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kaito136 chapter 1 . 12/19/2011

please continue writing this fic!
shinju desu chapter 1 . 7/30/2011
Hey there~

Hmm, it has been a long time, yet I am still looking forward to this story's progress.

Yep, Spectre is great and the smoothie story is refreshing but I want to know what lies ahead of this mysterious girl and Mio. Will you please update soon? :(

Hope you'll heed my fervent request.


Scrya V chapter 1 . 4/2/2011
whoa, identity crisis. my theory is that this 'Parasite' is really ritsu, and the blouse belonged to yui who was living with her? but of course, my theories often turn out to be quite the piece of shit. xD

one answer: update. please.
Reinhart Fellow chapter 1 . 2/15/2011
My my my my my my...

what a dark and interesting story..

Hmm...what happened to the real Yui? And why Ritsu is so lifeless?

Guess we won't know 'till you update right? ;) ;) ;)
EastLake chapter 1 . 2/1/2011
Interesting take on Ritsu, look forward to more
Garou chapter 1 . 1/27/2011
I shouldn't have listened to Sunday siesta and read this at the same time...

Uhhhhhhh update soon plz I just know this is going to haunt me for the rest of the day. Maybe even tomorrow too T.T
MBenitez chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
Woa, I liked it. Very much. But...I'm lost QQ

Is the Parasite Yui or Ritsu? ...And what is with 'that' chair?

It's so intriguing 8D

I don't know how to analyse things very I'm not even gonna try it, my brain may explode _

But either way I can't wait for more.
BuRiChiFaN chapter 1 . 1/25/2011
L0L. so i was quite the only one to think it's actually ritsu. but seeing that the actual mystery here is 'if it's yui or ritsu' L0L. i didn't catch that earlier. psychological thriller fits this. XD anyhow, now i'll jump the bandwagon, who is really that sexy, delecioso b*tch? i find her seeming psycho-tendency Mah,that's why i admire

will there be hope for this show at the end?we'll see. i'm getting Lain vibes thoughXD
Shura4 chapter 1 . 1/25/2011
This is my tenth time reading this. I'm not joking. Even now I still feel numb after reading this. I don't know about Mio, but the first character really stands out to me. So many of her thoughts are so familiar that it's scary. "Mio feels a chill tickling down her spine" or something. Yes, I felt that too.

I don't normally leave reviews, and I don't reread stories more than twice. I've read horror, tragedy and more and they all stand out in their own ways but something about this story is like a different kind of horror and tragedy. I would call this story a different kind of slice-of-life.

I look forward to the future chapters. I don't know if there will be any romance factor but if there is, Id like to see how you handle it realistically. No fluff, just straight out reality of complicated relationships.

Not to mention, the line between Yui and Ritsu. Hope to see more of this very very real story.
Mitsuki chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
um hi. You probably don't remember me, but I've been a huge fan of your gundam seed stories. I've been waiting for them to get updated, but I suppose it'll be hard to do that since it's been years already and still no movie.

Good thing I recently got into k-on :) now I get to read more of your works! I miss your style and even so this feels totally different! There's just something about it that really hits home. So intense!

I hope you do update soon :)
AdrenaVeris chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
…wow. I would like to say “what happened to you, senpai? This is really depressing…” when I read the beginning of this, because I haven’t seen this side of you for awhile.

Well, DemonTutor!Senpai is back (ノω)ノ* Stay like this? ((* ・・*)

I was going to get my revenge on you by making fun of the points but…I can’t. This is just really serious, depressing but very real. The harsh society we live in is exposed by the Parasite here (I’m going to refer to her as the Parasite like Ari-san did).

Other than the Parasite being so sexy even with her…’b1tch’ factor, I like her for who she is. It’s like reading about a real person, and that kind of characterization is what I love the most. She has her flaws, her apathetic towards the world. Good points? She’s honest with her feelings. All those questions we tend to avoid – well, she pondered about them. True, she had yet to find answers to these questions, but she had confronted them temporarily, at least.

I’m only a junior in high school, so I’m not going to pretend I know how college students feel, especially those who are graduating. But I can understand that kind of fear though. What should I do in the future? How am I going to reach my goals? What ARE my goals? O_o...I think you opened something I locked up, senpai. All the interlude questions are all very...deep, direct and very scary. Eh. I feel depressed. I think you snuffed some of my hares and bunnies. X(

Um well, Ari-san and Salem-san already mentioned many things. Before I start to sound repetitive, I'll mention a bit about the Parasite's attitude towards Mio, the only character I can actually name. One moment the Parasite doesn't really care about Mio, the next she was almost civil to Mio. Is Mio just like some kind of toy, a source of entertainment to her? Or 'a new host', as you said?

