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Ume chapter 24 . 5/23
Is this where Lambo calls in her favor with Iemitsu and says that she has the authority of the CEDEF leader to have Mukuro, Chikusa, and Ken put under her own custody (in a sort of she's now responsible for them and what they do and so she gets punished for their misdemeanors)?

'Cause that would be an elegant solution to this on top of making good use of the Chekhov's Gun of Iemitsu's favor.

Not to mention that it wouldn't make Lambo and Mukuro become Tsuna's Guardians by force (because, let's face it, cannon!Mukuro doesn't owe Tsuna his loyalty since he was pressed into service if not outright blackmailed).

Who knows, this might also lead to Reborn trying to press her on loyalties and Lambo flatly mentions that, professionally, she's going to guard Tsuna until he is well enough to take care of himself, but personally? Her childhood friends deserve a better life than the mafia and the crap they put them through.

Because, let's face it, Mukuro has plenty of valid reasons to want the mafia to burn. Hell, in another story, he'd be the hero (or anti-hero as it were).

If the rest of the mafia couldn't be bothered with policing themselves and particularly monsters like the Estraneo who had no limits, then they have no one to blame when someone like Mukuro comes along and calls down the sword of justice down on them.

Mukuro, Lambo, and the rest DON'T owe the Vongola and the rest shite. It's about time they stopped acting like they're entitled to them and their loyalty.
Lady Syndra chapter 24 . 5/19
It never did made sense to me why the Vindice punished Mukuro and the others but never did anything about Estraneo. They did go around kidnapping and experimenting on kids after. Civilians and mafiaso too. That would've sparked investigations in police forces and the Vindice was against civilians 'finding out' about mafia. So strange.

Looking forward to the next chapter!
Guest chapter 24 . 5/8
Thank you for the update! (*ワ*)
More Lambo x Reborn would be goooddddddd they'd be pretty cute together hahaha or is that just me
p.s. yo I love this fic so much man bad ass fem Lambo is my shit
tanithlipsky chapter 24 . 5/7
i liked this chapter especially the "come at me, bro" part.
Reaper Senpai chapter 24 . 5/6
LOL THAT OMAKE! Loved the mind fight scene! I hope that Lambo's negotiations go well haha
Greatazuredragon chapter 24 . 5/6
Loving the story so far, looking forward to future updates.
Sara chapter 24 . 5/6
God i have been waiting forever for the NeXT chapter. I can not wait to see what Lambo does to get her friends free.

I think it would be cool if she could interact more with xanxus, i totally cracked a gut while laughing when lemitsu and Ninth had that conversation a while back. Also with hibari and reborn

Cant wait for the NeXT chapter, i love this fanfic 3
DoubleBeast chapter 24 . 5/6
damn cliff-hangers
Greatazuredragon chapter 8 . 5/6
Very amusing story so far, nice work.
Bungie chapter 24 . 5/3
Loved it. Looking forward to the next chapter
Guest33 chapter 24 . 5/2
Yay you updated! I hope all your college stuff went well, but I'm glad you were still able to produce this chapter! I just had one question: are the omake's "cannon," because they all seem to fit in with the main story...? And as for the character I would like to see her interact with more in the future, I would say Reborn and Mukuro, but she's pretty much guaranteed to interact with Muku-chan at this point, so I'll just go with Reborn. I just think it would be interesting to see how he interacts with someone he respects (whether willingly or out of obligation, lol), and watch as he lets someone in. But - considering how it's Lambo and Reborn ,so it would be pretty difficult to write any sort of romance involving either of them, let alone the both of them together - I would still be pretty satisfied with a purely platonic relationship, but I haven't really read any good RebornxOC fics, so...yeah. Buuut, I definitely wanna see more of Lambo trolling Tsuna-fishy and Shoichi, because their flailing is adorable.
KnightOfGlory26 chapter 24 . 5/2
Thanks, i just binge read this over two nights! please update soon it is very interesting, and i love the idea!
plume228 chapter 24 . 5/1
I ship Lambo x Kyoya
please more inerraction
thanks a lot for the new chapter
DragonClanMaster chapter 24 . 5/1
honestly, this is the funniest chapter so far. especially when Lambo said 'Come at me, bro.' to Mukuro. I choked on the water i was drinking. XD
Prince chapter 24 . 5/1
The Mukuro/Lambo pairing gets better and better I stg. I ship it harder than the fanbase ships Tsuna/Hibari.
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