Reviews for La Stella
SheWolfMedjai chapter 1 . 9/5
Good, good hearing from Byakuya's pov.
bleachfanficfanatic chapter 1 . 8/8
Very good!
little lily chapter 1 . 2/8
Byakuya is one of unpredictable chara. he is too mysterious.

i think you made an amazing story for this lovely crack couple.

animeroxz chapter 1 . 3/12/2015
This was good! Very detailed but not smutty! I enjoyed it very much! You did a good job with Byakuya too!
Mansdas2 chapter 1 . 3/9/2015
Aww, I'm a big fan of Byahime, and really liked the story, wish there was more...
Solar chapter 1 . 3/11/2014
You really should do more of these3 Really amazing!
Jaded Baby Blues chapter 1 . 7/30/2013
Sweet! I loved every bit of it...Your lemon is sweet and romantic but it is also very hot at the same time! Kudos! I truly enjoyed your story! :)
byzelo chapter 1 . 5/14/2013
I loved it.
Cleotara chapter 1 . 1/9/2013
Beautiful, so passionate :)
EnderSweetie chapter 1 . 12/25/2012
Simply amazing .
Michiko Burel chapter 1 . 12/7/2012
Hahaha whoa some imagination pfft so it was nice great way to say how they like love each other not too odd
4thkage chapter 1 . 12/2/2012
i want more ByakuyaOrihime couple story...
A Nun. A Moose chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
Interesting couple - kudos to you for going against the grain... and, for what it's worth, it's actually written quite well (which I don't admit often)...

There was just one thing which made me splutter like a total spaz... when you said: "her breaths starting to shorten as he continued his menstruations" did you mean ministrations (actions)? Because menstruation(s) means... something completely different. I didn't think it was possible for a man, but hey! You never know. If you don't know what I mean, then type it into an online dictionary ;)

I'm not doing this to be nit-pick-y/pernickety/a genuine grouch with a pole wedged up her butthole - if I was in your position, I'd genuinely like to know.

Other than that, I liked it. Nice job.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/2/2012
such a beautiful story but,how did they decide to o.k we're in love,good story.
IsisP chapter 1 . 7/14/2012
I've always thought they are a very good couple. It seems Orihime it's the kind of women Byakuya likes. Certainly the only one actually in Bleach. I enjoy much more contrast better (like Renji/Byakuya for example) but one must recognize he is a very traditional man :-(
Your description is sweet and hot, both of them very much in character . I like it very much. Thank you!
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