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lillelouis chapter 16 . 2/23/2014

God, this was awesome. Love Dean realizing that Cas can be devious, knowing what we know about that season, but never really considering it beyond that.

Well done.
samwinchester83 chapter 14 . 6/20/2013
Awesome story. I loved it but (this is just my opinion) but I didn't think you needed to keep repeating the chapters with the other person's view. Just my opinion though, apart from that I thought the story was great - perfect even!
Maz101 chapter 16 . 9/25/2011
Congratulations on your story. I have enjoyed it throughout. You have just been so very, very thorough in your examination of all those emotions. Every side of every characters' reactions and interactions and motivations has been laid bare and described so well. So much healing - you're like a counsellor!

I can absolutely picture Cas in this - sitting there with his smug smile, bless him. Guess you've seen the premier now - we're going to miss that Cas aren't we.

Thanks for a great read.
T.L. Arens chapter 16 . 9/24/2011
A nice and fitting end. :) I'm glad you finished the story! In a way, it makes me feel good to read of Castiel as not the caniving, scheming angel who later ends up possessed-I'm so sad over that I can't voice it. :( But this story just fits cannon so snugly! Thank you for such a good tale!
pandora jazz chapter 16 . 9/23/2011
I like your description of Bobby and how much he means to Dean and Sam.

I'm still not sure I like how Castiel handled this situation between Bobby and Sam, though it helped the guys work out their issues, but Castiel still kept his plan a secret from Dean. Yet I enjoyed the ending of your story.

My favorite line was Dean's thought while driving back with Castiel in the passenger seat. 'If it had been Sam riding in the passenger seat it could have been a comfortable silence, born of long years of companionship.' That is how I like to picture the brothers, traveling the backroads together in the Impala looking for the next hunt.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Also thanks for the final chapter, not many writers today finish their stories.

I hope you enjoyed the new episode.

Until next time, take care.
angeleyenc chapter 16 . 9/23/2011
loved it! oh cas you sneaky nerd angel! hehe!
twomom chapter 16 . 9/23/2011
Loved this! And so glad you got it finished! Thanks so much.
T.L. Arens chapter 15 . 7/6/2011
Ooooh... devious Cas! Naughty! If Dean were something more powerful than a mere human, Cas would probably find himself imprinted into a wall. Not nice to mess with Sammy's big brother! I had almost forgotten this story! So I'm really glad for the update and I'm glad to hear that your delay was not due to anything tragic. Congrats on the new job!
pandora jazz chapter 15 . 7/5/2011
I'm glad that you were able to get your computer working again. Thanks for the new update.

It was nice that Castiel finally told Dean the truth about the hunt. I'll admit I understand what Castiel was trying to accomplish between Bobby and Sam and it seems to have fixed things between them based off the last chapter, but for some reason I ended up being upset with Castiel for having another secret from Dean. I think mainly because Castiel made another decision concerning Sam without asking Dean. It is similar to when Castiel (and Bobby) decided to not tell Dean that Sam was alive after his return from hell.

You did a wonderful job with your short chapter. I was surprised I got so irritated with Castiel, so good job.

I am looking forward to Dean and Sam reuniting, though according Castiel, Dean wasn't helping his brother get better, so unsure what Dean is going to do now.

Congratulations! on your promotion at work.

Thanks for sharing another chapter with us.

I've enjoyed reading your story.

Until next time, take care.
zekeschance chapter 15 . 7/5/2011
Oh yes, the secrets that Cas is keeping! Loved imagining Dean's face during this chapter. So good to hear that things are settling down for you and you're continuing with this story. Thank you so much.
angeleyenc chapter 15 . 7/5/2011
plz update! knew dean would be pissed.. poor dean! *hugs dean & sammy*
Angel chapter 14 . 6/30/2011
Please, you have to upload a new chapter soon

I can't wait anymore
x.lizzy.x chapter 12 . 4/28/2011
"That would be inefficient. This was much faster, and none of you needed to get up to let me in."

lol Cas cracks me up...he's so literal

ahh, Cas and his air it! Lol

"Bobby had made a lonely little boy feel special with his request for Sam's help, even though he was fairly sure he had actually only slowed the mechanic down."

aww! that's so sweet!

aww :( poor Sam...he's remembering things now :(

good job! I liked it :D
missmarina95 chapter 14 . 4/28/2011
Yay update! I loved sam's perspective on this whole thing, and Cas! He is a genuis, he totally planned that. Loved the end, excellent and funny! Hope you update soon, this a great story!
zekeschance chapter 14 . 4/27/2011
I'm so glad that things are settling down for you. It was good to get Sam's POV along with Bobby's. And then it was Cas all along? Too cute! This has been an amazing story. Thanks so much!
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