Reviews for A Necessary Gift: A Harry Potter Story
Cyclical Beats84 chapter 19 . 8/22
It's technically well written and def a solid story but tbh, feels a bit derivative. I think I'll call it here, thanks for the read!
Nyx028 chapter 26 . 8/14
I don't like Hermione in this story, she refuse acclimate in the wizarding world. She's so unbending! She believes the her opnion is the only one that matters, which is far from being right. Ugh, she's so irritating!
AimsH chapter 26 . 8/12
You gonna update or its abandoned?
AimsH chapter 4 . 8/9
Harry should have told that regulus switched sides
sophAlessa chapter 24 . 7/11
Hermione is so black and white
FuxkBoi chapter 16 . 6/28
I actually find the way Ernie speaks hilarious. I honestly love it
halemd10 chapter 26 . 6/27
Awesome but UNFINISHED.
aqp.gerencia chapter 6 . 6/22
me encanta, tu historia

love your story
venus4279 chapter 26 . 6/15
This is a super incredible story, and I absolutely love every word, every characterization, just ...everything. You are awesome!
BreeDante23 chapter 26 . 6/15
I’m rereading your fic for like the fourth time, and it always holds up so well! I know life gets in the way, but I for one still wait with anticipation for whenever the muses inspire and you’ve time to write and deliver another chapter!
HurricaneFox chapter 1 . 5/25
Is this story dead?
stapletapewormsonmypenis chapter 26 . 5/21
This was a very well written fic! I'm very satisfied with the way you established the world and with how things are going.

I enjoy the AU aspect and how versatile it can be. It certainly adds some tension, knowing that Harry's knowledge may act against him. I really appreciate the way he's handled it though, acting with caution and keeping in mind that he is in an alternate universe where things are different.

Sirius especially was quite a risk, but it paid off so well, and now Harry has someone he can confide in. Sirius himself is pretty competent, and it generally feels like a pretty interconnected world.

Also I love Draco, he's such a baby.
Guest chapter 26 . 5/14
The premise of this story is so unique; I really enjoy reading it, for all I haven't the faintest how to get everyone out of this mess. On that note, I've enjoyed this story as it is, and no pressure; but are you intending to continue it? I'd absolutely read more.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/11
Cool! I like the plots of your stories a lot, although take no offence, but I feel you could really use a Beta.. Good Job though!
Mitsuniyu Hiroyashi chapter 16 . 4/12
Love this chapter. His possession assessor ability is like a self-fulling prophecy. Something similar happened in Roundabout destiny where hermione future knowledge manifested itself into her as a seer
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