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CrossoverxToxThexDarkxSide chapter 3 . 4/3/2011

Adding to my OC

Shes reallly skinny because shes very athletic. Her Digivice is neon green ad black instead.

Hope she gets chosen!
MegaBlastDragon chapter 2 . 4/1/2011
Yay! Its great to see you back! Work hard, eat right, sleep tight, fly a kite, and update soon! And expect a new Oc for me.
NovelistOfTheSky chapter 2 . 4/1/2011
ah my crack like story is back :P Good to see you updating again XD Really good chapter, you've improved. Apart from using "Pail" instead of "pale" there were no mistakes that I could notice at all. Really good work dude.

Lucas makes his debut XD Is Amy going to appear soon?:P Look forward to more very soon dude, keep up the great work.
Kairi Avalon chapter 2 . 3/31/2011
Name: Zoey Kurosaki

Nationality: Japanese/American

Age: same age as Jaden

Gender: female

Appearance: Zoey has long black hair with red streaks in them and sapphire eyes. She has sided bangs and her hair in up in a ponytail but when sleeping her hair is down.(Note: Her hair style is like Gwen in Ben 10 when she is a teen)She is normal height, size, and weight for her age. She has pale fair skin and skinny for someone who love to eat.

Clothing: Zoey wear a black short sleeves shirt and a short sleeves red jacket. Brown gloves, dark blue jeans, and a silver pendant she got from her mom. She has a black and white sneakers on. She was a baseball hat.(you can decided on the color and the other stuff you want the hat to look like)

Family: dad(Asuma)digimon partner UlforceVeedramon/he is a professional photographer/her manger/has his own gallery, older brother(Samuel aka Sam)digimon partner ExVeemon/seven years old than Zoey, Golden Retriever(Yuki/male), cat(Miki/female)-live in a big two story house with a big kitchen, garage, a garden(full of flowers), five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a big yard.

Personality: Zoey is a mayor tomboy who is cheerful, mischievous, adventurous, courageous, kind, independent, & outgoing, She is also energetic, cheerful & bit short tempered but she has a sensitive side & a sweet side. She is caring towards her family and friends. Zoey is very athletic and a bit of a loner. She is tough so make sure don't get on her bad side. She is always there when her friends or family needs her. She has a particular fondness for food, especially noodles; when someone steals her food, she gets angered from head to toe. She is also stubborn and a good friend. She has a strong will and determination. She can be a bit sarcastic but has a sense of humor. She has a strong sense of justice. Never back down from a fight and always keep going. She is a good friend and loves to have fun but get serious when things are serious. She keep her feeling to herself and never cry in front of others. Sometimes she prefer to be alone by herself. She dislike girly girls stuff like dresses, skirt, etc. It is hard for her to open her feelings up. She is like Rika without all the attitude.

History: Zoey is a popular rock star who loss her mom when she was seven years old. Her dad is her manger. Sonia loss her mom from a disease that made her critically illness. That made her mom stay in bed a lot. She met Jaden when they were in kindergarten and she was pick on by bullies. She received her digimon when she was only six years old and her partner was In-Training. She became a rock star two year back but still go to school because her dad want to be educated and to be any normal kid. She take martial arts and gymnastics when she was six. She got a black belt when she was ten. She is a girl with many talents.

Digimon: Renamon or Gaomon

Digivice: dark blue/silvler

Others: Zoey is as a excellent singing voice, write her own songs from her heart, and plays the guitar plus the piano, harmonica, and the saxophone. She also a excellent cook, excellent gamer, and a great martial artist/gymnastics. She also knows how to surf, skateboard, and also in the girls' soccer team plus the girlsā€˜ basketball team. She is very close to her dad. She and Jaden has a brother and sister relationship but she does get jealous when another female go flit with him. Sonia and her digimon has close relationship. She has a close bond with her dad, brother, cat, dog, Jaden, and her digimon. She likes sweets and she is an excellent artist. She knows how to pant, draw and sketch. Like Rika, she is the Digimon Queen and she seem to have a secret crush on Jaden but would admit it to herself or to anyone. She mostly has male friends than female friends.

