Reviews for Mother Knows Best
Paint Splat chapter 1 . 2/25/2013
Loved this. Literally. The last line was just perfect XD *fangirling*
lowi chapter 1 . 6/20/2011
LOVED this mew! So so so incredibly cool, loved how dark it was, scorpius' "thoughts", and how Draco and narcissa were there! Really really cool!
Paper Pearls chapter 1 . 2/1/2011
This poem is excellent, and I loved the way in which you dealt with the relationship from Scorpius' perspective. It added a certain realism to Astoria/Rose beyond the romance, and it also allowed for an interesting narrative. You had me from the opening line:

"Father warned me about her

No, no .




I could imagine the delay before the mention of Astoria, because there was something very conversational about your portrayal of Scorpius, and I think that having 'mother' put in brackets, so discretely, shows that Scorpius felt a little guilty about what he is about to share, and also suggests that he is ashamed of Astoria. This is emphasised by the absence of a capital letter to denote her importance to him.

The metaphor of Rose-wine worked very well, because it's a rare and uncommon tonic, suggesting that Rose is a special kind of girl:

"Rose-wine was there

to comfort me

She, my drug to inebriate me

enough to forget"

Likening her to alcohol showed the strength of the hold Rose had over Scorpius, and also the depth of his feelings. There was something almost unhealthy about the intensity of what he was experiencing, embodied by the idea of a potent drug. In a subtle way, this created a little room for the possibility that Rose and Astoria were right together.

I especially liked that in the beginning, Scorpius wanted his mother to like Rose but once he learned of what had transpired between them, he felt quite the opposite. It was extremely clever, as was this:

"Astoria had come to

l.E.a.R.n. Rose better than

anyone else ha e"

The way in which Scorpius ceased to refer to Astoria as his mother shows how wounded he was by the experience. It made him seem so young and vulnerable, like a child, and so I felt sorry for him. I liked the double entendre too, as it showed his contempt for the more sordid side of their relationship. Also, he seemed to recognise that Astoria and Rose had a profound understanding of one another - perhaps another unwitting recognition that they worked as a couple?

Your conclusion was perfect:

"Grandmother Cissy's words couldn't hurt more:

Astoria Greengrass i · a · l · f · o · y"

By having Astoria betray and deceive Scorpius like that, her disregard for anyone other than herself did indeed make her seem like a Malfoy. However, for Scorpius, who has been wronged, this realisation must have come as quite a sting. He had his pride in his name, and that too had been taken away by his mother.

I loved it! Well done.
macdennischardee chapter 1 . 1/25/2011
Freddie. ;)

Poor Scor, though. :(

Last line was the best out of the whole thing!

I hate that he had a ring and everything. :/