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PDXWiz chapter 5 . 1/31/2011
Hmm, he must be a good boss, he's worried about two of his employees.

Leslie's right about both Ingrid and Darius: No telling what Ingrid's plans are, and Paloma will likely move there to be with Darius.

That's right. It's been just ONE date for Darius and Paloma. And Ingrid probably will be here until the kids get into school. And there's the triplets: I bet she likes them as much as they like her.

Wow... bombshell. Divorce is a drastic step...but Arthur has seen the light, and is willing to accept what he's seen and to broaden his horizons. Wisely, he accepts that their supervisors wanted them to come there in an effort to wake them up. They were probably unpleasant to work with. Efficient, maybe, but not outstanding researchers.

And that is an interesting question: would Roarke let the New Zealanders take seeds home in an effort to get the seeds to take elsewhere so he could research them and perhaps come up with a cure for the common cold?

Whoa...Veronica wants to APOLOGIZE to Leslie and Christian? There's hope for her yet... :)

Wonderful news for the Lincolns...they just might wind up a family after all of this :)

Good, Mr. Hartiswoode is going to take some of the material back to study. And yes, it really does look like the plant cured his daughter of her cold.

Ah, yes, their attitude might just be changed...and perhaps Arthur could be a future research partner and even friend someday?

Good idea. If the boyfriend comes here, they can spend time together and try to figure things out. On the other hand, you do realize, Jonathan will probably go to that Valentine's Day party as well, see them, and be jealous or sad (until he meets somebody there, hint hint LOL).

Wow...SIX YEARS? Time flies when you are happy together...

I sure do hope they make some other couples happy! That is probably one of the things Roarke enjoys most about his work. True, he *is* an encourageable romantic...but he's also an incorrigible romantic as well.

Wow! That teaser sounds awesome! I can't wait! ! ! !

Great chapter and wonderful story. I'm sorry for Jonathan, but he'll find someone else...he's a young pup. I really hope Darius and Paloma click all the way to the aisle!

jtbwriter chapter 5 . 1/30/2011
Well, there's hope for the Lincolns yet! I thought the "divorce" idea was drastic-but what a turn of events to have the father be the one willing to change first! Thanks for another mouse-turner! I look forward to the next romantic trip to the island!:)
Harry2 chapter 5 . 1/29/2011
Well, I am glad to see that both sides of the Lincoln family are weilling to talk and work things out. Hopefully, this will let them see that not everything is black and white where reality is concerned.

And the idea of a Valentines Day party sounds SMASHING! Bring it on!
PDXWiz chapter 4 . 1/28/2011
Yay, a new chapter!

Good dialog, especially Roarke's treating the subject seriously, as though he was a scientist himself. Which of course, he is, but you know what I mean...probably. LOL

Oh, okay, not gonna sue. That's a good idea (and they probably reasoned it out that same way as Roarke did). Interesting tooth marks, though.

Nylon...hmm, didn't know that one. I knew about aspartame and penicillin. Amazin', huh? Wonder where they thought everything came from. Around since forever?

Wow, that's a great speech! The Serendipity Soliloquy, I shall call it!

Ahh, the New Zealanders! And just how do they know their discovery will cure the common cold? Great if it did, though...

Branton Hartiswoode of Invercargill, South Island, New Zealand...great name for him, great place to be from!

Oh no! She had a bad reaction...

Yuck...bad sunburn! Poor Caryll...(but neat name, though). Very good dialogue for her!

Good dialogue between all parties again...and thanks for healing her so quickly, Roarke!

Nice line! "Look for possibilities in unexpected places."

Good, he's coming along would be interesting if he apologized to Hartiswoode and formed a partnership somehow. In the way, however, is Veronica's stupid and hateful attitude. Maybe she's the reason he is the way he is and why their daughter was forced into extreme logic.

Yup, Christian is a computer genius, and I'm glad he has fixed her laptop so quickly.

Jealous of Leslie's happiness and having found someone, but now that she's found Darius... :)

Small green rats? What's up with that?

ELVES? Oh, wow, forgot about that possibility! LOL!