If you want anything change PM me and if you want the digimon personality to. Great story, hope to read more.
Dowski chapter 2 . 3/31/2011
Welcome back! Great to see another story up! :P Hurry up and write more! (Btw, i had gotten two more chapter out here last week on the same day. Been stuck ever since DX)
CrossoverxToxThexDarkxSide chapter 2 . 3/31/2011
Name: Danielle (Dani) Pennykettle

Nationality: American

Age: 14,

Gender: female

Hair: Brown hair to her waist with light green highlights

Eyes: Very dark brown eyes (I have no idea what to call it)

Clothing: She wears a green tshirt with various sayings. She also wears stained jeans (no rips) or Jean shorts. Her digivice on her belt holding her jeans up (because she's so skinny) and white and black tennis shoes

Pjs: A green dress shirt with skulls and crossbones and pants.

Family: she lives with her Mom, Dad, and younger sister.

History: She lived a normal Life, but not without her problems. She is lucky enough to just make ends

Meet with a roof over her head. She would be relentlessly teased because she wasn't popular and she is very weird since she hung out with mostly boys.

Digimon History: Sitting on the beach, a large green and white egg washed up on shore. She brought it home, and it soon hatched. She was really excited to find out its a Digi-Egg.

Digimon Personality: He keeps her from being too serious and is a total jokester.

Personality: (Give three sentences at the least, please) She's very perky and tries to keep the mode light. She's a total tomboy, always fighting for what she believes, even if it's wrong. She's headstrong and determinded. She will fight till the end to protect the ones she loves. She can get very serious, and this causes her to zone out, and not listen to what people around her are saying. This causes her to forget stuff, and get her in trouble. Shes not afraid to try something new, and is very openminded. She can out run most boys and out climb. She loves to play sports and hang out with the boys. She loves to surf and read. Her weaknesses are she can be shy and she's not very good with her social skills

Digimon: Terriermon,

Digivolution Line: Gummymon, Terriermon, Gargomon, Rapidmon, Megagargomon

Accessories: Large brown sunglasses, A green hairband to keep her hair out of her way, and a Australian cowboy hat (google it)

Digivice: Green D-Power with blue ring and red band
MegaBlastDragon chapter 1 . 1/21/2011
Good job man,can't wait to read more and you already know I'm bringing Leya back for a reappearance (with updated stats), but if this takes place when all the characters from Return of Darkness are older here is my other OC and Leya's daughter:

Clarissa "Rissa" Hayato

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Looks: She's 5'0 with short, dark brown hair tanned skin and light brown eyes.

Clothes: She wears a dark blue t-shirt with the kanji character for fire on it, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. She also wears Leya's silver heart necklace, which was given to her when she first got Sunmon.

Partner(All stages): Sunmon, Coronamon, Firamon, Flaremon, Apollomon

Personality: Clarissa tends to have a fiery attitude when she is angry or frustrated, but she is usually very energetic and friendly. Like her mother, Clarissa will give up anything to protect the ones she loves.

Coronamon: He is much like Clarissa, though he tends to be more mischievous than her. Even in a tough situation, Coronamon manages to keep his cool and stay optimistic. And if he starts to get on Clarissa's nerves(or if she needs a good laugh) she will call him 'Rona' which he hates. When called that he will rave about the fact that he is not a girl so therefor he shouldn't be called 'Rona'. But when it comes down to the wire, Coronamon would give his life to protect Clarissa.

History: When Clarissa was 7, Her family moved to Tokyo from Chicago. With her parents already knowing about the Digital World and Digimon, they would take regular vacations there. One day, Clarissa wandered away from a picnic her family was having to a nearby cave. She began hearing noises coming from the cave and went to explore it out of curiosity. Upon entering the cave, she sees a Sunmon being chased by a group of Kunemon. Not wanting the little Digimon to get hurt, Clarissa picks up Sunmon and runs towards the exit only to be stopped by two Flymon and a Okuwamon. Sunmon digivolves to Coronamon to try and protect Clarissa. Luckily, Komodomon SM finds them and makes quick work of the bug trio. Clarissa is then given her Digivice(which had mysteriously appeared at the picnic area)and the heart necklace by her mom.

Anything Else: Clarissa and Coronamon love eating ramen, watching Full Metal Alchemist(or any actiony anime), and her Digivice has the kanji-fire symbol inside of a heart on the back.

