Reviews for Repairing Damage
vampyfreak chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
Great fic!
nebula2 chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
This was well done. Rossi really did seemed annoyed with Reid in "Limelight" even though later on you see him trying to be a mentor in the episode. Still I think you captured Rossi's initial reaction to Reid well - it really did seem like Rossi found him annoying and wasn't sure how to take the younger agent. We saw it multiple times not just in "Limelight". I also liked that when you had Reid go off on Rossi he brought in Gideon. I think Rossi taking Gideon's place would have been a big issue for Reid.

Loved Morgan and Prentiss in this - Morgan talking things through with Reid and Prentiss defending him. The advice Morgan gives Reid about just ignoring Rossi is in character I believe.

The ending with Rossi's apology was well done. Not eloquent as far as apologies go but very Rossi-like in my opinion. And I like how you end it with Reid rambling again and Rossi acknowledging that it would be best to patiently endure it. Shows some growth on Rossi's part.

My one criticism is that I would have liked to seen the story a bit longer. I think you have at theme and a few parts in the story that could have been expanded on. Perhaps showed Rossi get a few more "joking" remarks in on Reid that Reid is ignoring. Right now Reid goes off the first time that he tries to ignore Rossi. There were also other instances on the show showing Rossi's annoyance/and or inability to know how to deal with Reid - quoting from his book on the plane, the Ruby Ridge questioning. I like what you have, and the story is good which is probably one of the reasons I'd like to have seen it developed more.

Gothic-Romantic99 chapter 1 . 6/29/2011
What a nice story you have here. I just watched that episode today and saw how Rossi wasn't too thrilled to be going on a road trip with the overly excited Reid.

Rossi really wasn't all that nice to Reid in the beginning and you did a great job of showing that here. The fact that Rossi told Reid to shut up 'casue no one's listening was rather harsh. I like that you mention that Reid looked up to Rossi since he blabbed on about wanting to talk to him about his work the first time he met him.

It would make sense that Reid would be that upset that Rossi ignores him. Seeing as how his father abandonned him then Gideon pretty much did the same, and now someone he idolized doesn't treat him all that nice would really hurt him. It's good to see Reid finally speaking up for himself which allowed things to be handled here. Good work with adding in the comparisons between Rossi and Gideon through Reid's eyes.

The end scene is nicely done. Rossi's apology sounds true to his character. The last bit about pretending to listen to what Reid was saying is nice. The talkative quirk is what makes Reid who he is.

Nice job with this story.
VoicesInTheWind chapter 1 . 3/4/2011
Interesting. I'm not really a fan of Rossi, and I could certainly see all of this happening. But at least they came to understand each other in the end.

Nice one-shot. I especially like the rest of the team sticking up for Reid (Prentiss) and trying to talk him through it (Morgan).