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qalleesyawesome chapter 43 . 18h
what a good read! love this story so much! this is my third read through and i still had such a great time. thank you so much for writing this story! it truly is amazing !
DownFall chapter 30 . 5/23
I’ll be honest gang I really can’t imagine anything that your writing besides the plot because let’s be honest if space time ninjutsu is a thing and seals can do whatever you want them to do then it’s possible. It’s just getting dragged out at this point for no reason. Naruto is friends with Kurama, at 36 Naruto is the strongest on the planet and he can sense negative emotions
Suzakuskill chapter 43 . 4/27
Thank you for creating this story! So good to read!
Archleone chapter 3 . 2/24
The concept here isn't entirely uninteresting, but I really don't see why everyone is jumping to "time travel" when amnesia being the issue here makes way more sense and is far more likely.

Also, maybe it's because this is a fan fic, but the way people are behaving just feels unnatural to me.

Take Shikamaru for example. He talks about his "many important duties" and his reaction to Ino talking about thinking she was sixteen all feels really robotic and fake. "I'm listening" isn't really a natural response to that. I feel like the reaction to that kind of statement would be questions, not an instant acceptance of an unrealistic scenario.

Ino's reaction also feels very... fan fiction. "I feel like a queeeen, look at my walk-in closet!" and not "Holy shit. I lost twenty years of my life. I am going to fucking lose it." like a normal person would be. It's very weird. Especially when she says in her internal monologue something about how "Naruto is the only one really suffering". Seems really unnatural, even if it might be somewhat true. She wouldn't be in the state of mind to be thinking about that. Not so soon anyway.

She would be more focused on her own situation, trying to verify things, and probably she'd want to see her parents as soon as she could. Instead she just awkwardly roleplayed being her older self and accepted her situation with barely any real reaction besides her initial worry.

There's a big lack of realistic emotion, I suppose.

Naruto is even abruptly made to seem sulky at the end instead of worried about his wife.

I guess no one is behaving like this is a real and genuine crisis and it makes it all come across as a particularly weak style of fan fiction that's just for a girl to experience a fantasy life, like some girl being sent into a fantasy world where she is told she is a princess (or in this case, wife of essentially the king/president of the local ninjas). She's a teenager who is suddenly facing that she has a husband who she barely knows, two children she doesn't remember birthing or raising, probably a lot of responsibilities that she won't be able to adequately handle, and that's not even getting into the politics she'd probably be expected to deal with too as the wife of the strongest political and military leader in the region.

There's too much "squeee, mansion! fancy clothes!" and not enough "What happened in my life? Where did my memories go? Is this really time travel? Was this enemy action? I'm married to this annoying guy I was barely acquainted with even though I guess he seemed nice. We fuck? We have KIDS?"

Personally, I would have been more interested in reading about Adult Ino being stuck back into her teen self and see how she leverages her memories to help her future husband reach his full potential earlier than he originally did and see if they can't save more lives in the coming struggles.

In that scenario, time travel makes way more sense because you can't just "forget" yourself into having memories of the future. Time travel or visions of the future would be the only thing that makes sense there.

As it is, in this story you have Ino forgetting 20 years, and randomly assuming there's time travel involved instead of her memories being stolen or destroyed.
CoffeeTableHead chapter 43 . 2/9
Great story man. Really loved it. I wish we saw what Sakura said to Ino at the tea house after Naruto left for his training but that’s such a small complaint on an amazing story.

A bit late but hope your studies are/went well.
The Exulted One chapter 43 . 11/23/2023
I can't stop the tears from flowing it hit me right in the feels, this is the first fanfic ive seen with this senario/situation and i absolutley loved it a solid 11/10 keep up the amazing work.
Samm91 chapter 43 . 8/1/2023
I really liked the story. Really liked that you didn't go the anxiety way that the story could have. And such a good ending. This absolutely will be favourited. Thanks for the read!
Kenneth chapter 43 . 7/6/2023
I loved it how i wish you could've continued it.
Illuminated chapter 43 . 5/17/2023
Don’t feel bad about it taking nine years to finish, feel good about finishing it even if it took nine years. Thanks for a very enjoyable binge read! Good luck with your medical career!
Illuminated chapter 29 . 5/16/2023
How could there be toy planes in the ninja world? Unless they are carpenter’s planes?
Guest chapter 43 . 5/13/2023
So good! Thank you for creating this story!
Alfiemooon chapter 43 . 5/12/2023
Great fix, although a plotwhole I couldn't help but notice was the bad version of evil from astra's dimension. Why did she apologize just before her death? That made it seem like she didn't really hate astra, although her actions says otherwise.
Lonty Arbalest chapter 43 . 3/20/2023
Good Story
animewhatif27 chapter 1 . 3/14/2023
very good job on kill trash
Marcefriasu chapter 43 . 3/2/2023
This was beautifully written. Thank you
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