That's 'bout it and if you want to use Leya PM me and I'll give you her new stats.
Dowski chapter 1 . 1/20/2011
Very nice. And of course, you can still use my character. He'll still seem about 18 (being mostly digital and being the Child of Life does that). I can either be support or big fighter, lol. I have an updated OC description on my profile, and hope you take a look at my what I have rewritten for my story so far.

NovelistOfTheSky chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
Hey man, really good opening chapter. It went straight into it and got out just enough detail to keep someone hooked. Well done. Do you need me to send you the data sheet on Will and his new abilities at this time period? Plus you can use "Lucas" as well now. Anyway, keep up the good work, let me know if you need the sheets.
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
Here's my OC

Name: Dylan Blake

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: 6'0, peach skin tone. Slightly muscular, mid-back length dreadlocked blonde-brown hair with ocean blue eyes. Usually seen with a backpack with a skateboard in it.

Clothes: Denim jeans, a Slayer "Reign In Blood" t-shirt oddly enough and black running shoes.

Digimon: Guilmon, Veemon, Ryuudamon

Guilmon: Gigimon, Guilmon, Growlmon, WarGrowlmon, Gallantmon

Veemon: Chibomon, DemiVeemon, Veemon, Veedramon, AeroVeedramon, UlforceVeedramon

Ryuudamon: Fufumon, Kyokyomon, Ryuudamon, Ginryumon, Hisyarumon, OwRyuumon

Dorumon: Dodomon, Dorimon, Dorumon, Dorugamon, Dorugreymon, Alphamon

Personality: Seth, although he is a slacker, pretends to be so in order to catch people off guard. He's actually quite intelligent. He definitely has a sense of adventure and is quite brave, which kind of causes him to do remarkably stupid things.

Guilmon: Dylan and Guilmon would get along quite well, albeit with some slight disagreements. Quite playful, but will protect Dylan.

Veemon: Has a very similar personality to his appearance in Adventure 02. Regards Dylan as his brother of sorts.

Ryuudamon: Has a very strong sense of justice/honour. Something which Dylan mightn't always agree with.

Dorumon: Curious about the world around him. Main priority though would be to protect Dylan.

History: Originally from New York, but his parents divorced when he was about 12-13 and his dad (Cyrus) who is a physics professor and physicist got a job in a university in Tokyo. He opened a pathway to another world via a computer in his house, which resulted in him gaining his own digivice

Anything else: Has an iTouch and listens to metal. Definitely a fan of comic books. Also an avid action movie fan and can do a pretty good Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation.
James95 chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
Okay, no probs. Good story idea too. Here's two OCs

Name: Chris Bennett

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: 6'1, pale skin, slim with some muscle, ear length straight black hair and sapphire blue eyes.

Clothes: Dark red Tshirt, white hoody, black jeans and brown hiking boots

Digimon(3 or 4 incase others put the same ones): Dorumon preferably, Impmon or Commandramon.

Dorumon: Dodomon, Dorimon, Dorumon, Dorugamon, Dorugreymonn, Alphamon

Impmon: Kiimon, Yaamon, Impmon, Devimon, Neodevimon, Beelzemon

Commandramon: Bommon (not 2010 version), missimon, Commandramon, Sealsdramon, Tankdramon, Darkdramon

Personality: Chris has been known to be the nice kid, the one that would help people on virtually anything. The problem is that he is very shy and gets scared pretty easily. If he sbaps though prepare to be brutally, metaphorically murdered. He is very loyal and will always ytry to be there for his friends.

Dorumon: He is a very playful little guy and is very curious about the world. However his best interests are protecting Chris no matter what. He has a polite nature but is a tad too musical.

Impmon: He is the bad boy, being rude, obnoxious and lazy. However he has a kind heart and will protect Chris with his life.

Commandramon: Regards Chris as his general, cargo and frind who he protects at all costs.

History: Being of English origin in Japan Chris and his sister Grace were bullied because of their accents. They live in a very big apartment with more than enough room for them, their mother Coleen, father Alexander, baby brother Oliver and their cat Frankie. One day when Chris was being picked on by some of the other kids seven years ago when his partner attacked them. After he awoke he saw it treating his wounds with a digivice next to him. Chris' family accepted his partner sigimon and it became a part of the family

Anything else: He likes singing music by Gaga, Britney Spears, P!nk, the Saturdays, Evanescence and Rihanna with the voice for it

Name: Grace Bennett

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Appearance: 5'4, pale skin, hazel eyes with long straight blonde hair which reaches down to the small of her back

Clothes: White lace top, navy blue jeggings (jean leggings), navy blue converses and a light blue denim jacket.

