Reviews for Paradise Lost
Maddie chapter 20 . 6/5
This is an amazing story! I love your writing style and I can't get enough of this Harry! Hope you'll come back to this story! 3
bookgirl113 chapter 20 . 5/27
This story is fascinating. I'm quite sad that you didn't continue it:(
Guest chapter 20 . 5/7
Hey i know you havent updated in a while and will probably never see this but... Your story is AMAZING. I honestly cant believe how intriguing this has been and wanted to say thank you for this experience
DaronwyK chapter 1 . 4/11
Yes! Love this concept!
Phoenix Labonair chapter 20 . 3/25
No plz update
pblondsey chapter 11 . 2/13
Before I read any further, I feel as though I should mention that this piece of Fiction has caused me to contemplate things that I would normally avoid. While I would usually be angry at the thought of being forced to think deeply on aspects that I'd rather avoid, I am grateful for it this time and I look forward to this being continued. Should it not be, I kindly request that you allow someone to adopt the story, keep previous chapters as is, and add on to it after you deemed their previous works to be worthy enough so that this piece of work may be continued, rather than being forgotten.
acetwolf94 chapter 12 . 2/1
MikaToshino chapter 20 . 1/20
omg you have to continue this is awesome
SasuNaru's Loyal Fangirl TDDUP chapter 7 . 1/19
I feel the lost there too... in this harry doesn't have much friend to trust. Not even hermione. so tom is like the closest friend he had because he knew. they knew each other. they told each other things they didn't tell anyone. if I can find someone to trust like that and suddenly disappeared I'll feel unhappy
NellieWolf123 chapter 1 . 1/15
Wow! I love your voice, it's unique and beautiful.
The story flow wonderfully, and I enjoy you're portrayal of the characters. So many times fanfiction takes the bare bones of a story, for example: merely what JK Rowling wrote and described, and don't give it their own flare.
The dialogue is great, too, very fitting.
The expression arse of tea kettle is hilarious, thanks for that one. All in all, great fic, thank you:)
Calmzone1 chapter 20 . 1/3
What a riveting story. I’m so glad to have stumbled across your story. I hope you either have a sequel going, or that you have the opportunity to finish this story one day. Brilliant.
AbiGael DiNozzo chapter 15 . 12/19/2017
I my first language is french and i couldnt help but see that your traduction was wrong. Im sorry if i cause offence im only trying to help.
"je ne te quitterai pas tant que je ne t'aurai pas vu pendu"
Hope it helps,have a good day
Ashley chapter 20 . 12/3/2017
This is the best damn Harry/voldemort book I've read and the fact that you haven't updated since 2012 makes me want to kill you ( not literally) your such an talented writer and then you just stop why I don't even know you and I'm disappointed update soon
DajeMustard chapter 1 . 11/29/2017
omfg nooooooooooooooooooooo please continue the story
JillyG180 chapter 20 . 11/14/2017
please continue
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