Reviews for fall for the want of you
Aka Wouka chapter 1 . 3/4/2011

You've pretty much captured Gilmore Girls here.

A few errors here and there (just things like - where maybe a , should've been that may be open to interpretation, and I think a spelling error, maybe two...)

I loved it.
maramouse chapter 1 . 1/23/2011
Gorgeous. I think you got down Lorelai's (and Rory's) way of looking at the world very well, and I loved the lyrical quality you gave this. Some favorites:

"The first time it snows after their marriage, she runs downstairs, pulling her snow boots on the whole way, when she found a note underneath a pair of warm wool mittens saying: Larry on channel four beat you to it this year – enjoy."

Aww. Luke would SO do this. No matter how much he acts like Lorelai annoys him, he loves the fact that things like snow are able to light up her world.

"There are times when she is angry – at herself, seventeen and alone – to the point where she hates her reflection in the mirror, but then her daughter cries for her, and Lorelai has no time to waste away on her self pity."

We don't get to see Lorelai at seventeen, raising Rory, but I can completely imagine it being like this.

""You and me babe, in for the long hall," she murmurs into her coffee mug – the one constant of her life through and through – tall, dark, and strong, just how she liked it."

The last line. Ohh, perfect.

"She was standing on the bank of the Seine in one of the most romantic cities in the world, with the guy she has waited for since she was sixteen . . . and still, her heart was a thousand miles away in Connecticut when she says, "I Do.""

This made me tear up, but I think it perfectly summed up Lorelai's thoughts on the Christopher marriage...even though she wasn't ready to admit it. Beautiful.

"Jess has the kind of eyes that one could drown in, and a mind that she would like to wrap herself up inside, but her mother had warned her about boys like him, and so she does her best to keep herself from falling."

Perfect insight into Rory's mind. I like the tidbit about her mother warning her about boys like that, because I can definitely see a conversation happening like that when Rory was younger.

The Java fluff is amazing. And you weren't too bad with the Lit, either. ;) I also enjoyed the occasional Emily/Richard scattered through.

Just curious, but where did you get these words you based your fics off of? I tried searching for them out of curiosity, but to no avail...
Jeremy Shane chapter 1 . 1/23/2011
Good Chapter & More Please
Iscah McKrae chapter 1 . 1/23/2011
This is so splendid - so perfect. It glitters like snow.

Your sentences are so wonderfully unwasted - there is nothing superfluous, and nothing lacking. I envy this, and aspire to it.

Joy springs up in me as I read your words.

Each character's voice was absolutely true - resounded from THEIR heard. I was particularly impressed by your sweet yet entirely believable portrayal of Emily. That requires a gift.

My favorite things ("snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes"): Luke and Taylor battling with the lights. The eyes that one could drown in, and a mind that she would like to wrap herself up inside. It's done nothing for him besides get sand in his shoes. Pumpkin pancakes. Rory's tiny fingers reaching out to try to catch the flakes out of instinct. You'll simply adore this when you are old enough to appreciate it. Something half mad and gushing in a breathless voice. He ranted about the hour and the chill in the air to avoid staring too openly. The first time Lorelai entered his diner – a mad and spinning thing desperate for caffeine, even the bell over the door managed to sound different, even though he would not reflect so until years later. Larry on channel four beat you to it this year – enjoy. Snow storms on the campaign trail. That you didn't say who she was or who him was, so we can pretend it's both.