What a rude lady! Oh, she REALLY needs a triple dose of comeuppance! Hmph! would she know who Damian and Paloma are? The news, I guess. But I am surprised she would know them. Leslie and Christian, that's one thing. Very world-famous now.

Yay! Darius is gonna be good for Paloma and vice versa, and I'm glad he and Christian are friends! Thank you for all of that!

Whammo! Bringing out the love concept... Great job working on her, Leslie! And she's speechless...and maybe thinking about love...I can't tell if she loves her husband, although I think she might love her daughter.

Great chapter and I hope the muse helps you make more! :)

Gordon, looking forward to the day that Darius and Paloma get married :)
jtbwriter chapter 4 . 1/28/2011
Boy-what a horrendous mother Veronica Lincoln is! She is very lucky Sylvia didn't inherit her snotty attitude-Leslie should have hauled off and slapped her! LOL! What a turn of events with Paloma-thanks! Now what?:)
Harry2 chapter 4 . 1/28/2011
I think that Mr. Lincoln is starting to open up his mind, which is good. But Mrs. Lincoln may need something dropped on her to open her mind up!
Harry2 chapter 3 . 1/27/2011
These parents are going to be tough nuts to crack! They REFUSE to take what is fantasy as possible reality! I think Mr. Roarke is going to have to resort to some serious work to get these two to truly believe!
LadyMarianne123 chapter 3 . 1/27/2011
I'm really not liking that couple of skeptics. I've seen their kind all too often. And of course it never will occur to them to wonder why their employeers were so avid to get them to go on this trip. They would be appalled to discover they are not considered as "important" in their research field as they think they are. I feel for the little girl - and she's not even real G! By all means - let them try to sue. I can just imagine the reaction of a judge hearing "A Centaur bit me!" He'd probably have the kid snatched up and put in a foster home before the words were out of their mouths.
PDXWiz chapter 3 . 1/27/2011
Yay! Tobias likes cheese and papaya-he rocks!

Yeah, that's right, only Walt covered the girls up. Amusingly, with things like clam shells. I can't recall if there were any in Fantasia or Pinocchio, but there definitely were some in Peter Pan...and they either got dressed or had the hair over-the-chest-style. They got away with a lot on the girl centaurs in Fantasia; I think they had to resort to a kind of lei...

Yes. In fact, it is quite clear that Sylvia is wiser in her little finger than both of her parents put togeter...and more so than the bulk of Roarke's clientele over the decades!

Yes...welcome to the 'inner circle' indeed, Christian! chortle, chortle...

Horseback riding out near the stables...a good chance to go meet a centaur. Now, on the other hand, they can have endowment both male a female alike, so that could backfire...LOL

Ah, Paloma! Rats, too bad she couldn't see her friends. Maybe later...

So, Paloma has met someone who can accept her for herself, not celebrity...because Christian's been through that since about forever! LOL

Yay, her friends are here...and with a computer?

Ooo, a connection perhaps for our friend Darius and Paloma? The problem there is...when she leaves, would he leave with her? Or would she come back? Hmm... I don't want Darius to go, I like him a lot! Well, I like most of your characters a lot (and that even goes now, for Ulf and Arnulf...)

Tax issues is a nice and thriving economy which does have room for more people :)

I'm guessing from what he said that Howie (and by extension Damian) have citizenship and enjoy it very much. Good for them! I'm sure the climate is good for them and their mental well-being is in a mostly relaxing situation. Conducive to long life and all that... And so Darius will miss the states but be very happy here...and perhaps Paloma too! At least it isn't the land of the Lotus-eaters!

I kind of figured that Roarke was only employing a few hundred, and that most of the others-not the people in the fishing villages-live off the trickle-up effect.

Hmm. Well. A lawsuit? I didn't foresee that! Sheesh!

On the other hand, everyone else...would completely accept their story because they had seen something or knew someone they trusted that had seen something.

Amazing...although why the centaur bit her on the thigh and didn't slap her face; perhaps he was drunk and it was a love bite. They are known for being heavy drinkers and for their interest in human women...