Does that mean there was an old host, another roommate who used to live there, and own that chair?

So, mystery! My favorite genre other than angst and crime. I can't wait to read more, even though it appears to be detrimental to my health (and bunnies). By the time you get the 6th one done, I'll be...well, hopefully I can hang on ;;

Overall, this is probably the first insect I find adorable (while being deadly) :3 Weird way to express how much I love this but, it’s true. I want to hug it rather squashing it, hehe... not that I can squash it. I got squashed instead, I'll say. One of the beastly hares are comatose because of this. You have yourself to blame! DX! I can't write anymore because I'll just sound like I'm babbling (more than I already am anyways)

Oh, I shall complain too! It's too short!

lalalala chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
this has a very, very interesting plot. i hope mio somehow changes ritsu in the future.

looking forward for more! and asap, please? :)
SalemXYZ chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
Parasite. First thing that caught my attention. The title alone piqued my curiosity. And then the summary. (It never crossed my mind that this is going to be sci-fi lol)

Lastly, I saw the author's name. Athyra.

I've already said it before but I'll repeat it again. I'm a fan of your reviews to Adrena-san's works. They make me laugh the way your crack story does. I also enjoy the artworks you did. Now, you wrote a serious story. Immediate click right there, lol.

Frankly, I'm surprised. Not just because of the fact that the same person who wrote humor also wrote this, but also because of how much of an impact this intro has on me. I would try to analyze it if I could, but I think I share many sentiments that ghikiJ-san does. So I'll just talk about why this story left a very strong impression.

First of all, I can relate to the Parasite, a lot. I must confess I've done many of the things the Parasite did, such as entertaining the thought of jumping off the building just for the sake of imagining what it would be like and how sometimes the sun is just too bright for my liking. I happen to be in my last year of college as well, so I can definitely relate to the Parasite's fears.

"That drenching fear of having to face the world, having to face society, having to work is just too much. All of them are too terrifying, making her restless, frustrated and so goddamn furious."

What a line. There are also so many other lines I can really feel but that would just mean I'll have to copy paste most of the story here. The way the Parasite thinks is very real. It's so realistic that it almost feels like I was reading the inner thoughts of someone...or myself, the part of me I tend to avoid. I'm working to pay for my own rent and tuition, but there are times I still need to rely on my parents for the seemingly trivial things, such as gas and grocery. While I'm grateful for their help, I also wonder if this is the...'right' thing to do. Shouldn't I be more independent?

Heh getting off track here rambling about myself. Well, that just shows you how much the Parasite's section affects me. The section separator questions are also something I wonder about everyday. Maybe not in the exact wording, but close enough. I question myself, doubting myself, grilling myself for the answers I don't have. Distraction? I vent out on my drums. Fortunately, unlike the Parasite here, I believe I do get educated in my college. I'm a history major, which might be why I look at the world in a rather passive manner.

Before I get off track again, I will talk about the Parasite's reactions to those net news. I'm not going to deny it. I share her sentiments. "No mass slaughter. How disappointing." Of course, I can only think that because it's not happening anywhere near me, or to someone I know. But I dare say a lot of people watches/reads the news as some sort of entertainment. The news is like a show, that none of it seems real.

However, the Parasite's reaction to "Avalanche buried 30 people alive" is quite interesting. She had no response, while she was disappointed that there's no mass slaughter, and that she scorned the person who committed suicide.

Why? Why is her reaction so different? All I can decipher for now are: weak-willed (suicide), unfortunate accident (avalanche) and insanity unleashed (mass slaughter). I'm going to keep this on the back of my mind when you update.

Now, Mio. She's the complete opposite of the Parasite.

"Nothing can ever be achieved if she doesn't put in the effort."

"nothing can be achieved if she doesn't take the step"

How true. You can't blame the society or others for what you end up becoming. If you don't put in your own effort, if you don't take the initiatives yourself...well, no one's going to help it. Cruel but real.

I must say admire Mio's courage here. The Parasite really could be a serial killer. We don't know much about her yet, but the indifferent way she talks about killing make me think she would not hesitate to do so, just because someone pisses her off or just for the sake of entertaining herself. The only reason she hasn't done any of that is because it takes effort. Well, here we have Mio, a 'new host'. Will the Parasite leech off her, or finish her in such proximity?

