Reviews for A Gal Like Me
EveningInHornersCorners chapter 1 . 4/18/2014
First things first, you have NAILED Lulu. You have her whole frank, saucy bluntness down to a tee (yes, Lulu, I know what you're saying) and you should be commended for that alone. But put it all together like you have and you get...THIS, which I daresay is a masterpiece of its kind.

A few favorite bits:

-The thought of Dusty nonchalantly brushing off a naked Lulu - priceless. Especially since that is SO Dusty.
-Her note that she respects Dusty more than the winers and diners - it's good not to see a nice guy finish last for once. But then, I can always depend on you for that, can’t I? ;)
-Betsy's not getting Lulu's belt/suspenders remark. I can just see Lulu quietly smiling at that. In fact, I found the whole first part on Andy rather amusing - her different speculations about why he’s always so prim and proper. Virginity? A chastity belt? Some kind of monastic vow? Jumping balls of St. Elmo’s fire…
-But then you get into the whole thing about her father, and it suddenly becomes sadly evident that that COULD very well be Andy’s fate. Poor man. It seems like almost a setup for failure, to have his innocence colliding with the…less innocent West. Hopefully, Lulu’s right – maybe he just needs the right woman.
- Kudos for "dirty stinkin' dipsomaniac" though. :)
- Then we come to Mr. Callahan. And does she have things to say about him!
- I smiled at the thought of Dusty as Cal’s “wayward little brother.” With TUMBLEWEEDS in his head, no less. But Lulu’s absolutely right – Cal NEVER stops trying to teach Dusty.
- Cal’s courageous, all right. And big. Goodness, you’d have to be to take on THIS wagon train, Dusty and all. I agree with her about being tackled to the ground – if he tried (or not) he could probably rival James West in regards to knocking people out cold. But with the right woman, I’m imagining tender, yet ardent love…
- Coy, coy Lulu. She works up a whole “premortem” eulogy, if you will, tiptoes around the black hole of just plunging in and saying she likes him, and then decides she’ll keep it to herself, leaving us in…SUSPENSE.

Now that I think about it, Lulu/Cal really DOES work. Even better that Ginger/Skipper. There’s just something there…

Once again, bravo! This is a great piece. I loved it.
Marie chapter 1 . 11/4/2013
I loved the line about how much Betsy still has to learn - frankly, that would make an interesting fic.

As for a strong woman with a cool head to take on Andy...could Betsy fill the role?
TereseLucy384 chapter 1 . 3/31/2012
hmmmmm, Lulu and Cal?

I like this one, as it gives me a little insight into the characters of the men. I really have only seen what little there is on YouTube, so this is it for me.

I like Lulu, too.

Men . . . they're a different breed, aren't they ;)
Louise Hargadon chapter 1 . 2/10/2011
I would've carried on reviewing Heat of the Moment but I think if I do this in proper chronological order... well actually I've missed out your GI fics, but I've got to save those for last because I really don't know what I'm talking about (damn you, YouTube...)! Anyway, I think you updated HOTM AFTER you wrote this. So here I am.

Things I loved about this Story:

. Dusty and his one track mind. Beans.

. The idea of a naked Lulu sashaying through camp wearing only a feather in her hair, and it instantly making Dusty think of... well... Beans.

. All other men see Lulu and instantly swoon. Dusty sees Lulu and thinks "Now THERE'S a girl who looks like she could do with some beans..."

. Lulu respects Dusty. He's a man with no hidden agenda. And he always brings his own beans.

. Andy wearing braces AND a belt. Wow. Ain't no way nobody's gettin' in there - even with a crowbar. Even if they wanted to!

. Betsy having a lot to learn. I bet Dusty'll teach her. In fact, I think he's got that pretty well covered. So long as she takes a vague interest in the life cycle of a bean...

. Lulu's continual repetition of the phrase "know what I'm sayin'." Yes, Lulu. Yes, I know what you're saying. I too am fluent in English!

. Andy permanently being fully clothed. Permanently.

. The possibility of Andy wearing a chastity belt. Again, Lulu, we're presented with the issue of 'who'd actually want to go there?'