Great chapter, flowed very well! Can't wait to see what happens next with the Lincolns and with Darius and Paloma...and more triplet cuteness! (Tobias and Susanna got name-checked, not Karina...not that I'm keeping count or anything ;] )

More, please?

jtbwriter chapter 3 . 1/26/2011
Love it! I don't know of any two people who don't deserve to be trampled or bitten by a centaur then Sylvia's parents! These two take the cake! Thanks for the quick-thinking Mr. Roarke-Leslie can stop worrying about sue-happy parents now! Thanks for the update-more please?:)
jtbwriter chapter 2 . 1/22/2011
Wow-what a turn of events for Jonathan-poor guy! Now what are Leslie and Christian going to do if Ingrid is so set on going home? And Sylvia-how did she get stuck with such horrid parents! They deserve Akima pulling a trick or two on THEM! LOL! Thanks for a very involving story-now what?:)
Harry2 chapter 2 . 1/22/2011
Somehow, I doubt that even seeing a mermaid is going to convince these people that there are things in reality that they do not believe in. I don't know WHAT Roarke is going to do, but he is going to have to do something and soon.
LadyMarianne123 chapter 2 . 1/22/2011
Nice to see an new story. As for the skeptics - I'm betting these guys are not as "successful" at their lab work as they think they are. In order to be able to do cutting edge research you have to be able to think out of the box, see possibilities, and dream. These parents are not only still in their closed box of a mind set they have taped it shut behind them. Good for Sylvia for wanting more out of life than the box. Hope Roarke lays into them big time for their stupidity.
PDXWiz chapter 2 . 1/22/2011
Hmm, what's up with Jonathan? Maybe he's lovesick, I'll grant that. And maybe they had a rendezvous that he doesn't want to end?

Planned to propose to her, eh? About bloody danged time! LOL

Omigosh, did she say no? What's going on here? :(

Who better than his boss, indeed? LOL Christian to the rescue!

Oh wait-what if she felt she had to say NO because of her royal and professional obligations to Christian and Leslie? Christian can easily fix that, by granting his permission. Unless you have something else up your sleeve...

Does that go for me too? LOL

Yes he did forget to tell you he wanted more than one day of vacation...hehehe

Oh...yes, of course she'd miss her home! DUH!

And a flame from the past... But yes, wondering about her future after she wasn't needed...

The trouble with drowning your sorrows is that sorrows have both lungs and gills...great expression! LOL...

Rats...oh well, I thought they were good. I guess he'll have to find someone else... Well... at least he's got his family for support and Christian, too.

Her vacations are probably boring...

Yes...their reactions to Akima should be quite amusing...

Oh cool, I like the name Sylvia Lynette Lincoln!

I was afraid of this kind of reaction... I am glad that Sylvia got to see Akima. Kudos to Haruko and Akima for their parts... but thanks to you for putting them in the story, too :)

Woops, chapter ended wayyy too soon! Very good one for both the Jonathan and Sylvia parts, and I can't wait to see what is next!

PDXWiz chapter 1 . 1/22/2011
Cool! King's Castle, again! Yippy skippy! So Paloma wants a vacation, pretty much. Sounds like she's earned it, between all the travel and the constant strain on her hand and wrist signing autographs... Wonder if she will be a focus, or is this just a cameo shot?

Yeah, that's right. Will she die or the momentum? LOL... Actually, it will probably make no real difference, as the press will report her trip to Fantasy Island which is a very high-profile place since Christian's family has been in the news so much lately. Howie and Damian will be there and if word of Leslie's passion for the show hasn't gotten out, it probably will soon...thereby boosting sales of the DVD and the book.

Nice...Jonathan and Ingrid taking the day off, presumably together...very good!

A triplets scene, yahooey! Karina is so cute, reading and looking cute :)

LMAO! Oh no! Tobias...don't hurt the dolly! Poor Susanna... I love the triplets, doo dah, doo dah, I love the triplets all the doo dah day!

Good, keep the truck until he gives the doll back. Bad Tobias...

