Reviews for the greater conspiracy
ZombiePossum13 chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
I like it. It could use some work, but I like it.

Criticism: 47 detonated a bomb from 5 miles away. I don't think detonators reach that far. Plus 47 is a highly trained professional and throwing you gun in a river isn't very professional. Police can find it easily. One more thing: the assassination went according plan. Since when does shit ever go according to plan? I think it would be both comical and suspenseful if the target ducked to pick up a coin wen paying for a hotdog as soon as 47 fired. Instead the bullet hits a bottle of mustard, staining the targets incredibly expensive sport jacket. So the target gets pissed about his coat and takes out his gun and goes after 47. When I played the Hitman games, I never finished a mission the way I intended. On the grammar and spelling side of things, you need to indent more.

Praise: You get down 47'd personality. Cold, efficient, and gets the job done