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belladu57 chapter 19 . 4/26
Very good
Guest chapter 19 . 4/20
Aw, poor lambo...

btw, i hope ur still alive...

it's an amazing story and i love it SO much, so please keep writing, author-dono...
Bloody Kit XIII chapter 19 . 4/13
Reborn/Lambo would be an awesome couple at lest when Reborn is an adult again after all any other guy ether wouldn't survive or become predictable or annoying for a relationship to last
11Letter chapter 7 . 4/7
You know, Mukuro x Lambo seems like the strangest crack pairing ever, but with this story...hmmm...

Lovina Rossi-Vargas chapter 19 . 3/25
LamboxReborn? Please?
NemesisNecrosis chapter 18 . 3/21
I love the irony in the fact that you keep mentioning that no one would ever go after Reborn's bounty, when that's how Lambo got introduced in canon.
Hopeful guest chapter 19 . 3/18
Alright. This is my something nth read-through. I've been that creepy silent lurking reader that's been there for you since ch 17... I think. *Silently cheering for you*

Either way, I was way too young and stupid to even properly formulate a review for you by then, and now that the story is once again fresh in my mind, I thought why not? You seem to appreciate reviews, your updating has been a bit scarce and I know for a fact that you're still active (since you have followed one of my stories, THANK YOU). What better way to repay a good author is there than to offer a good constructive review? So prepare yourself for the long haul with this (and beware for spoilers for curious review readers).

First of all, my overall impression with this fanfic is the fond memory of my first Katekyo Hitman Reborn story ever. I'm going to admit that I knew next to nothing about the anime/manga then. I usually referred to it as the 'anime with that weird chibi thing with it'. Yes. I'm not kidding. What made me click on this fanfic I can't even fathom, but I know that I stuck through it thanks to your OC Lambo. Despite me having to Google the names every time one was mentioned, the plot you had going was completely original (even so more when I actually know what is canon) and your character developed in a steady pace that was a joy to read. She was so enjoyable that I wanted to read what would happen to her. Wanted her dreams to come true. Wanted a life she would be happy to live in. Wanted a freaking harem of handsome men to cater to her every need just because she freaking deserves it.

So what you did with Lambo is something that every great author should strive for: an OC that fits perfectly into the environment and not something that looks like a second cloying skin, a stitched upon personality with slightly altered actions.

About the plot, since I can actually compare it to canon now... Hm. What to say? It's original in the way it starts. The Bovino as an actual large blood related (but still small) mafia family makes so much sense. I can just imagine a large table that stretches across a room where kids ranging from ages 1 to 18 box each others elbows, leans across their cousin to steal a steak with salt from their plate instead of taking the actual salt on their left side, the grumpy gleeful faces as smashed potatoes collide in their jet black curly hair... etc etc. The scene just warms my heart! Later on, I would love to hear more on what happened with the Bovino and not just that they swept the whole bazooka thing away. Like for example that cousin that owes her for the whole kidnapping thing anyway, what became of him? Is he perhaps a good enough informant for her to use? I kind of liked him, despite the few lines he got.

The whole Estraneo experiment thing though? Pure brilliance. The way you wrote it, the gradual but also sharp decline into insanity where her mind still clings onto some semblance of order by reminding herself that it was fictional (meaning she knew that Mukuro was going to break out with prisoners sooner or later, and of course I can't forget, the singing of theme songs). Also the fact that it's still one of the best roads I've seen for an OC to get strong enough to rival main characters without dipping into oh-gosh-Plz-don't-I-can't-Why-are-you-even-Just-stop overpowering Mary Sue Fangirl syndrome. So. Good job with that.

The transition from Bounty Hunter to Iemitsu's call for body guard duty was another moment I enjoyed. It wasn't a forced or contrived moment where you can just see that the author was starting to pull some things out of their ass so that they can be with Tsuna. For me, this felt natural and only the next step for her to take. Maybe it was the way you worded her seemingly bored repetition on Bounty hunting that made it more believable? It also made her more human, especially when she expresses her exhaustion at other hunters going after her when she's recuperating (sleeping). Add to that, her sadistic teasing of Tsuna dug up my own sadistic enjoyment, which just made the chapters roll on by that much faster. Great!

Meanwhile, the interactions with other characters and Lambo was probably what I loved the most of your still unfinished story. She incites the most hilarious/fresh reactions out of all of them. Tsuna is half scared and grateful, half wtf is with this cute girl. Reborn is intrigued (in that Sherlock-I'm-going-to-deduce-you-You-interesting-thing kind of way) and bully-buddy his charges with her. Nana sees the girl that she probably still is within those walls and gives her cake. Iemitsu is just, I don't know, poking a lion and gives out high pitched giggles when he hears a growl, and I think that's so hilarious because he can't see it's a disguised Dragon that knows the future he is making fun of. And Mukuro, Kyoya, Shamal, and every other character, I'm not even going to touch those. We have as of yet not seen that much of them in terms of true interaction and character development, but I can just see it in the future. Lambo swaggering by and they're either rolling their eyes, joins her in the swagger but not quite managing her level of badass, or itching to bury their hands and uncover what makes her tick.

