Reviews for You suck at surfing
Guest chapter 1 . 9/26/2016
this was both hilarious and sweet, I love their dynamic! shoutout to micro-ice and sandballs, I can easily see him do that XD
grownupandnolongerhere chapter 1 . 1/27/2011
LOL nice way to make a Tia/Rocket/surfboard thingy. Tia is really the type to cover up her screwdness with cuteness and feigned innocence. NICE!
rosehill chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
no, you didn't butcher them. You got Tia's "silent but brave" personality well. This is a cute and funny fic.
xXLauren MusicXx chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
GO TIA! XD Haha, I loved this :') You wrote their personalities extremely well, especially for a first time! :D Cute and funny fic; loved it :D
FemaleSpock chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
Nice! I think you wrote Tia/Rocket well! I just love Tia's fearlessness in this!
indecisive-ays chapter 1 . 1/26/2011
I LOVE YOU! OH MY HURTING SIDES, I ALSO HATE YOU, since you wrote something very similar to I've written for Us like 2 years ago and didn't upload because it didn't catch up with the timeline in there yet AND OH MY GOD GET OUT OF MY HEAD GERKYHEN!

my spirits are sky high if you couldn't tell! brace yourself this will be a looooooong comment :D

First: Sandballs! Mice and his weird ideas lawls.

Second: Rocket's all "aw yeah damn here I am chillin with ma girl on a beach in perfect harmony with the entire world woo things can't get better lookatus we're happy just being together, we'll be together 4ever, yeaaaaahhh..." and then Tia is: "I'm bored." BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Third: Good girl Tia, she teases him, she knows what she's making him think, the sly little thing. I heart teasing Tia :D

Fourth: I heart Rocket mentioning his libido :D and his idea of surfing "wait, wait, wait... BIG WAVE! aw damn... *splutter*"

Five: "Why do I listen to you?" I wrote a similar line into that story (get out of my head!) because Tia always manages to have him go and do things he normally wouldn't. It's canon :D

Six: Rocket's all, surfing is serious business!

Seven: ... hurt male pride. "I'm not a wimp." you are pretty whipped though honey :D

Eight: "Scaaared?" and then he got his turn to tease her. Nice dynamic in their relationship.

Nine: He's ogling her. And then he is rushing into the water: good thinking on his part (that is if he was actually thinking, it was more like "nice ass me want" sorta rushing in it seemed) gotta hide the evidence of ehem, arousal.

Ten: Tia's doing somewhat good, I'm all wee she managed, I'm feeling the fun with her and then... "Rocket, meanwhile, was underwater, hating his girlfriend." NOT ENOUGH INTERNET SLANG TO DESCRIBE MY LAUGHING AT THIS LINE!

Eleven: Rocket pulled a Micro-Ice and lost his shorts :D :D :D

Twelve: Rocket losing his shorts turned to his benefit because Tia is awesome :D

No characterization butchering as far as I'm concerned :D you stole them out of my mind... and yay go me for getting you in on prompts and making you write your first Rocket/Tia, you do realiaze I'll be pestering you to do more from now on, right?

And yay go you! Write MOAR!