Reviews for A Necessary Gift: A Harry Potter Story
Guest chapter 24 . 11/11
This story is really remarkable!
The characters are well spun, the plot is at a good pace, and its really engaging and interesting.
I know you're busy, but we'd all love the next chapter! Keep up the amazing work!
champion of the deities chapter 24 . 11/10
this is a great story and i hope you finish it but i also understand life comes first so update as much as you can and that will be enough
ngairetaylor chapter 6 . 11/8
Hi, I am loving this story.
About the idea of magical inheritances... I have read similar ideas in a few other stories. In one story it was called "Family Magic". Not to say how similar these ideas are or who came up with the idea first.
But then again this does happen - look at the "Theory of Evolution". At the same time that Charles Darwin came up with the idea - so did a few other scientists. All as far as we can see independently of each other.
Your story is very good. You have good use of dis riptide English and the plot is very believable. I am enjoying following the characters.
About the "Muggle born" not fitting in because they start telling people that the Magical world is "wrong". I have seen this in Domestic Violence situations as well. The fami,y in question is being abusive towards each other - But if anyone else... Like a neighbour or the police or a paramedic try to 'step' in then the family will 'join forces' to Attack the new person - then later will go back to the "Domestic".
No one... Not a cultural group or a religious group or a country or a single family likes to be "told they are wrong" by "Outsiders".
This issue I think is then made worse by the fact that people believe that if you speek the same language you think the same. Not true.
My Mum is from New Zealand and my Dad from Australia and there occurs cultural differences between the two that are as big as if one had been Japanese and the other German.
Sometimes I have had to 'Translate'.
Please write more I am enjoying your story very much. I am curious as to how the changes you have done will change Hogwarts. And some of the things you have mentioned I agree with very much.
The fact that NO one interviewed Sirus Black was in my view a big issue. I would not have forgiven Lupin for not coming and seeing me in jail... Even if just to spit on me. It was the ignoring me not the not believing me that I would have had great problems with. If I had betrayed a friend like that I would expect my other friends to at least ask "WHY?"
And if I had been him I would not have forgiven anyone who had putt Harry with his Abusive Aunt.
It is my view that Dumbledore is one of the most Evil characters ever written into a children's book. And if I went to Hogwarts all the teachers are abusive... Strangely I see the worst from books 1 - 3 as being McGonagall and Filch and Poppy Pomfrey.
Abuse is not just hitting a child... It is many other things. And these people had positions of authority and did NOTHING to stop abuse... In fact they in many ways encouraged and rewarded systematic abuse.
Then again it is only in badly written comic books that Evil people introduce themselves as 'Evil'.
Thank you for a great story,
Jillian A.K chapter 18 . 11/3
In my head cannon, the curse on the DADA position is tied to the diadem Horcrux. After all, Tom dumped the horcrux in the Room of Requirements after being refused the DADA professorship. So maybe whomever they get for their second year could survive to their third?

I'm curious about how the Stone was stolen.
Gwenfahendel chapter 24 . 10/28
I love this story a lot! I am looking forward to the meeting between Harry and his "uncle"!
poogle chapter 23 . 10/25
nice chapter! good to see that this story is still continuing
sfjoellen chapter 24 . 10/21
great story. i haven't read many political takes that were believable, but you've done well not overpowering harry or sirius. thanks for writing!
Katherine Sparrow chapter 24 . 10/19
Love the story! Looking forward to updates :)
Katherine Sparrow chapter 12 . 10/18
Is Snape's behaviour because of Harry's Death? He did promise to protect Lily's child after all...
lw117149 chapter 24 . 10/15
Thank you for the update i love this story and look forward to more.
Kay chapter 6 . 10/13
So much pseudoscience! :) but i'll forgive you i guess cause i'm enjoying this story.

But seriously, I think you're better off not getting into the genetics of it. Genetics is uber complicated, and even having a basic understanding of genetics is useless in this context. In fact, simple Mendelian genetics actually supports the idea that muggleborns and purebloods are created equal, genetically. Sirius's sloppy explanation is incredibly unlikely, and it could not be stated with any degree of confidence without some serious research (lol punny). Even then, eyebrows would be raised.

If you're going to contradict Mendelian genetics, you have to understand the different scenarios where it wouldn't be applicable, even if you're character doesn't understand those scenarios. From what I'm reading, you don't understand genetics. Most people don't because it's incredibly complex and there's still a lot to learn.

But whatever, it's just fan fiction. I'm really enjoying this story, just had to point out that it might have been better to skip the genetics part.
llIMagic chapter 24 . 10/13
Not sure if this is still being updated, but I recently came across it and read it up to-date, so I just wanted to leave a review since I found it very interesting and enjoyable. Not many people show the other side of pureblood customs and ideology. It's nice not to see that side of the coin straw-manned or coming across as dumb prejudice like it so often is, but given a fair representation as Harry lives that world and gets to know the other purebloods.

Also major props for making a powerful Sirius. I often think his character is wasted or used as a harmless jokester when he comes from a very powerful family so it's nice to see him being competent and strong for a change.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 24 . 10/12
Wow good chapter. Although I am hoping that Harry actually starts to focus on some magic. It's not like he was near Voldemort's level when he died. I look forward to the next chapter.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 18 . 10/11
It's been a while since I read this story. It's chapters like these that make me really enjoy HP
ironhair chapter 24 . 10/10
Hope u are still writing... Good luck.
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