Reviews for Surviving High School
Jaygm chapter 26 . 1/18/2015
I hope that James doesn't actually shoot someone. Although he seems to be pathological so probably will seriously harm someone.
Jaygm chapter 25 . 1/18/2015
Looks like James is not going to give up, and doesn't appear to be deterred by restraining orders or police investigations.
Jaygm chapter 24 . 1/18/2015
Now an unhinged Renee. How lovely! And Renee would be a perfect foil for James to use against Bella. Crazy creeper playing into loony Renee's delusions- using her to help lure Bella into a deadly trap. Trouble ahead. . .
Jaygm chapter 23 . 1/18/2015
Creepy guy for sure. What is he exactly? Victoria's dad is a counselor and didn't check out Victoria's therapist? Even dumber than his daughter.
Jaygm chapter 22 . 1/18/2015
Oh geez. Who is James anyway? Sounds very unethical as well as being a total slimy creeper.
Jaygm chapter 21 . 1/18/2015
Her dream is horrible.
Jaygm chapter 20 . 1/18/2015
Is Victoria sincere? Oh hell no, I think not. That girl is going to do something mean. She did not change in that short of a time.

Things are really going well for B & E, finally.
Jaygm chapter 19 . 1/18/2015
Loved the way she handled the bet between Em & J.
Jaygm chapter 18 . 1/18/2015
I thought it was Renee. Poor Ben. And I just wonder about that homecoming court thing. I suppose the mean girls are planning something nasty and Carrie-like for her?
Jaygm chapter 17 . 1/17/2015
I bet Renee was driving drunk. Renee is a very self-centered person.
Jaygm chapter 16 . 1/17/2015
Talk about mean girls! Lots of them at Forks High. Jessica is delusional now as well.
Jaygm chapter 15 . 1/17/2015
Such drama! The Emmett and getting stuck in the treehouse had me laughing out loud!
Jaygm chapter 14 . 1/17/2015
Finally, he sees the light. And the witch coming apart at the seams, letting her true character shine through while everyone is seated around the dinner table! That was epic! Love those scenes. . .
Jaygm chapter 13 . 1/17/2015
Oh no, now what?
Jaygm chapter 12 . 1/17/2015
Edward is so clueless. Bella is getting quite better with her assertiveness. The witch is pathological.
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