Reviews for Six Signers
Guest chapter 50 . 11/2
Dude please continue
Xyoras chapter 20 . 10/22
My idea for 5ds shipping
CrowXSherry (that French chick from the final season tournament)
Just cause I feel that they need someone,
Xyoras chapter 7 . 10/22
Yusei leo Luna and Akiza have to be the four finalists
Yusei vs Akiza
Leo vs Luna
Korambu chapter 1 . 9/16
Good job, it's very interesting and pleasant to read !
I love the character of Leo and so love this fiction !
I hope that this fanfiction is not abandoned, I would like to know the following !
Zoroarkhunter chapter 50 . 9/10
Since my boyfriend likes this anime, I got him to read this entire thing. From what he said and quoting his sorry ass, he stated while in the neither world why not have Leo meet the spirit of an earthbound immortal who tried to stop his brethren. His name was Aku and he was sealed by Scar Red Nova, he is in the form of a dragon
bloody dragon fang chapter 50 . 9/4
To save Leo, why not have the spirits "Cyberdark Horns", "Cyberdark Edge" & "Cyberdark Keel" or even better "Cyberdark Dragon" save him from the neither world since they use dark power to reach into the neither world, most likely it would be a favor to Cyber end dragon or even any of the cyber dragons. Another part of me tells that "Van'Dalgyon The Dark Dragon Lord" would come to Leo offering him a hand to salvation, in exchange Leo has to defeat Roman using him.
Guest chapter 43 . 8/21
dude please keep going
Rogue Deity Master chapter 50 . 8/20
signerleo chapter 50 . 8/19
nice work I rally want see what happen ensxy hoopfull leo find way safe him slef and the only way I can think for that to happen is lighton monster
Nirvash Neo chapter 50 . 8/17
my guess is that Leo will use Morphtronic Lantron's ability to save him self
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 50 . 8/17
Really hoping he uses Morphtronic Lantraun!
Nirvash Neo chapter 2 . 8/13
I'm likeing this story! keep it up!
Jackson chapter 50 . 8/10
Awesome job. Hurry up and create the next chapter.
Guest chapter 50 . 8/4
morphtronic lantron will help him beacause in the anime once per duel if this card is in defense mode your life points reach 0 (either toss a coin or have the light be green instead of yellow) it'll make your life points be 100
Shelly Marsh chapter 47 . 8/3
Alright I'm gonna say it. This story is and has been awesome since I first read it the first time it updated and I'm starting currently to recognize Leo as a Mary Sue(ish) type ( Marty Stu but Mary Sue sounded better when describing Leo) think about it he's atop notch duelist prodigy, he makes friends with almost everyone he meets .He's intelligent and wise beyond his years and has his own flaws still acts like a kid and still acts like a 17 year old bad a**. I'm just saying
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