Reviews for Wrong Life
TopazPeridot chapter 25 . 4/25
Sad and adorable
Aidarayyyyy chapter 12 . 1/14
FINALLY! I was rooting for her to go the the muggle world and build a new life there. Probably with her child lololol. I love independent women & I was getting tired of her just being in the manor and getting dragged to parties. It was monotonous and boring
Kobobird chapter 1 . 1/8
This is just wonderful and I have reread it countless times. Sure there are some grammatical errors but it is a wonderfully sympathetic portrait of Hermionehas great pacing and wit.
Iliketorun chapter 24 . 1/5
I love this story.
Happy chapter 25 . 12/24/2021
How many times have a reread this? Many!
littlemsstrawberry chapter 25 . 9/28/2021
Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing
Guest chapter 24 . 6/15/2021
That was your ending really? There was a lot off errors and grammar errors in your story get a beta. It's a great plot, and I wish would have had more development in the story. It felt like the story wasn't finished being told. Like did they admit their feelings to each other? Why did he wish her to be with him? What dose he feel for her? I got nothing and I'm shocked that it ended like that.
Thechit chapter 16 . 2/17/2021
How his way of talking to her has changed, now that he knows it's Hermione. How he loves to tease her...
Serennos chapter 24 . 2/2/2021
Thoroughly enjoyable, cheeky ending. Thanks very much.
Serennos chapter 16 . 2/2/2021
Hermione’s an absolute riot...
Serennos chapter 5 . 2/2/2021
The wryness Of Hermione’s thoughts is very entertaining...
Serennos chapter 2 . 2/2/2021
Great storyline and writing style...
TripleLLL chapter 24 . 12/6/2020
Thank you for writing this.
ilydracomalfoy chapter 10 . 11/24/2020
i like the plot but i feel like hermione is really ooc in this book
PenelopeMoss chapter 13 . 9/24/2020
I'm really enjoying this premise. I'm definitely going to keep reading to find out what happens next - you've got me hooked. The only thing that's really bothering me about this story is Hermione. The Brightest Witch of her Age would surely have a bit more spunk and smarts in this situation. Is working in a Muggle bookshop really the only thing she can think to do (and only after being kicked out by Draco)? Would she really rather be a housewife in Malfoy Manor raising a child with a man who hates her, in a family and community full of blood prejudice? It just seems like she'd be stronger than that, and more resourceful, even if she does want a baby (surely adoption is a possibility?). Anyway, apart from that, the plot has really sucked me in. It's an original concept and I'm super interested.
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