Reviews for Evanesco
missmatchedromantic chapter 1 . 11/9/2011
Great story! I'd love to see this extended into a multi-chapter fic.
Edainwen chapter 1 . 10/4/2011
oh i love it... realmente me encanto. x) me gusto muchísimo la situación ... is so sad... tan tristemente ilustrada. me sorprende lo grande del cariño de ron porque siempre me pareció la amistad mas condicional de Harry... uggg no se pero como quisiera volver en el tiempo para saber si siempre me molesto ron o si es porque me encanta Malfoy... x) soy Draco fanática xD

pero realmente me encanto esta historia con ron... i'm a Draco Fan! but this is the second history that i read... and both were greats! xD so i must ...maybe be a DracoxRon fanatic xDDD thaks to you i have betrayed Harry TT-TT ohh no! i like more the Drarry Harry.. don't cry! Malfoy is Your... usually xDDDD

thank for this... see you! Edainwen
RideEmLikeACowboyJazzy chapter 1 . 4/4/2011
First off I must let you know that I really enjoyed reading this story. I liked it. I actually wish that the story was not finished. I wish it had many more chapters. I like your Draco and your Ron. I love how they are lovers and love how Ron how Mr. Malfoy doesn't seem to mind a Weasley in his home, let alone fucking his son. Though I wished you wrote a scene with Mr. Malfoy...and perhaps the journalist interview him...I'd think one of the first people the journalist would want to speak with, about Ron in a relationship with Draco Malfoy would be Lucius Malfoy. Non death eater, pureblood who hated the Weasleys with a passion and his son is being fucked by one constantly...they are lovers and all. So I was hoping you had that scene in the story but oh well...I loved that dog in heat comment it was amusing as fuck! And I like how ROn didn't beat Draco up or break up with him or hate him for what Draco did because Ron beggged him to do it...I'm also surprised nobody left you a review until me. THere used to be hundreds of Ron and Draco I barely see any Draco and Ron stories. Its sad...and you deserve some comments letting us all know we love your story...write another draco and ron story sometime pleaase