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Dowski chapter 5 . 4/13/2011
Woo! New chapter! Haha, glad I could finally read it. Stupid Fanfiction errors. Good to see Neo is doing his part. I'd hate to be away from him in times like this though... Keep them coming! *Goes to write*
NovelistOfTheSky chapter 5 . 4/13/2011
Really good chapter as usual. I really like how you're showing the different groups doing all the different things, shows the conflict isnt just about one group of characters. Maybe space out the big blocks of text to make it easier for people to read but other than that, really great as usual. Can't wait for more.
Kozan Shoku chapter 5 . 4/13/2011
I'm not sure if I Did the Oc Set up correctly so here it goes (again)

Name: Kozan Shoku

age: 17

nationality and home town: Japanese Shybuya

appearance: Has Spiky Black Hair green eyes and wheres a black cloak over a red T-shirt with black flames on it

Background :Kozan has lived in Shybuya all of his life and has been known as a defender of peace. He would never stand by and watch the innocent suffer. Sadly everyone looks down on him because of his digimon partner being Devimon even though he does everything in his power to protect the weak and innocent.

Personality: Kozan is a very kind and gentle spirit and it takes allot to push him over the edge but if you ever have the misfortune of pissing him off and pushing him over that edge you will learn the true meaning of hell.(but that only happens If the person is evil incarnate) Kozan is normally funny but always gets revenge for pranks pulled on him (nothing destructive just pranks them back) He likes to fight for fun but will only treat is as a game but is he need to fight against evil of protect people he gets extremely serious and he's like a completely different person who cannot afford to lose and will fight until the enemy can no longer stand or is deleted.

Crest/attribute : Crest of Will (a Black Crest That has the image of a hazard sign with an omega symbol in the middle of the three triangles instead of a dot) Element/Attribute is Darkness

Digimon : Devimon

personality : Unlike most Devimon this one is kind and gentle hematches his partners personality when is comes to fighting and will not allow he innocent to be hurt. Most people are afraid of him but to those who are brave enough to be around him find that he is an invaluable frend who will always have there backs. He also has Kozan's sence of comody

BackStory: Devimon and Kozan first met after Devimon was injured after being attack by many digimon and digidestend alike just for existing and left for dead. Kozan showed up and initially Devimon thought he was going to finish the job but instead the bandaged him up and gave him food. Once Devimon knew he found a friend a Back and Red Digivice appeared (D-Power if allowed w/out card slide function the back is where the white usually is) in Kozan's hands and the two were parners.

in training / rookie/champion / ultimate / mega/

Pagumon / Demidevimon / Devimon / Skullsatamon / Beelzemon Blast mode

Attacks: Devimon can use Darkness Claw and Fist of Will. Fist of Will is a dark version of Angemon's Hand of Fate

Beelzemon does not have the giant gun on his arm insted he can wield a black katana He can use dark crescent (think tensa Zangetsu's getsuga tensho from bleach) and Dark oblivion (He draws a pentagram in the air in front of him then when he stabs it with his sword it shoots out a giant blast of darkness energy.
James95 chapter 5 . 4/13/2011
This is getting good. Can't wait to see more of my OCs. Can they meet up with Jaden if possible? That would be nice.
FaolinHayashi chapter 4 . 4/8/2011
Hey, Still need Digi-Destined? and I love your story by the way~!


Sayuri Hayashi



Nationality and home town:


Okinawa, Japan


Has Long brown hair, usually tied in a tall ponytail has bangs covering the left side of her face at her eyebrow hiding one of her sea-colored eyes. has a very mild tan, and minor muscle mass. curves aren't very noticable with her clothing.

Usually wears a black cloth on her forehead that ties in the back letting the strands dangle on her back, comfortable Khaki pants with side pockets, which are strangely durable, Black fingerless gloves, White tank top, and black sandles, with open toes, and a desert colored trench coat left undone.


She has lived on the streets since age 7 and has learned, from a gang called Ookami Ryuu, Wolf Dragon's, how to fight, and fend for herself. She's quiet when with people she doesn't know very well, only speaking when DIRECTLY spoken too.


Quiet around others, direct and to the point, does not sugar coat things, and, if given the chance, she'll punch a Digimon in a fight...

Special notes:

New Digidestined.

Crest/attribute :

Said to be the crest of love, but she denies the fact that the crest is hers Saying that she doesn't deserve a crest like that.

Digimon: Dracomon (look him up, he's real :D)


Talks a lot, more than Sayuri usually does. Despite his appearance he is really a kind Digimon. Very protective over Sayuri though.


Baby - Petitmon

InTraining - Babydmon

Rookie - Dracomon

Champion - Coredramon(Blue)

Ultimate - Wingdramon

Mega - Slayerdramon
NovelistOfTheSky chapter 4 . 4/8/2011
Really good chapter dude. Sorry I didnt read sooner, I was working last night till2am .

