Reviews for A Necessary Gift: A Harry Potter Story
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 26 . 2/5
Amazing chapter, it is sad that just as things were picking up steam, this story was abandoned. This fanfic had a lot of unique and interesting world-building concepts and I would’ve loved to see them ripen into fruition. It got me thinking of the type of the fanfic that I myself would like to see written, a story with the presented political circumstances taken to their natural extent. A war with Pureblood and Wizarding Supremacists on one side led by Voldemort, Lucius and Umbridge. On the opposite side a young, slytherin, muggleborn leading a revolutionary (in either the classic liberal or socialist sense) Muggleborn ‘terrorist’ organization. And then in between them, a moderate reformist faction led by Dumbledore, consisting of the OOTP, purebloods, halfblood, and muggleborns that just want peace and order (Harry and the golden trio could be part of this faction). Add in a goblin rebellion, werewolves on all sides and giants and other magical creatures and you have a recipe for an incredibly, bloody, violent and of course super FUN war which completely destroys Wizarding Britain. Just thinking about the death and destruction that would occur in such a war fills me with Childish glee but enough of my creepy, blood thirsty ramblings. Although this story is seemingly abandoned, I hope the author one day returns to finish this masterpiece or at the very least hands it over to someone else for completion. Of course, if the author is dead, than my apologies and RIP.

Great story, I’m glad that I decided to reread it, one day I hope to see it updated again. Thank you and Good Night!
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 25 . 2/4
I honestly liked every scene in this chapter the confrontation between Hermione and Harry, the wizingamot scene and the conversation between Dumbledore and Sirius. I am very excited to see where things go next. Excellent work!
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 24 . 2/4
So, so much to say about this chapter, good and bad although it all actually connects together. First of all, I do t understand why Harry and Sirius think their only options in dealing with Voldemort are either killing him straight up or not doing anything at all. I can understand this sort of small mindedness from someone like Sirius who is at his core still a noble, naive Gryffindor but I expected better from Harry who is now a Slytherin, has he never heard about assasination and subterfuge? There is no Harry and Sirius cannot try and ambush Voldemort and kill him in this manner, although this option would carry considerable risks and would be pointless without the destruction of all the Horcruxes, it should still have been considered as a viable option.

Another thing that frustrated me about this chapter was Harry’s selfishness. It is true that as a Pureblood Harry and his family would have a certain amount of protection from Voldemort if he were to ever take over but what about Hermione, one of Harry’s closest friends and also other muggleborns. He knows that Voldemort taking power would likely be a death sentence or at the very least would have a tremendously harmful affect on muggleborns. I think it selfish or more accurately stupid of him to ignore this fact. I don’t think this is bad writing ( this all might actually be intentional as I explain in my next paragraph) and is instead a result of hanging around with too much Purebloods for far too long.

I think Hermione establishing a sociopolitical movement for the advocacy of muggleborn rights is brilliant writing on so many different levels. First of all Harry’s forgetfulness of Hermione can actually be one of the key reasons that such a movement is being established in the first place, she is likely feeling isolated in Slytherin and Harry being lost in his own plans is probably contributing to this especially as he was her first friend and is now likely ignoring her unintentionally. Second of all the establishment of SPELL fits with the original Hermione’s preoccupation with social justice whilst also taking on a more Slytherin connotation, as this org unlike SPEW has much more ambitious goals, I think this is the best indication yet of how being in Slytherin is leading to real and interesting character development for Hermione which I love. Finally from a world building perspective this is an interesting and natural development as increased prejudice towards muggles has made things even more difficult for muggleborns in this timeline, further adding incentive for the establishment of a pro muggleborn movement in the first place. Although Harry will not be happy about this and this will likely make opposition to Voldemort even more difficult in the long run, I don’t blame Hermione for what she is doing at all. Actually in another timeline (the original one maybe) I could actually see Harry supporting a movement like this but as he is now part of the Pureblood aristocratic political apparatus, he will have an added incentive(which he may be in denia of) to go against such a movement.

