Reviews for Brian's Encounter w Becca & Her Book Girl Conf
Gator's Lass chapter 1 . 10/24/2015
As I said before you can communicate better like others and I will consider writing a story when you join and we can PM. Your comments need to be placed on the right fan fiction show stories, please. The tampon string and fart may be doable.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/24/2015
toby spanks spencer. its in the middle of a clothing store and he tells her to cooperate because the store is empty for now but the longer it takes the more likely people will witness it. she refuses and he decides oh well. just as hes tugging her into place while she fights against him, Andrew Campbell walks in. when she sees Andrew she flips out even more and toby threatens if she doesn't cooperate, Andrew will see her get more than a smack over her leggings. she kicks him so toby has had it and pulls her over his lap, starting the spanking on her thighs to make her stop kicking. it only works marginally and he takes it to the next step, he tucks his fingers into the waistband of her leggings and spencer, realizing what hes doing, cries out but he continues, pulling her leggings to the middle of her thighs. shes thrashing as he lays a few hard smacks to the middle of her behind and he pulls the leggings down further, now to her knees. hes dragging it out as long as he can. finally, he lays three hard smacks on each cheek, puts his hand on the middle of her back to hold her down and grabs the seat of her panties, tugging them downwards, inch by inch, until her pale butt is exposed to the world and Andrew. toby takes his pointer finger and touches her crack, pushing in a little to separate the now very naked cheeks. then he lowers her underwear further until its at her knees, and he resumes his punishment, smacking her flesh until t reaches a medium pink. he planned on doing part at the store, part at home, but then decides to do it all at the store. he spanks each side individually before he once again, dips his finger in her crack, this time running his finger down the length of her butt crack, spreading her cheeks and exposing her petals of her bottom hole and showing Andrew and himself her private flower. toby lowers her leggings and underwear further to her ankles, and repeats the separation of her cheeks, exposing her to the cold air. shes freaking out but toby remains cool and finally resumes the spanking. he goes until her butt is a dark pink, alternating each cheek and sit spot. finally he dips his fingers into her crack, and spreads her cheeks far apart, to spank one fully then move onto the other. spence cries out but toby doesn't stop until shes quit fighting and just lays there. then he lifts her up, stands her in front of him, pulls her underwear up and then her leggings but not before Andrew gets an entire view of her nakedness.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/23/2015
Spencer walks in on Ezra spanking Aria and laughs and Ezra calls Toby and tells him so Toby takes Spencer and spanks her in front of Lorenzo. He sits down, pulls her leggings down her legs to her calves then he pulls her undies down much to her chargin before telling her to lie down over his lap. He rubs her butt for a minute before starting and punches her bare skin, testing it for feeling and he has Lorenzo sit by her to hold her legs down so she can't kick but when he starts spanking she squirms now instead. she bounces her butt around and wiggles around so she is exposing her lips to Lorenzo's view and Toby asks how it feels to be exposed in front of others and how'd it feel if Lorenzo laughed. She cries and Toby continues to spank her and she's hysterical until he finally doesn't have the heart to continue. He immediately picks her up and stands her up asking her if she's sorry. She says yes so he takes her into his arms and comforts her extensively
Guest chapter 1 . 10/23/2015
au where spencer got arrested in 515 and toby gets her from a concerence room and takes her to a back room and puts her over his lap and begins to spank her and then tells her to go apologize and clear things up with the other officers and she refuses and dares him to punish her further so he takes her to the lobby and sits on a bench and lowers her jeans and then puts her over his lap again and bares her bottom for all to see and spanks her
wandamarie chapter 1 . 1/22/2011
wow it is a good one thanks