. The backstory of Lulu's Dad. For anyone who missed him, he was the dirty stinkin' dypsomaniac. Really, no other words beginning with D?

. Ah, that's the point of the backstory. Andy's an alcoholic (or as the acronym now reads, DSD) in waiting. It's all that chastity belt wearing, Andy. You just wanna let go. Take Mrs Brookhaven and ravage her to within an inch of her life! Go on! You can bet your boots Mr Brookhaven hasn't done that!

. Bless him. Poor Andy. Not even Lulu would go there.

. Oooh, here we go, she's getting a bit more animated about Mr Callahan now...

. Really? Cal Callahan? Is that a sort of Western non-drumming version of Bev Bevan?

. Cal never stopping educating Dusty. Although I bet, if Cal thinks on it, since he's met Dusty he's learned a helluva lot he never knew about beans.

. Lulu, of course Dusty's not been shot on the wagon train. It's called Dusty's Trail after all. If he went they'd have to drop the apostrophe and the S! Do you know how much that'd cost the studio to rejig those opening credits? Tens and tens of cents. So just you remember that, missy, next time you try and tell Dusty he's lucky to be alive despite the fact he's a little clumsy on occasion!

. "You wouldn't want him tackling you to the ground, put it that way." Wouldn't you, Lulu? Really? ... *really*?

. Love the fact Lulu spent the last third of her narration waxing lyrical about how awesome Cal is and then went all coy and refused to say she likes him. Heeheehee! Brilliant!

I love the way you write Lulu. You'll just have to write more of her!xx
callensensei chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
Oh, I just can’t get enough of your Lulu voice. You have such skill with narrative voice as it is, with your witty, folksy storyteller of your “BUSTY” stories (still love that name for Dusty/Betsy shipping! Heck of a lot funnier than MAG!) but here you’ve got Lulu with all her sass, warmth, honesty and wildly imaginative metaphors: Andy “in a chastity belt.” Hee! Her now-defunct suspicion that Dusty might “bat for the other team.” Double hee! Callahan’s words going through Dusty’s head, “bypassing a couple of tumbleweeds on the way.” Fabulous! I love themed metaphors (I’m always using nautical ones for the Skipper and Gilligan) and the idea of the tumbleweeds, that are part of the desert terrain and that never take root, like Mr. Callahan’s orders, is just brilliant!

As for characterization, this is a very perceptive look into how Lulu sees her male friends, and how her own past has shaped her needs, as far as men go. It’s also a very clever way of shining a sidelight on the three male characters. Prim, brilliant Andy and gentle, innocent Dusty are not for her, no matter how she loves them. You’ve given us a Lulu who yearns for something she’s never had: a man who’s stronger than she is. Her tragic, alcoholic father may be the reason she’s so strong, but he’s left her with a hole in her heart that’s going to need a lot of filling.

Which brings us to Cal: commanding, protective, practical and patient, but probably not the least bit shy where women are concerned. You make it very easy to believe that he’d be the kind of man she’d need. You paint a marvellous contrast between Lulu and Betsy, though, in which Lulu is far more pragmatic about romance than Betsy, even though the two women are about the same age. I do love Lulu’s “secret,” though. It’s sweet to see her just a little vulnerable.

I’d love to see you do a fic about them some day; maybe an aftermath to that very poignant episode where Cal broke up with that plantation belle? His heart sure needs some mending after that!

Keep these coming! If anyone can light a fire under this fandom, you can!
JWood201 chapter 1 . 1/25/2011

Even being serious, she has such a colorful vocabulary. She's amazing. I liked her observations, they were spot on, and the bit about her father really worked.

Poor Andy! He's gonna be alone forever at the rate he's going. But I really liked her comparing him to her father - I see where that's coming from. His optimism may backfire on him some day. Don't turn to the drink, Andy! Noo!

Lulu and Cal works somehow. It does, now that I think about it. At first, people are tempted to go with the things that align with GI since it's the same stereotypes, but the characters are so much different than we initially think. And while G/P worked, I don't think Lulu/Andy would have worked the same way.

This was a nice chance of pace and it's nice to see Lulu pondering something serious with her trademark wit and fabulousness. Brava!