matter what the intentions might read) endless number of big and small things (and time) that they dedicated to each other under the guise of fiancée. Also, theyre attached at the hip, Q always having minute details of what R needs, and R seeing outside the bubble of her fledging career to give Q what she doesnt know she needs to become independent.

MY ACTUAL COMMENT: this fic is the romantic comedy that can bring the entire genre to shame. I love the silly self-dialogue, love how it’s Just angsty enough to cover their trauma without scratching open all the scabs. Some of the pov switches were random but for everything else, it’s still a very satisfying read 10 years later. I was kind of intrepid of reading this again, remembering thisTST as my favorite all-time Faberry fic, both from the feelings they bring me,the absolutely wonderful conflict resolutions that don’t close the door on character dev in the post-fic universe. Brava!
Anon chapter 4 . 1/17
Nearly 10 years later, I still come back and reread this story. It is my absolute favorite and cannot stress enough how good it is.
gasolinemoon chapter 19 . 9/16/2022
Okay I’m legit confused about the timeline of this story. I hadn’t thought much about it when I read it several years ago or during my rereads, but for Rachel to be 20, they would’ve had to have been together for over 2 years, so sorta confused on all the drinking in bars because they’d be carded. And there’s just the whole thing in relation to both Broadway shows because there’s just no way with new shows they’d be that quick. They usually get workshopped for a while to work out the kinks. On top of that, films aren’t usually released that quickly after Sundance. It takes a few months. And then the Oscar noms before the tonys even happen when they don’t do Oscar noms until February. The dates and general timeline of the story confuses me a lot.

And then there’s the grammatical errors/incorrect phrases. You just used the wrong role a lot and I can’t remember which phrase it is, but you used the wrong word for it frequently.
Jelaineyyy chapter 20 . 8/25/2022
I think i read this one at least once every year. It's already 2022, and after a decade, i still go back to this one. This is my most favorite fanfic ever and faberry was my first ever ship. Thank you for putting this out into the world that it felt like a home to me.
Empreintes Fauves chapter 10 . 8/14/2022
I am very desapointed. I don't understand why on earth Rachel still think about Quinn as her best friend. ZERO SENS. After this kind of lie ? After tgeir past ? After averything she didn't even question Quinn sincerity and want, not made it her priority to take care of her. For fuck sake ! Rachel would NEVER does that. Not right away at least.

Its seems Quinn isn't the only one to think that lust can fix trust issues since she flirt all the time to "accelerate" their reconciliation, it seem the writers think that too since its dismiss that easily. I wish you never brought this lie issue ever. If it to put drama without actually fixing it in a realistic and mature way its tainted the story in a negative light for me, its a waisting for say the least. You treat Rachel like her hurt shouldn't even exist because after all, at the end, Quinn love her so what did she want more ?

Except that doesn't change the fact that EVERYONE in her life used her one way or another and Quinn is just the last and worst one. The fact that Quinn still does things for herself, Rachel being her last objectiv, and not for Rachel's happiness. She still manipulates her and you turn Rachel as an idiot. She is smart, she should be suspicious of Quinn's behavior. She didn't even question the fact that Quinn never try to sleep with her during their "engagement", quite the contrary, she actively avoid it and now all of the sudden, she has no problem to try to get into her pant. That in itself should be enough for Rachel to question her goal and behavior.

The fact that she is so horny and can't things straight around Quinn should push Rachel to sleep with someone, anyone else, just to regain some clarity. Its totally what Rachel berry would conclud since now they are just friend and she should don't trust her. Add bonus, that would serve Quinn her own medicine since she is the one who dismiss Rachel's attempt at the freaking time.

Frankly, i want to think that you will adress all of this at some point, because your story is long and until this issue, your writing and all were very realistic and mature, but the way you have treated things here, has a plot device and not in its own, did not give me hope. (Quinn has way too much fun when she should feel guilty and try to make it up, its irritating as hell, especially since she is the only one who knows how the other feel. All of this is actually very unfair to Rachel)

And that push me to want to stop your story. I don't want to but its seriously too desappointing; so i guess at the very least a break is needed. I will see to come back, maybe, at a later time, when i will feel less desappointed. (that in itself is a testament to your talent. To invest people so much that they take the story at heart, but it can also be difficult for the reader to pass some big desappointment)
Empreintes Fauves chapter 9 . 8/13/2022
I don't understand how Rachel can't just bypassed all like that. I REALLY don't understand how she can put their 2 lies on the same level when it wasn't at all. Quinn took advantage of Rachel, she KNEW how Rachel will react to it. Rachel just did that, react. I understand Quinn but she shouldn't be off that easily. What she did was awful. Playing with someone's insecurities, manipulate and lies again and again.

Rachel has truly no one (for all she knows) who actually loved her for who she is. Everyone left her or used her. Except for her friends from school she was let down by everyone, including her own dad who seems to not try very hard to know their daughter since they actually knows nothing about her hard ship. I hope, truly, deeply, hope that Rachel's insecurities and how Quinn's lies, added to it, will be adressed at some point and that Rachel WILL breakdown because of it. Because no one can be that much used and accept it that easily.

Especially since Quinn is still curently manipulating her, using her knowledge about Rachel's feelings against her. I hope Rachel will saw through it and understand that she can't truly believe that Quinn is her best friend. That really is something mind blowing. That she didn't put 2 and 2 together like the fact that Quinn did everything she can to NOT sleep with her. If that is not a red flag, what is ? Like the fact that right now she tease her shamelessly, knowing perfectly well that she won't have to sleep with her and that IS an attitude she had in high school to obtain something from people. And i hope that will put Rachel understanding that she is still a tool in Quinn hands. The fact that it is for them being together again doesn't change the fact that Quinn is manipulating her again, using her feelings against her AGAIN.

I truly hate that Quinn came back so easily in Rachel's life and Rachel has zero problem with it, or barely one. Because its not realistic and it dismissed the real deep pain of Rachel and all the legitimate anger she should feel and express. Its like, as long as Quinn knows she did wrong and loved her now, everything is ok. Like the pain can disappeared and should because they love each other. Well, thats not simple and pain doesn't desapear like that. Trust issues doesn't disappear like that and the message that this part of the story send piss me off. I hate when writer dismisse the pain of one of the character just because its easier for the story to moved on.

God, i hope it will be addressed propery at some point because when a story is so solid and beautifully writen, that kind of things has the power of wasting all. Like season 7 of GOT. Sooooo much desappointement.
Doofy chapter 1 . 2/20/2022
Very nice indeed!
Guest chapter 2 . 9/28/2021
Read this story about 5 times and keep coming back!
Drumchik chapter 9 . 8/30/2021
Ahahahaha. Oh that last bit. I'm dead of lol
Drumchik chapter 7 . 8/30/2021
OliviaBSG chapter 20 . 8/2/2021
Totally thought (until the end) that the title of this was in reference to the Edwin McCain song. I mean... “I’ll be better when I’m older... I’ll be the greatest fan of your life...”

Great story and I’m not normally into Faberry fics. A little disappointed that Brittana initially were brought into the story as white trash idiots but it was funny. Mercedes and Jesse were perfectly written.
sblvthe chapter 7 . 7/14/2021
my goddd rachel’s letter to mercedes lol
sblvthe chapter 3 . 7/13/2021
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