Reviews for Firefly in Summer
readicted chapter 47 . 8/25
Zveka rec'd this lovely story to me. I must thank her because I have been riveted. This fic took me through surprising twists and turns and had my emotions all over the place. You had my heart pounding right up to end. The epi was so beautiful! I would've enjoyed knowing how Bella and Edward were planning to handle their family's questions. Also enjoyed a doucheless Jake character. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.
renewagain chapter 47 . 8/25
this is an amazing story, thank you for sharing it.
renewagain chapter 35 . 8/24
I love them both so much right now.
renewagain chapter 35 . 8/24
I love them both so much right now.
renewagain chapter 33 . 8/24
I just remembered in his first timeline he mentioned losing a week from a drunken mess in college. wow. I'm actually trying, not because if that enlightenment, but that letter. wow. wow. yes, my words are impressive too huh?
renewagain chapter 31 . 8/24
oh that song. wow.
renewagain chapter 29 . 8/24
I don't know why I keep writing more, but I do. I was checking g fb, did someone say this is published? it's not yet is it? you should...
renewagain chapter 28 . 8/24
ah, so good. I think this is better the second d time, because like him, I remember, but the puzzle of how they get there is so amazing. how did you do this?
renewagain chapter 27 . 8/24
ah the complexities of time travel. loving this even second time reading it.
Zveka68 chapter 47 . 8/15
Rec'd by fanfictionalcolic :)

I spent two day completely lost in your words ... beautiful story :) thanks for sharing your words :)

fanfictionalcolic chapter 46 . 8/13
That's most beautiful love story I ever read. I read it years ago, but rediscovered it and so astonished by how profound and philosophical it is. Thanks
lissaboss1993 chapter 47 . 8/9
this was the best ff I've ever read hands down I'm happy and sad its over.
lissaboss1993 chapter 15 . 8/7
almost stopped reading ! I was so mad but then I thought logically and I was like I have to see this out so you still have me for now love the writing style BTW this would make an excellent full fledged book
ayera chapter 47 . 8/2
This is the best thing I ever! Beautiful story. I was enchanted the whole time!
LoveCuddles chapter 47 . 7/23
Beautifully and cleverly written! Your unique plot sets your story in a different level from all the Edward and Bella stories out there. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!
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