I wanna know what the humanoid figure was :O

Really good writing man, you're really getting better all the time. Can't wait to see more
James95 chapter 4 . 4/7/2011
Hey this was really good. Devimon owned those two. Keep it up.
Kozan Shoku chapter 1 . 4/7/2011
Hi great story and if you still need ocs i'm Kozan Shoku i 'm 5'9 ,17, have spiky black hai,and wear a blank leather jacket over a red t-shirt.

My partner is devimon (who digivolves to skullsatamon and then beelzemon blast mode.)

I'm a nice guy with a kind personality but people avoid me because of my partner even though he only fights for recriation and to protect others.

and if it is allowed i would like to have a tamer style digivice that is red and black (The black is where the white normally is)
Dowski chapter 4 . 4/7/2011
Woo! Great to see another chapter, and thanks for the review! I'm kinda making all my other OC's 'disappear' which is why they haven't really shown up in any of our other stories.
rc 1121 chapter 3 . 4/6/2011
Hey, good to see you started up the sequel, there is a nice improvement on grammer and I like how it has started with a Tournament Arc.

If your confused about the Arel Terra I sent in, It's my first guy's son aka Junior whiche means I was cruel enough to kill my oc for backstory.

Good luck with the fic.
Elegon chapter 2 . 4/5/2011
Elegon Laze Age:16 Digimon Partner: Zenmon Appearance: Black dreads, dark brown eyes, African, 6' 2", 175 lbs. (All muscle) Clothes: Grey clothes, with some sort of pink somewhere in it. Wears three bracelets on each arm and grey beads on his dreads. Personality: Playful and energetic, just as Tai and Davis are. Never acts it, but is actually gay. Other: Loves to play any sport and has a rivalry with Davis. Every since the two came on the same soccer team, they've tried to one-up one another, even though they're great friends. Digivice Color: Silver/Black Hobbies: Loves to play sports and will usually have a prank in store for Davis. And is what most people would call "nosy" because of his quiet snooping he loves to do. For digimon: In-Training: Neumon Personality: Playful, but will get angry if called cute by anyone or anything. Neumon: *Neutral Shocker: Fires a weak bolt of lightning Appearance: The creature is small and purple with a white mouth and a black stripe going down its back. The eyes of the creature are grey and big. Rookie Level: Zenmon Personality: Small lovable digimon and is always loyal to her friends. She has a strange voice, you hear two voices when she talks, one's evil and raspy, while the other is nice and motherly. Zenmon: *Flash: Hand becomes engulfed in holy light and attacks her enemies with it *Blackout: Fires two black orbs of dark energy Appearance: Small purple bunny-like digimon with black ears, white glove-like hands, purple feet, and a symbol of a star and moon on her chest. Her eyes are black on the right, and white on the left. Champion-Level: Equimon Personality: Crazy digimon that loves to pull of stunts with Elegon. Equimon: *Wild Roar: Fires a black and white laser out of her mouth *Spirit Spin: Is engulfed in a white and black aura and spins into a dive, hitting her opponent. Appearence: She looks like a lion. But, one half is white and angelic with the mark of Yin on it. But the other half is dark and demonic, with the mark of Yang on it. Ultimate Level: Auradramon Personality: This is the Mega form of Zenmon, and she has a dual personality. Whenever she's fighting, she's in full black armor and has her white eyes. Whenever she's calm, she's in full white armor with her black eyes. Auradramon: *Crazed Dragon Blast: Shoots a black laser out of his left dragon mouth and a white laser out her right. *Ultimate Light Shield: Creates a shield of light, using her shield. *Full Dark Throwdown: A black aura covers her sword and she slashes her opponent. Appearance: This digimon is at full strength and she's ready to kick-butt! She wears black and white full body armor, but it changes on her mood. Inside her mask, she has grey eyes with a scar over the left eye. She has both a pair of black wings and a pair of white wings. On one side of her is a white shield and the other is a black sword with a golden hilt. On her right hand is a white dragon mouth and the other is a black dragon mouth. Mega-Level: Celemon Celemon's Attacks: *Celestial Shower: Creates several energy bolts in the form of falling stars *Meteor Bow: She fires an arrow from her bow and it has more force than a falling meteor *Grand Impact: Begins to move at lightning speed and rams into her enemies with extreme force *Zen Madness: Last Result Move: This attack focuses all of Celemon's energy into an arrow and she attacks her opponent with everything she has. After using this move, she turns into her In-Training form, Neumon. Appearence: Celemon is a radiant being in silver armor and wields a black bow with white arrows, each with a mark of yin/yang on it. Her helmet has Grey eyes, and each eye has a scar over it.
James95 chapter 3 . 4/3/2011
Yay, Chri and Grace are on! But one istake, I think their surname is Bennet, not Beenet, however this was a good chapter.
Dowski chapter 3 . 4/3/2011
Woo! Name mention. Hahahaha. Nice chapter! :P I'd love to 'show off' some of my skills in a battle if you wanted. XD. Btw, I have an updated character info for Alex and Neo on my profile. After I get over this stupid illness i seem to have gotten, I want to write some more. Sleep would help too. Keep up the good work!
NovelistOfTheSky chapter 3 . 4/3/2011
Addiction is satisifed :P good chapter , you showed the relationships well and introduced the new characters very well. Makes me wonder if we'll see a chapter on trace and will :P

