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KkGgINoU chapter 12 . 7/16
Late-blooming member of the Harry Potter fandom here, but I'm here, and this is the first Harry Potter fic I've read, and I'm glad I did. :)

I really like the nuances, and the meaning of every action. You did a good job in capturing that.
Your banter between Harry and Ron is on-point, you have a good bead on Al and Scorpius, Ginny and Molly's appearances are kind of short-lived but it's OK. And your version of Snape is pretty much... You know. Snape, who has to contend with the usual issues of being... Well.. himself.

Anyways, I liked it- loved it, three thumbs up, and I hope for more of this story soon if you can. Ciao!
CorrosiveCoin chapter 12 . 7/15
Thank you so much for updating this, it's such a great story, original and really well written! Hope to see more soon!
tanithlipsky chapter 12 . 7/15
Erimenthe chapter 11 . 6/5
I wonder how everyone is going to take Al being in Slytherin (and being friends with Scorpius)...especially Snape lmao.

I like that Hugo was willing to spend so much time playing gobstones with Snape and wasn't upset he kept losing but wanted to know for sure that Snape didn't just let him win that last time. He is definitely persistent and wants to win only if he earns it I think. That might go a long way in getting Snape to...accept, if not like a little, him being around a lot lol.

I wonder if Kingsley was actually going to find and capture "Norbert" himself, or if when he went to check the legitimacy of the informant, got himself caught and Imperioused as they think may have happened. Who came through the fireplace? Was it Kingsley and whoever was with him? Was it Ron? Ugh.
tanithlipsky chapter 11 . 5/29
tanithlipsky chapter 10 . 4/5
Erimenthe chapter 10 . 6/16/2017
Uh-oh...what does the Ministry want now and what has Al so nervous? I hope things will be ok.

Severus letting someone win a game? They wouldn't learn anything that way so I can't see him doing that whether he was still a git or not.
Anne chapter 10 . 6/14/2017
Please continue I love this story.
misundersnape chapter 10 . 6/15/2017
Severus seems comfortable with Molly... even if he's trying to remain as unobtrusive as possible. He's good with those kids. Teaching must have rubbed off a certain tolerance and patience no matter how much he must have tried to resist it - lol.
What in the world are those boys up to. They worry me.
Nice chap.
Thanks! :)
Padme.G chapter 10 . 6/15/2017
Want to read more.
Desires of Autumn Leaves chapter 10 . 6/14/2017
Haha good to see Severus settling in the family but I suspect you still have quite a bunch of surprises for us :) Like the message from Mrs. Weasly aka Hermione Granger and the letter from Al. I really wanna know what both the parchment pieces contained.

So please please update super soon! You don't know how much we enjoy this story!
BlueWater5 chapter 10 . 6/14/2017
Nice interweaving of the plots.
Erimenthe chapter 9 . 5/31/2017
I'm glad Molly started out with treating him like he just stopped for breakfast and not like an invalid. A whole day with Lily and Hugo, not to mention Molly (hopefully she doesn't have to yell at them). I hope Severus will be ok by the end lmao.
misundersnape chapter 9 . 5/25/2017
Good old Molly... I would hope Severus would appreciate her experienced and caring demeanour. As his contemporary he ought to feel at least slightly more comfortable with her as a conduit to settle into the life that temporarily left him behind.
Nice chapter...
Desires of Autumn Leaves chapter 9 . 5/25/2017
Thanks for the chapter:)

Strange isn't? On one side was Harry Potter who dreaded Potions Master Snape and here is Albus, wanting to have Snape as master. Nice irony you created! I do find it cool!
Aside from this fact and the letter one ( I'm eager to know what he writes ;) ), there was Severus Snape going to have Molly as a babysitter. Dude, you should've updated two chapters!

Still eager for the day when Albus will meet Severus;)
Update soon!
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