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Wiebenor chapter 15 . 9/14
I haven't had the chance to log in yet since I reset my phone (it needed it I think), but thought I'd at least say that this story is thought provoking, so fay, yet, well... Let's just say I hope Harry and Hermione's predicament doesn't end like that cautionary tale told in the end about the 100 lives the couple lived... I don't get how NOT changing time is a bad thing overall, but I'm betting that the major events after 4th year might have something to do with that. That said, if this story continues, I hope it remains Harry/Hermione and, honestly, if Harry and Hermione er, depicted "exploring" their relationship, both with themselves, and each other, if that makes sense, that would be a welcome (not to mention kinky and erotic) distraction that I believe the characters could use... I mean, if I was inhabiting a girl's body, I would probably be fondling myself just to understand how a girl feels; y'know, the differences, and all. Maybe being a guy, that's only me that feels like thew would love to "feel", well, to "feel" ANYTHING for that matter, considering how "blah" my life feels... It's like, well, it's hard to explain. It's, I guess a bit of depression among other things, mixed with a feeling of, er, unfulfillment or something like (a longing perhaps?)...
Kira the Spacebunny chapter 15 . 5/12
A thoroughly enjoyable and intriguing story.
The many AN's of apologies about how long it's been since the last update, (maybe not so) strangely give me hope that the story will one day be continued :)

PS: It's stylistically satisfying that the story currently ends at a chapter discussing how time travel erases the future. Lol :D
Light Lord Cybergate chapter 2 . 3/9
Poor Hermione. One things for certain... after today Hermione (the real one) will never argue with Harry about his relatives ever again.

Not sure if she can survive this... Unlike the real Harry she... or rather he is not used to such child abuse.
She is either going to break... blow up the Dursleys... Or set all of the UKs police force after them... and maybe even the whole magical world as well depending on whether your Dumbles is an evil obliviating manipulator or not in this story.
At least they haven't actually hit her... yet.
I am literally expected Vernon to loose his cool at any moment and put her/him over his lap soon.
Random Person chapter 15 . 1/17
Sounds less like messing with time is wrong, and more someone cursed time travel because reasons.
Ariel Schnee chapter 2 . 6/27/2022
If I was Hermione, I would have poisoned all their food.
khatre chapter 15 . 6/6/2022
i was hoping for a happier last chapter but this was .. fairy tails are hard ..and sad ..
khatre chapter 9 . 6/5/2022
All someone had to do was ask Snape "how many people and who have you used mind magics on at Hogwarts" cause you know this was NOT the first time it happened or even the hundredth...
In real life we have one thing that is sacred to EVERYONE .. the Sanctity of Our Minds.
Snape violated that and did it without a second thought.
so Yes. It IS Rape.
khatre chapter 9 . 6/5/2022
Ron is NOT entirely in the wrong here. Rude yes. Absolutely. But NOT wrong.
THE Best womens football players in the world get their stool pushed in by High School Boys teams ...
Olympic Level Players! loose to high school boys ... Gold Medalists!
In every other sport where people compete one on one and interact with each other Men DOMINATE Women ...
chaoyue580966 chapter 15 . 5/29/2022
Weirpellet chapter 1 . 5/16/2022
I skim this story every once in awhile so it's nice to see that people are still coming by like I am and dropping a review.
Same as Smithback chapter 15 . 5/10/2022
I re-read this magnificent story
and I really enjoyed it again!

2017 is not so far, I hope to see this story again with a new chapter

thanks, good luck, bye
Michael chapter 15 . 3/13/2022
Ich habe deine Geschichte hier gefunden. Die Kurzbeschreibung fand ich sehr interessant und so habe ich sie an diesem Wochenende gelesen.
Leider hört sie mitten drin auf, was ich sehr schade finde.
Ich würde mir wünschen, dass du die Geschichte weiterschreibst.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

I found your story here. I found the short description very interesting and so I read it this weekend.
Unfortunately, she stops in the middle, which I think is a shame.
I wish you would continue the story.

Greetings from Germany
SunPho3n1x chapter 15 . 10/11/2021
This has been a great story. Thank you for writing this.
mgharmon chapter 15 . 6/20/2021
This has been a delightfully fresh story. Will it have a finish?
Pyrdiu Lefquo chapter 9 . 4/25/2021
I have to know: are you a fan of Homestuck? Is the situation with pumpkins being easiest to conjure a reference to pumpkins being the easiest to appearify?
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