That's right, everybody loves the bungalows. Of course, Russell St. Anthony was a cannon fodder-level idiot, so he doesn't count.

Hehehe...Tobias as Mr. Trouble, starring in Christian's Castle, the spin-off off King's Castle! LOL...

LOL, yes a potion to control Tobias... good idea.

Cool! I like that fantasy of the New Zealand family to discover a new plant or animal (shades of the Steve Irwin family, methinks).

Cool! I like the name Lexington (not just the place in Massachusetts and the Revolutionary War battle, or the place in North Carolina, but the US navy ships named for Lexington and the Trek starship). Lincoln and Lexington. Nice alliteration there!

Ahh hh hh hh...I see! They are "The Skeptics" of the title! Brave of her to do this, I am looking forward to see how this works out!

Okay, over-scheduling that many activities is a form of child abuse, pure and simple. One or two activities, say a language and a sport, would be good enough for both the body and the brain.

Oh, I see. Good, she likes most of the stuff she does. She just wants her parents to develop an imagination. Nice of her to do this! Very interesting...

Hmm, 'the bosses' insisted, eh? No doubt a special request from Roarke. And just possibly, the bosses see a need to clear things from their workplaces: so stuffy and formal...yes.

Actually, they are working so hard, and admirably so...but I strongly suspect that the changes in their personalities will not only be good for Sylvia, and them, and their worksites, but for the actual work too, which will improve and may even be successful!

Boy, they are a couple of NUTS! Sheesh... Yes, Roarke will take very good care of them, won't he? Hehehehehe...

Now, if it was like the Make-a-Wish Foundation, it would be very good indeed, and occasionally it functions that way, but it is better because it frequently helps people with other kinds of problems in their lives.

"Veronica was staring at him as if a couple of leprechauns had appeared and started dancing on Roarke's shoulders." Haha! Great line, love it!

Hahahah! Yes indeed, Sylvia, they sometimes are quite insufferable! Just wish you could be allowed to be a girl, a kid for once... Well, soon, methinks, that will happen!

Total faith in him and his abilities... So cool! That's quite a refreshing attitude! This is the opposite of the kind of fantasies where he has to warn people about possible consequences. love, apparently...Roarke has his work cut out for him. But he will succeed, I am confident, with Sylvia's help!

'Spawn a carbon copy of themselves'...ROFLMAO! Awesome line! SCORE!

A mermaid is a good idea, and a centaur, even more so. I agree that a ghost or a unicorn would be too easy too fake. Now, with the mermaid, and the centaur, it's not enough to see them at a distance. They must be seen UP CLOSE. These are scientists, they must investigate them with their own eyes. They have to see that the mermaid truly has the upper body of a human and the rear body of a sea creature mammalian or piscine, not merely a fishtail pantsuit costume as though she was a Barbie doll; and they have to see the centaur is not a person wearing a horse costume or two people in one, but is truly a human head and upper torso grafted on to the body and legs of a horse.

Fairies might appear to be a special effect or even something animatronic, just like a ghost; and gnomes and elves might have the same problem, appearing to be humans with extreme dwarfism or animatronic creations. Obviously you don't want a medusa... Hmm.. This will be a toughie!

Cool- a concept neither she nor I have considered... Oh, what if she was kidnapped or injured? That might make her parents realize they love their daughter and trigger that response. Or, using the time travel room, they could visit downtown Boston or the Los Angeles International Airport-or a Rocky Mountain forest or the desert of Nevada-places they know are real but couldn't possibly be faked on this island. That certainly would be mundane! :)

Cool! Haruko! :)

Convert Sylvia into a mermaid? VERY COOL!

Good, an Akima sighting...although I still think transforming Sylvia would be more of an eye-opener. Perhaps transforming Haruko into one again...this time in front of their eyes...?

Oops yes, there will be troubles over this running late business...

Hey, wait, maybe you can somehow connect the fantasy of the New Zealand fantasy to this one? They 'discover' centaurs, but have to settle for discovering the Night Crier bird...

Great awesome opening! I can't wait! More please! Fifteen chapters? :) lol

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