I'm very temtped to do a one shot about a training session with lucas , will and jaden :P

I got two updates as well, my pms arent working lol anyway,im heading off, speak to you tomorrow dude. Keep up the good work.
Ember Ice chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
I'm loving it so far ) I had PMed you a character a few months ago, who you are still welcome to use, here's her bio again incase you dont have it )

I made her for the Adventures continuity, but she can be altered for of them pretty much )

Name: Evelynn 'Eva' McRae

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Birth Date: October 14th

Home: New York City, NY


Height: 5'3"

Weight: 115 lbs

Skin: Honey-Tan

Eyes: Deep, Stormy Blue

Hair: Dark/Mocha Brown. Teaches the middle of her back. She either wears it straight or has it in corkscrew curls. Cut in long layers with side bangs.

Extra Features: Has her ear lobes pierced twice, in the bottom hole, she likes to wear big silver hoop earrings and in the top hole she wears a small pair of tanzanite or onyx studs. She also has the cartilage of her left ear pierced, and she wears a small diamond stud in it. Depending on her outfit, you can also see that she has her navel pierced. She wears a silver barbell with pale purple (faux tanzanite) stones and a butterfly drop in it.

She has a small silver star tattooed just above her left hip bone on her stomach.


Winter: Dark blue low rise, boot-cut jeans, brown Uggs, a teal v-neck sweater

Spring/Fall: Black, off-the-shoulder tee, washed out light blue low rise flared jeans, black ballet flats with purple accents.

Summer: v-neck purple halter top, short black skirt and black strappy heels

Digital World: Purple strapless top that bells out under her bust line and has a sharp diagonal hemline starting an inch below the bust line on the left side of her top, and ending two inches below her hip on the right (the rest of her stomach is left bare) A pair of low rise faded blue jeans and black cuffed hunting boots (see


Habbits/Hobbies: Reading, Writing and Sketching. She loves to learn about Greek mythology and history, and plans to go to university to become a classical archaeologist.

Likes: Shopping, Books, Boys, Fashion, Sports (american football, hockey, tennis, archery, rock climbing), attention.

Dislikes: digidestined fighting each other. Haters, people who think they're better than everyone else, the cold.

Personality: She sweet and caring, and a total flirt. She values BlackTailmon above all else.

Crush(s): Yamato 'Matt' Ishida and Ryo Akiyama


She met the rest of the gang through Mimi, who she met back when the digidestined moved to America. It was not until after the encounter with MaloMyotismon that she became a digidestined. When she was visiting the digital world alone one day, she ran into Ryo, who helped her to train and become a better digidestined. She has visited Japan a few times with Mimi, and met the other Digidestined when she was there.


Digivice: Her 02-styled Digivice has a Black body with purple grips and accents

Crest(s): Truth ( Looks like a scripted lower-case Gamma [3rd letter in the Greek alphabet]), Honor (A crescent moon eclipsing the sun (rays of sun can be seen along the outer edge of the crescent)


Personality: In general, BlackTailmon is sweet and protective. Despite being a Virus-type digimon, she is genuine and fights more to protect than harm. Eva is her world and she would be devastated if anything happened to her.

Baby: Yukimi Botamon

In-Training: Nyaromon

Rookie: Plotmon

Champion: BlackTailmon

Armour: Erismon -or- Sirenamon

Ultimate: LadyDevimon -or- Bastemon

Mega: Lilithmon -or- AncientSphinxmon


Digi-Egg of Truth - Erismon: Holy Angel Digimon. A humanoid digimon with long black hair. She wears a greek peplos of black material in a high-girdled chiton (aka - empire waist) style. She has a gold, armor breast plate, as well as guards on her arms and legs. Her digi-egg looks like a large apple (gold in colour) with the crest of Truth carved into it.

Attacks: Deadly Discordia - throws a golden apple amongst her foes, which can either explode or release a nauxious gas putting them to sleep. Strife Strike - purple plasma energy sprouts from her fingers and she slashes her foes. Hellenas Destroyer - Creates a ring of lavender flames around her foes that slowly grow smaller. Goddess' Glory - Fires a volly of energy arrows at her foes.

Digi-Egg of Honor - Sirenamon: Fairy Digimon. A humanoid aquatic digimon. Her skin is pale and her hair is a light shade of aquamarine and falls to her knees. Her attire is similar to that of Zephyrmon, however it is a rich blue steel colour and her arms and legs are bare. She has metal gloves that reach her elbows, with thin membraned fins. Similarly, she has fins fashioned as a skirt about her waist. Her legs and transform into a sleek silver tail when she is in water.

Attacks: Siren's Song - sickly sweet melody disorients her victim. Kelp Kage - a static blue net traps her victim. Tsunami Torrent - Her opponent is Struck with a strong jet of water. Current Crusher - shoots jets of water from her fingertips at her foes.
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