Absolutely riveting world-building, GOOD JOB on this chapter and on this idea of creating an org like SPELL. Excellent chapter, it is world-building like this that most motivates to me to continue reading fan fiction in general. Can’t wait to see the fallout of SPELL in the next chapter, ️.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 23 . 2/4
Honestly, Harry and Sirius just seem to have a creativity problem, I feel like there is still a lot both of them can do in their respective positions. Now that Sirius has access to the Black Fortune, he should use it to further his anti Voldemort agenda. And while, Harry is understandably bored at Hogwarts, he can and should be trying to acquire more knowledge which is equal to power in the Wizarding world. If he already knows all the Hogwarts curriculum, he should focus on learning everything he can from the restricted section, he should maybe also start learning about how to be an animagus or maybe he could use his influence to establish a formal or informal dueling club, to prepare his peers for the upcoming war. These are just some of the ideas that I’ve thought up on the spot, with time Harry should be able to come up with far more schemes and ideas and what not. And while none of these things will likely be a decisive factor in defeating Voldemort, every little thing that Harry does now should add up to give him the necessary, incremental advantages to defeat Voldemort as well as his Pureblood supremacist ideology. So this sort of defeatist attitude that Harry is displaying right now is very annoying and tbh is just making him dislikable. If he continues to carry on like this, in the end he will lose to Voldemort and will have deserved it for being lazy and unoriginal. I honestly won’t mourn Harry’s defeat in such a scenario. Still, good enough chapter. I hope to see the werewolves again soon. Also I like the name Empero Gaunt, very magnimonious name.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 22 . 2/4
Well, honestly it is Harry’s fault and it is infact also Sirius and Arcturus’s fault as well, they were arrogant, unprepared and rushing a task that should’ve needed the utmost preparation, patience and time. Honestly, this whole situation just feels jarring and out of place, with Arcturus’s death only happening for shock value. At the same time though, i can think of a line of reasoning for why things unfolded so disastrously. Harry and Sirius are at their core, Gryffindors, so it is only natural that they wouldn’t bother preparing for such an important mission and instead just plan on winging it. In the case of Arcturus, although he may be a Slytherin, he must’ve left his guard down due to Voldemorts muggle heritage, ironic, as it was Harry and Sirius who decided to reveal that to the wider Wizarding world. You know, maybe, in a way this whole Situation is Harry’s fault and his alone. As morbid as the events of this chapter were, I honestly just feel exasperated, the whole situation just seems like a completely avoidable tragedy. I hope Harry and Sirius sincerely learn from this massive failure. Decent to good chapter, conceptually I don’t mind what happened but I do think the execution of it could’ve been carried out better.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 21 . 2/4
Thanks for clearing up their finanacial situation, I myself was a bit confused about that. Good chapter. I do want to see more of Harry training and maybe even inventing new spells. While he isn’t lazy or anything, he isn’t as active or seemingly desperate as he should be either.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 20 . 2/4
You shouldn’t care too much what people on forums like DLP think of your work. While I do think this story has its flaws, like a lack of tension and high stake, thrilling action , at the same time the worldbuilding is very original and unique and results imo a far more nuanced and interesting Wizarding world. I imagine that one criticism of your world building might be people saying it is too revisionist and apologetic in regards to pure blood supremacy and what not but honestly so what? This is a fanfic and as the author you have the right to write what you want. Anyhow back to the chapter, the board of governors meeting was great. You had Dumbledore being a master manipulator, the other governors being stupid or bigoted and only Sirius being serious about the whole thing. It was honestly pretty funny to imagine how the meeting went in my head, good chapter. I wonder what Sirius and Orion are going to cook up next chapter.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 19 . 2/3
Interesting interpretation of events, I have no problem with your revisions, I actually find your version of Flamel to be quite amusing. A perverse part of me wonders at what sort of chaos would have spawned if Umbridge actually convinced Fudge to take drastic measures against the goblins. I guess we will see soon enough. Harry really shouldn’t be surprised at all at people protesting when their money is threatened, after all he has never had to worry about money in his life for one reason or another. I have high hopes about the Werewolf community at Godric’s Hollow, wishing for their success. Good chapter.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 18 . 2/3
And so the story begins to pick up pace…
I wonder what events changed that allowed Voldemort to steal the philosopher stone.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 17 . 2/3
Uh oh, I hope that Sirius doesn’t put himself in danger trying to destroy the horcrux.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 16 . 2/3
Im kinda annoyed by how Harry always expects the worst from Sirius, he should have more faith in him. Also I’m not suprised at all that Harry turns out to be an actual assesor. It is a very interesting talent, not overpowered or anything but something that can still be very useful.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 15 . 2/3
I thought this chapter was fine, at this post I’m beginning to think of Harry more so as Orion than Harry. Not only do they have different appearances but they are more or less different character with different traits and motivations. That being said I think the transformation of Harry becoming Orion has been done well enough, I don’t really have any complaints. One could say, that Orion Black would be better of as an Original character but I think so much of his premise is bound up in being Harry’s alter ego that the 2 cannot be separated for better of for worse. At this point I am just rambling and not event trying to make a specific point or anything, I feel like there is something I am missing here in terms of how I conceptualize Orion Black/ Harry Potter but so far it is eluding me. Anyhow, good chapter.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 14 . 2/3
Frank should stop being an Asshole, also it seems that Neville might be groomed to be the BWL here instead of Harry. Sirius really should get married imo, I admit I just like the idea of of damaged individuals finding Iove and starting families and all that. My only criticism of this chapter would be that Arcturus seems a little to naive and ignorant here, I would expect someone like him to be very dangerous and cunning, with a vast amount of influence and contacts. Other than that, good chapter.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 13 . 2/3
I actually really like your world building and charitable views on Purebloods, instead of simply dismissing them as inbred bigots, they are a people with their own culture and customs whilst also being inbred and bigoted on the side, lol. I wonder if we’ll get to see more of the Prewetts, specially Gideon Prewett’s children, if he has any, which he definetly should. Good chapter, I am really enjoying the growing friendship between Draco and Harry, Harry’s honestly giving big brother/ mentor vibes with his guidance of Draco, it is all very adorable and heartwarming.
NamelessWanderer6 chapter 12 . 2/3
I think you’re interpretations of Snape and Dumbledore are quite believable although I will say that in canon Voldemort always seemed like a bigger threat than pureblood supremacy as an ideology. Without him, it is difficult to imagine anyone else capable of rallying the disparate Pureblood families and imposing a boos purist regime in Wizarding Britain. That makes me wonder who specifically took over Magical Britain after Voldemort’s death, it would have to be someone particularly cunning and powerful to manage even the reduced number of death eaters after the battle of Hogwarts. Good chapter, I also hope that Snape gets better and that Harry actually turns out to be an Assesor, I think there would be a beautiful amount of irony there if that were the case.
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