Digimon(3 or 4 in case others put the same ones): Candlemon or BlackGatomon

Candlemon: Mokumon, Demimeramon, Candlemon, Wizardmon, Mistymon, Dynasmon

BlackGatomon: Puttimon, Nyaromon, Salamon, BlackGatomon, LadyDevimon, Lillithmon

Personality: Grace is really the nice girl of the group but unlike her brother she is very confident and not afraid to have a good whack at some spiteful little cow. She is very friendly but cross her once and you will probably die.

Candlemon: A very shy but brainy dude who prefers to be in his Wizardmon form nine times out of ten, he only wishes to protect Grace and find out whow they put the jam in Jammy Dodgers.

BlackGatomon: Like any feline this moggy is a little lazy by nature but really she is a real girly girl who will protect her friends no matter what as long as she gets her catnip. She hates being called a witch and hates her sister Angewomon.

History: Being Chris' younger sister Grace has always been seen as living in Chris' shadow as his grades were always better than her's. One day she went to a friend's house and when she got back she saw a digimon passed out on her doorstep, she nured them back to health and to repay their debt that digimon became her partner.

Anything else: She loves to act, sing and street dance.


Belka Chernavka chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
I would love to submit an OC to you, but is there a specific form I must follow? Please reply to this review and I'll pm you an OC. :)
rc 1121 chapter 1 . 1/18/2011
Hey dude good to see you again, I've managed to get alittle more creative with my chracters this time around so here you go, and I will review Return of darkness in a little bit.

Oh can you do me a favor, can you tell Novelist in the SKy to help review/Critque the redone chapters of this guys story? s/6636409/2/Digimon_OC_adventures, thanks.

Name: Arel Terra

Gender: Male

Age: (Between 8 and 16) 12

Looks: He is 4/9 with tan skin and choclate brown eye's. He wears oval glasses and has Blackish-Brown hair that has a cow lick and goes down to his neck and a large claw like scar on his back.

Clothes: He wears a white undershirt and a green unbuttoned overshirt, khaki brown shorts with flip-flops and a green ushanka and fingerless leather gloves.

Digimon: (List 3 or 4 in case someone else puts the same one.) Liollmon(Oc digimon)

All stages: Tsunomon , Liollmon, Liamon, GrapLeomon ,BanchoLeomon

Personality: Arel is known slacker and will generally avoid doing any work or heavy thinking unless he has to, despite this when he does work or plan, he is able to almost anything with great efficiency. He generally acts like a big brother to most people he knows and will sacrifice anything to protect them. He also is giant nerd in video games, anime, manga, comics(can he make references in the story?) and takes no shame in this and is a small pervert but he is afraid of bugs because of what happened to him when he first went to the digtal world(as in freeze up and go pale afraid.). He is a competent boxer and planner and treats Liollmon like brother rather then a partner ,but he has a vitrolic realtionship with him.

Liollmon- He is extremely hotheaded and is easily angered, to the point where it can be suicidal. He however is also a heavy sleeper and a big eater despite his size and is a very generous an kind ally to those that know him. He enjoys a good fight,but will not actively look for because he is so lazy and will usualy spare his opponenet unless they are either evil or unhonorable

History: Arel had orinigally lived in Chicago with his grandpa Agustus Terra, who owns a boxing clinic because his parents had died in a car crash. When he was 6 he was playing on the computer, he got a message saying "come to the digital world" and was transported there. Soon after going there he had met with Tsunomon who scared him into runnning right into a Kuwagamon who gave him the scars on his back and was about to kill him only to have Tsunomon rescue him by digivoling into Liollmon and Arel gaining his own digivice, but he blacked out right after the battle and woke up back in his room thinking it was just a dream. he then finds out that Tsunomon and his digivice came back with him and went to his grandfather to explain what happened and he believed him. For the next six years, the three of them have lived together and eventually meets the other tamers/digidestined through unknown means.

Anything else: He has an I-touch and primarly listens to Blue Oyster Cult, Beatles and Black Sabbath and his favorite show is Cowboy Bebop.

He has a catchpharse of saying "This is gonna suck!"
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