Reviews for Danny and the Damsel
avearia chapter 1 . 2/3/2011
Short, but interesting enough. Danny Phantom and Superman do have a lot of paralells for their stories (Two identities, one's a nerd one's a superhuman, a lois lane, a lex luthor, a clone for gosh sakes...) So I caught it immediately.

You DID kind of caught me off guard about halfway down, though, when you started using "I"-in something this short, it's understandable, but I didn't realize that it was SAM talking until that point.

That's just a nitpick of course. The idea is wonderful, your take on Paulina's 'role' as the damsel in distress was interesting. You also have a very pleasing style for writing, it's quite poetic in spots. I like it.

I do hope that you keep writing, I hope to read something else written by you in the future. :)