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SSJ-Jolt chapter 15 . 9/12
People tend to overestimate the ramifications of incest offspring.

One or two generations of inbreeding is actually pretty safe. It's not until the third on that problems tend to arise. I know most people will point to the famous examples of inbreeding at the negative effects it had on those families, but most tend to forget most of those examples are Royal families with generations of intermarriage where everyone was everyone else's cousin for at least a two or three generations.
Qaa chapter 1 . 8/28
Please update
Guest chapter 1 . 8/17
Please update soon and dont scare us.
qalleesyawesome chapter 34 . 8/15
Wow naruto almost died. I kinda cried there a little
qalleesyawesome chapter 33 . 8/15
Yokos cute
qalleesyawesome chapter 32 . 8/15
Ino and Naruto is so cute
qalleesyawesome chapter 31 . 8/15
No one is born evil. You took that from the book
qalleesyawesome chapter 29 . 8/15
Yes letting go will be hard
qalleesyawesome chapter 28 . 8/15
Ohh poor naruto
qalleesyawesome chapter 27 . 8/15
The Beniko and the stone bench. I cant! I laugh so hard
Chrisfragger chapter 4 . 7/16
Honestly. Who (In the Naruto world) would want to name their daughter Kaguya? Wouldn't that be similar to me naming my son Hitler?
Suiren.25 chapter 41 . 6/28
Oh my god, I literally stayed up all night reading this. Although, now I sort of regret it because I finished it and I won't have something to read :/ Now, to wait for the next update :) your a great writer, I'm super glad I came across this story, I've come across stories with the same ship, but none have been as good as this one! Its super hard to find a good fanfic for a rare ship :/ so, I really hope you update soon, it would be a shame to see such a good story left unfinished.

-Sui 3
DarknesOfHeart chapter 41 . 6/28
Can you send me link for light novels?
Guest chapter 41 . 6/25
Beautifully written! Keep up the good work.
Wicell chapter 41 . 6/26
I've been following this story since 2012, forgot about it for a a while after one of your hiatuses, found it again and caught up. This is undoubtedly one of my favorites. NaruIno is also my OTP. I'll continue to patiently wait for the last few chapters, thank you!
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