Reviews for Deep Water
pronker chapter 42 . 6/18/2023
I enjoyed your story today; the fascinating Amber Room's role in the tale felt especially right because instead of the entire inventory of panels gone missing, a reasonable amount were 'misdirected.' And the poor girls witnessed what marked their lives forever. In particular, Carter's relationship with the little girl resonated ... they're both so pure! :)
Abracadebra chapter 21 . 1/31/2023
I scored a center seat on a long, crowded flight today, and I read my book on the way out. So I thought, what can I read that will last the whole trip? Answer: well, it’s been some time since I read Deep Water! Here I am, halfway home and halfway through what has long been one of my favorite HH stories. This time around, I am really studying the structure — you’ve very artfully presented one obstacle and twist after another. I am also enjoying all the characterizations of all your OCs, who are exceptionally vivid. I already know where things are headed with Dietrich, so it’s been especially satisfying to dissect how you laid the groundwork. This story is a great adventure. “It could have been an episode” is always a high accolade around here, but it’s insufficient. This one could have been a feature film. Ideally with real, rushing rivers and NOT studio sets with palm fronds waving in the background!
Abracadebra chapter 3 . 10/3/2021
From the Reviewathon — an incredibly tense and dramatic scene that always makes me hold my breath. The little injections of dry humor (“fetch me that rope… or should I whistle?”) lighten the tone while underscoring Newkirk’s determination. In this, my umpteenth reading of this chapter, I found myself really fascinated by LeBeau and Carter’s reactions — “determined opposition in one and deep trepidation in the other” captures each man’s essence.
Abracadebra chapter 2 . 10/2/2021
From the Reviewathon

I've been saying for years how much I love this story - it is in my Top 5 of favorite HH fanfics, actually. So it's pretty appalling to realize I have left exactly two reviews. Agggh!

In chapter 1, which I previously reviewed, you establish quickly and convincingly with your opening line that the boys are in real jam. Newkirk's in charge, apparently by virtue of being the least debilitated member of the team, and he seems to be accepting his role seriously and confidently, even if he's a bit brusque toward poor damaged Carter!

On my umpteenth reading of the story, I found myself really delighting in your word choice. "The front end slewed in to the ditch," and the truck "careered off without stopping." Excellent, precise verbs, and huge kudos from me for writing careered and not careened! I'm always ridiculously thrilled when writers know the difference. (I think it may be mostly a US phenomenon, but are far more likely to hear careened used to mean moving fast!)

Chapter 2 - the excitement really builds in Chapter 2 as the fellows realize some lives other than their own are at stake. I really appreciate that they don't dwell for even a moment on WHO it is - they just know help is needed. I also really enjoyed the little childhood vignette from one of my favorite towns, Aberystwyth.
mrspencil chapter 42 . 8/12/2019
I thoroughly enjoyed all the twists and turns of your tale. Really well done:-)
Dinogeek chapter 8 . 4/16/2015
'Civil engineering... only in reverse' is maybe the best description I've ever read.
Aileil chapter 42 . 1/25/2015
The sheer amount of time you must have poured into this story is worthy of enthusiastic thanks even if the results hadn't been quite so wonderful as they are. The detail you have put into this story is remarkable and your skill at tying up all the loose ends is thoroughly admirable. Thank you so much for writing a story where the heroes get to help a pair of folks through a coincidence. One of the saddest things about the camp is that most of their activities have to be so carefully planned and regulated. It's nice they were able to rather spontaneously aid the girl and her grandfather. It's also nice to read stories that take into account that Carter can't swim. That's one of those things that just begs exploration. :) Thanks a million!
SaraiEsq chapter 42 . 10/3/2014
Nicely done!
SaraiEsq chapter 28 . 10/3/2014
Of course you had to make things worse for our heroes... ;-)
SaraiEsq chapter 16 . 10/3/2014
This is a turn for the better ... but there are waaaay too many chapters left for this to be the resolution of the matter...
SaraiEsq chapter 5 . 10/3/2014
Zat iz a nice twist!
SaraiEsq chapter 1 . 10/3/2014
Nice set up!
Nomad1 chapter 42 . 10/4/2012
Really enjoyed this story. Interesting to see Hochstetter taking a role other than main antagonist for a change, too. Good stuff!
Snooky chapter 42 . 1/28/2012
Great job tying up all the loose ends. Appreciated the bits of humor thrown in. Can't say much more than what the other reviewers already said. I truly enjoyed this story.
snooky chapter 27 . 1/28/2012
Back again. this time on a regular computer, and not an IPOD so I can review. Like the last line in this chapter. An inconceivable sequence of good fortune and everyone has been brought back to Stalag 13 safe and sound. Like Hogan's manner around Irma. And of course, he is as glib as ever around Klink. The water sequence was worthy of an episode.
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