Lastly, the whole Yui or Ritsu issue. Lol, I was getting so mindfcked that I didn't really pay much attention to the small details at first. From the tone of the narration and the fact 'Ritsu' is in the summary, I assumed the Parasite is Ritsu. Imagine my shock when she introduced herself as Yui. Yui, the innocent this person. This extremely negative person who is depressed yet boiling somehow, ready to snap. I had a hard time adjusting Ritsu to being Yui. And then 'Yui' said to call her "Ritsu". Not gonna lie here - my first reaction was 'WTF!'. Like ghikiJ-san listed, there are so many Ritsu and Yui attributes, and attributes that apply to BOTH of them. 'Ritsu' may be listed as a main character of the story, but is she really 'Ritsu', or just Ritsu in Mio's eyes?

"Dream? What's that? How ridiculous. She really pities the fools who chase after impossible dreams.

She laughs at her own thoughts."

What happened to the Parasite?

Only the intro huh. I'll complain that this is too short, but it's wonderfully written and powerful. Your writing style has a very distinct taste that is addicting. My mind is still spinning as I type this. There must be more to talked about but I need to take a break and reread.

Hope to see this updated soon. Once again, very unique flavor in the fandom.
AleatoirePerson chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
that's some wonderful intro o.o

well...kinda confusing, but I really liked

it remids me of NHK ( know this anime?)

...Hope you continue soon *-*
ghikiJ chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
We finally get to see Athyra's serious side...

First and foremost, I believe it is the tone of this fiction that really makes it stand out from the rest of the stories I've read in this fandom so far. The closest I can name off the top of my head is Ryuamakusa's works but she's also very unique in her own right. Anyway, the tone of this story is very rough, very edgy, and very jaded. When I first read this, I was taken back at the narration because it truly sounds like something that comes out of real person's mind. The irritation at the world, the lack of will power, and utter uninspired existence plagues almost everyone (those who aren't affected by these woes are very very lucky individuals).

There is a lot of self-hate and apathy in this piece but I think that's what makes it interesting. Many authors fluff their works so that their stories would be more acceptable to the public audience but you didn't do that here. There's no fluff... just rough and unforgiving reality.

There are many concepts that the Parasite (I will call her this for now) pondered about in the first part of this story. She's an unmotivated, depressed, and angry college student who hates her own existence and certainly hates the fact that even though she lives alone, she's not independent. She still lives off her parents' money after all and she didn't have a job. Parasite indeed. Anyway, like many of us, the Parasite tries to find relief and entertainment by submerging herself in unproductive (I'll even dare say counterproductive) past times such as drinking (or getting drunk) in the morning, smoking, and digging through the web to find something that could be considered as a person worse off than oneself. It makes her feel better, learning there are people out there who are worse off than she is, that there are people out there just as messed up as she is.

That really hits home to me as a reader because I am also guilty of those morbid pleasures. "No mass slaughter. How disappointing." I believe I've said that line to myself at least once before while reading the Times. If one really looks at human nature, one will find that every single one of us has that inner sadist. Why else would a child pluck a butterfly's wings?

Moving on, the Parasite's depression is also very likeable in a twisted way. We all go through a phase like this, foregoing food because we find very little motivation to find any, and making ourselves hermits because there's no point in facing the outside world. Hell, I'd even dare say that most people entertained the thought of jumping off a building, even just in humor, but could never trouble themselves going through with it.

Again, you've delved into the forbidden section of a modern person's mind and, even if it is subconscious, I, as a reader, could relate to it. Very few others would explore this part of the human psyche because most people are scared of it. Most people even pretend that it doesn't exist. But it's there, and when there's a lack of positiveness in one's life, our inner Parasite comes out. We're all aware that it's there but we're all afraid that it'll come out.

Even though we don't know who the Parasite really is, her mysterious and dangerous yet familiar way of thinking really grips the readers. I applaud for braving these themes.

Let's move on to Mio. Now, she's the exact opposite of the Parasite. She's in her last year of college, motivated, and is looking forward onto finishing school, returning to her hometown, and starting her life. This is the positive side of the human psyche, the perseverance to accomplish something in life to make it more wholesome. Mio is willing to risk many things in order to get through school, even if that meant looking for an apartment on her own and braving to go inside a stranger's (a seemingly suspicious and dangerous stranger) apartment. She's willing to take chances if she'll accomplish her goals in the end. She's willing to overcome her fears in order to move forward.

