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Kinda glad hitch and the teacher broke up.
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I have a gecko! I named him Geico lol.
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Loved the story. Did you make a sequal?
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silverswan51 chapter 4 . 5/27/2013
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wow young emily is a little bitch... i love her :)
EmilyPrentissHotchner chapter 37 . 4/15/2013
I loved that the Kindergarten graduation was your last chapter for this very amazing story of yours. I loved that you used the first names of the actors and actresses names for their character's middle names. Everything about this chapter was cute. I loved that Hotch told Strauss that she needed to move on with her life because that's what he did and she needed to do the same. I loved how Prentiss told Strauss that she was on a secret mission and Strauss was to call her Juliet De La Romeo. I also loved that Strauss finally called Jennifer; JJ. And Poor Rossi finally realizing that Elizabeth wasn't his real mom. I'm sad that this very adorable/entertaining story is over, but I'm looking forward to reading the first grade sequel because I'm sure it's going to be very entertaining as this story was.
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This story was great! Like I said, I rarely review stories but this one I just had to! It is definitely the best fanfiction I've ever read, for any genre! I'm really sad that this story is over because it was really good and so cute, but I can't wait for the sequel! I will definitely read! This chapter actually made me cry but I think you ended it perfectly! What will their first grade teacher be like after all?
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I thought I would be sad when I read the last chapter but instead it made me smile all the way. I love what you did with the middle names. Excellent job and thanks for making me/us laugh.
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