Reviews for Firefly in Summer
Guest chapter 47 . 9/3
This story was incredible. It was also at times truly heartbreaking, but worth every tear. Thank you for sharing.
Rolange chapter 47 . 8/2

I don't know how I didn't find this before! I love time travel stories but I didn't know that's what this was straight off. I'm kinda glad I didn't, so it could unfold organically.

What a beautiful story, with two lonely and wounded souls both of them somehow estranged from the people who should form their support system; their families. Sad. But I'm sure that's why they found each other. Their souls spoke to each other in a language only they could understand.

And the twists! Wow. Brilliant. Bella dying. The way Edward went back and saved her - and Emmett too. Still, that wasn't enough to change the sad and frustrating relationship that Bella had with Renee or Rosalie. Or Edward's with his dad. Some things weren't meant to change, I guess.

I loved the way you still carried echoes of some moments in Edward and Bella's future into the past, though slightly changed by his time travel. Or how the shoe was on the other foot with Bella knowing the secret and waiting for Edward to remember. Or how her painting fit in to the mix. Or how they actually met when they were both little children. Brilliant.

I loved how he fell in love with her all over again despite having to wait for the woman who he was waiting for ️ Edward's reaction after they made love finally but while he was so angry about her secrets was well played and so genuine. And then the ending! Bella being drawn to the water. I kept wondering why? What was the pull? But she resisted, as I wish the other Bella had. Because she had something to live for. I love this story so much.

PS found this on The Lemonade Stand.
Guest chapter 27 . 7/29
It's "given free REIN," not REIGN. (Think about a horse's being given free rein.)
Safronlia chapter 47 . 7/29
Its been years since you completed this story but I only just finished reading it. I wish I'd heard of it earlier because this story is truly amazing and has made me incredibly emotional. What a journey. I was really upset with finding out that bella was assaulted and not just by a single person and how badly her mom and sister treated her. How isolated and alone she was and I cried when she died. Edward's grief was difficult to read through. I love the happy ending though when I think about the previous bella who was sad until Edward and who died so young it still makes me sad especially Edward's mental letter to his Firefly. But it's nice that he still sees both Bellas as the same person. Edward and Bella finally married with a child was a lovely and well deserved ending.

You are very talented as an author as this story was very complex and brought out so many emotions. There are still some things I would have loved to read more about.
I wish bella would have mentioned to edward that in 2004 she was the one who called him and hung up when he asked for her name and mentioned the letter he found. Ofcourse it was the letter he wrote to himself.
Also Edward's thoughts when he woke up and found the letter on the table.
I wish they would have spoke to Dr Shan aswell after Edward woke up and remembered everything and told Shan that tgeir theory was correct. And though Shan was worried if Bella avoided swimming she may still die another way and may not be able to avoid death, she survived and she and edward are fine.
It would also be nice for esme and carlisle to have a moment seeing edward and bella together with their child since the last time they saw bella they didnt know her.
Just to have some closure to everything.
Dimkas Girl chapter 47 . 7/18
I’m not even sure if you will see this because it’s been so long honestly. It took me 6 YEARS to read this story in full. Not because I disliked it but because I would get so sad when Bella died that I didn’t want to wait for the possibility that time travel would bring them together again. However something the other day made me think of this store and now here I sit at 1:30 in the morning crying over a beautiful store on a website that I haven’t thought of in years. Thank you for a wonderful story and I’m sorry that i couldn’t get through it when it mattered. I loved every minute of it.
MSA chapter 47 . 6/23
I read this whole story in the span of a week. I'm sobbing. Thank you so much. I feel blessed to have read this.
dolice chapter 47 . 6/11
I love this are a wonderful ... I love your language has minimum curses like FUCK,SHIT,ASSHOLE AND BITCH...LOL...Thanks for this lovely story.
liatb01 chapter 47 . 6/9
Wow this was an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing it.
debba8 chapter 47 . 6/1
Just found this story and read it all the way through. Loved it loved it!
Patty T chapter 47 . 5/29
Fabulosa historia! Saludos desde México :)
Guest chapter 47 . 5/28
Thanks for the happy ending. When Bella died I almost leave the story because it was too hard and I cried a lot. But I decided give at less one more chance and started to read other chapter and my heart began to get some happiness and hope... Yes you got a lot of emotions with your story this means that you're a pretty good writer, Congratulations

Thanks for your time
Guest chapter 16 . 5/26
Is he only dreaming?
Suzy-Chapstick chapter 47 . 5/18
Wow! Wow! Wow! This fic is phenomenal! The characters, plot, pace, everything, was perfect! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Amalley chapter 47 . 5/14
Seriously one of the best fics I have ever read. Every emotion that can possibly be conjured has been invoked by this. You did an amazing job writing this out. MAD KUDOS.
Anabel chapter 47 . 5/7
I wish Charlie was there to see his baby happy and Edward's mother as well. A beautiful story, life changing I would say. I will remember this forever, because it definitely makes you think twice about life and the things we do and how that affects our lives. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, all the tears were worth it. THANK YOU!
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