Hell, I want to show them the dragon that lurks within those sheep clothes myself! She's really such a strong character, and I'm not talking about her proficiency with battle. Lambo has had some scary things happen to her, if you look at it realistically. Death, queuing with other blank bodies of dead people, being reborn into mafia, having to struggle to get to the point where she could keep clothes to herself from the grabby Bovinos, getting experimented on, the uncertainty on what intestine they were going to poke on next, the 'Battle Royale' test, breaking out from her prison of five years and then build herself an entirely new life from start. Again. Also as an adult. Again. Avoid getting killed. Again. She just doesn't give up and every time someone tries to push her down, she glares at them, bares her teeth and snaps at them. When she's released, she gathers the broken pieces, glues it together, filling the blank spaces with determination and then goes after what broke her in the first place. Breaks them instead. Then she leaves like nothing had happened with just another hard earned lesson learnt under her belt.

To describe her as badass is the least I can do. In those moments I pause and think about it. Really think about it. Those moments when you also slow everything down to an intended focus... I realise I admire her. Your Lambo is someone I want to read more about.

Your writing style is also great. Perhaps a misspelling here or there in the beginning, but otherwise great. You don't write that much descriptions of things we already know, so when you actually spell things out for us, it just makes it that more intense. Like the green light making the scientists look sickly, or the dark wisps cloaking Lambo's face from the Hunter's eyes. It was a bit mystifying why you choose to change from first perspective to third perspective though, between ch 7 and 8. It might be because you were finding the single perspective lacking for what you wanted to tell. But either way, it suited the more adult Lambo in showing her decision making. It detracted from the close emotions we had seen before though, so that's a minus. But you make it work, so it's all good anyway? I would like some more mentions about her feelings though. The Christmas episode was great in showing her former life, but I'm quite greedy and want some emotional turmoil about upcoming events like Mukuro. Perhaps one great moment would be when they (especially Reborn) realise that she has been experimented by the Estraneo with Mukuro. That she had been there longer than him, ever since she was five. That she probably uses what little mist flames she can use to cover those scars on her arms and skin (mentioned ch 4, I think?) when wearing a tanktop. I would like some drama on their side and those teasing green eyes to be once again filled with determined fire in their presence.

Am asking for too much? You are the author after all.

About the pairings though, because I can't finish this review without mentioning them. I have already read through some of the former reviews, and they do have good pro and cons. I'm in neither camp about this whole romance thing though. I want Lambo, as mentioned before, a whole harem with men that are attracted to her for different things. Shamal because she is a strong independent woman, Tsuna because she has been there for him almost from the start willingly and unwillingly, Mukuro because Lambo will always be Lambo for him and he's possessive of what little he has, Reborn because he unwittingly recognises another old soul and it's simply her easy comraderie that draws him in, and so on.

All in all, I want this whole fic to be with a Lambo that is a tease. For this fic to be light with humor and romance, deep and dark with mafia and consequences. For Lambo to be badass. For this story to continue. So this is me cheering you on loudly and pointing out different great things you've done. That is all.

I hope this review manages to reach out to you, Insanity-Red, and gives you some much needed ego boost. I think you've done something beautiful in its simplicity here. I wish you the best in luck with writing whatever you may want, even if it might not be this particular story, and hope you're doing well.


/ the mood-swinging guest.
Alice aquabld chapter 19 . 3/15
Just as I spots a possible couple (Tsuna x Lambo). You destroyed my hope... WHYYYY?
Anber chapter 19 . 3/8
This is an awesome story so far and I can't wait for more! What is the pairing for this story, if there is one?
Queen Cavallone chapter 1 . 3/6
I think Lambo and Xanxus as a couple would be hilarious ... or complete chaos! But entertaining none the less. Could we maybe have a one-shot of them as a couple? I love your story and can't wait for an update :)
pinkpenguinparty chapter 14 . 3/5
I would like to see her with Mukuro, failing that Xanxus.
Bumblebee Madness chapter 13 . 3/1
I ship fem Lambo and Xanxus o3o
Bumblebee Madness chapter 11 . 3/1
Lol I hope Lambo actually says "I'm just one hell of a mafioso."
Shoetsu Otaku chapter 13 . 2/22
Lambo/Xanxus ship for the wind!
Inanari chapter 19 . 2/16
Haha, poor Tsuna
If the Lambo pairing poll is still open, I would like to put my vote up for Hibari :)
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