Mio is very likeable in this sense.

Now, I must say that Mio's desperation is bordering unrealistic but then again I wouldn't be surprised that there are students out there who will do what she does to graduate. I'm a graduating student as well and if something (God forbid) happens to the place I live in, I will, for sure, risk many things to find a place to stay in these last six months of school. "Surely, she can survive a year with this girl." I share that sentiment.

Anyway, just like how did with the Parasite, you've made Mio likeable by making her as real as you could possibly do. She's a student with a dream who wouldn't sit by idly if there's an opportunity to be taken... even if that opportunity came with a parasite.

Now, I want to talk about the interlude questions you've included in this story so far. "How do you know if you've been infected with parasites?" At first glance, this question was humorous to me because I'm an Environmental Health Major and I could probably list pages upon pages of answers for it. However, this question is more meaningful than it looks. How do you when you start letting your emotions eat you alive from the inside out? How do you know if a person close to you is depending on you a bit too much? How do you know that you're truly independent and not leeching off other people? These questions are questions of a very insecure person or a person who fears "parasites". I even sense some paranoia in it. It really adds to the dangerous tone of the story.

The second question is "will you have the courage to face what you've become?" Ouch. I believe this is one of the questions that most people would rather not answer. No matter how many times we say that we accept everything about ourselves, most of the time, that isn't true. There will always be certain parts of ourselves that we aren't proud of and there are definitely parts of ourselves that we couldn't quite accept. These things may be minor, like a mole or maybe even the lack of a 20-20 vision, but no one is perfect and, therefore, everyone has something they don't like about themselves.

However, the answer to that question is much harder to swallow if the imperfection is self-inflicted. For example, a crackhead will always deny that he is one at least once because he couldn't quite accept the fact that he made himself addicted in drugs in the first place. A person who failed to get into his/her first university of choice will always find some sort of excuse for not getting in even though the real reason behind that person's dilemma was that he/she partied more and studied less before the entrance exams. People screw themselves over often and it's amazing how strong their potential for denial can be. Very few can look back and accept that they, themselves, have brought their present upon themselves.

Now, I might as well discuss the ambiguous identity of the Parasite. Like many others who have reviewed, I find it difficult to decide if the Parasite is Yui or Ritsu. It almost feels like you've combined Ritsu's fiery temper and 'I don't give a damn' attitude with Yui's dilemma of being helpless and heavily dependent on other people. Like other readers, I also jump back and forth between Ritsu and Yui, and couldn't find a solid footing as to who the Parasite really is. The only physical characteristics you gave us are those that are common between the two characters. You've mentioned that the Parasite is brunette, has a slim figure and that she has long bangs. Both Ritsu and Yui have that. Other than that, you've kept the Parasite pretty mysterious.

The other clues are quite confusing as well. I'll just list the characteristics that makes her Ritsu and those that make her Yui.


The Parasite stained a rather girly blouse and stated that it wasn't hers but then she tosses it onto the pile that she actually washes.

The way she talks and thinks is very reminiscent of Ritsu.

Her tendency to mess with Mio is also there, joking that she might be a serial killer and blowing smoke on Mio's face to get a reaction.


Dependent on parents' money

Awareness of staining the family name

Insecurity of being a parasite to society

Cutting her bangs while sneezing deja vu

The NEET flashback

The videogame (though this is a shared attribute I suppose)

The uncharacteristically chirpy voice that Mio noticed (again could be shared attribute)

I'm running out of space. Lol. I don't want to decide who she is just yet but I also don't want to just trust the character you've placed in the summary. Just because Ritsu is listed as a character her, doesn't mean that the Parasite really is Ritsu.

Anyway, I might as well comment about the "forbidden chair" and how the Parasite is touchy about Tainaka Ritsu's name. I'm led to believe that the Parasite one lived with Tainaka Ritsu (if she's Yui) or with Yui (if she's Ritsu) and the other person in the apartment left her in some way. The Parasite then somehow glorifies her former roommate's existence by deeming a chair sacred and by not mentioning her name.

In some twisted way, I almost want to say that the Parasite has taken on the other person's identity. That's what make the Parasite's on identity confusing, that's why she doesn't care if she's call Yui or Ritsu. It doesn't matter because she's both Yui and Ritsu, in a way.

No more space. Damn.

Heh. Told you I'll have fun analyzing this masterpiece. Welcome to the pantheon, Athyra.

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