Reviews for The howl of wolves
Guest chapter 1 . 1/26/2014
Im sorry, I couldnt get past the first chapter.

Two things, Ragnar... Nar, not mar. And second point, Ragnar being civil with an AI? I can accept the premise of them picking up the signal and recognising it for a distress beacon, I can even accept that the ship is large enough for a squad of space marines to move around in as described. However, I cannot accept that any space marine would so readily accept an AI upon encounter. Its illegal tech, and is heresy in the extreme.

Please do some more research into the environments your crossing over before writing.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/13/2012
Not bad really the guy idk if he know to much about halo because guardsman are as good as odsts marines are pdf id say a normal Spartan would be about a squad of stormtroopers and 117 would be like 6 with that said one on one he MIGHT be able to kill a space marine but he would not make it too much longer. Noble would be able to kill a marine but but at lest one would die .
ShadowCub chapter 1 . 4/14/2011
Update please and disregard people who have time to tell you what is wrong with your fic, I read every fic as AU because its telling the story in a different way, so keep it the way it is and please update.
twigggy chapter 1 . 1/28/2011
It's better than most people's first stories, I'll give you that.

But here's a long list of problems:

1. The Forward Unto Dawn is too small to be considered a cruiser by halo standards, by 40k standards it's positively tiny.

2. AI's are hated in the Imperium, the Space Wolves would obliterate Cortana upon contact.

3. The flood are positively tame by 40k standards, 'if they escape nothing can stop them' is false, if they escape a small contingent of guardsmen could stop them.

Halo ship has even near the firepower required to as much as scratch a 40k ship, let alone a few halo fighters(they came out of the dawn) against a lolhueg battle barge or strike cruiser.

5. If the dawn was hit by a 40k boarding torpedo there wouldn't be a dawn left.

6. Imperial forces are xenophobic to the extreme, the space wolves may not embody this as much as most but would still be wary and hostile towards the chief.

7. The regent of Terra is a position that hasn't existed since the founding of the Imperium, the high lords of Terra are now in charge, and although Ragnar does technically have the authority to call them on a whim or even order them to kill themselves he does not have the means, the imperium is so vast that FTL communications from fenris to terra take days to get there and lives to transmit, it's not like the appearance of the chief is important anyway.

8. Master-Chief cannot use an astartes-pattern bolter, the recoil would shatter his arm.

9. Master Chief is hopelessly outskilled by every astarte and most guardsmen, he should really have died as soon as he hit cadia.

10. Bolters do not fire bullets, they fire adamantium-tipped HEAP mini-rockets.

11. A covenant plasma grenade wouldn't really harm au unarmoured Daemon, Astarte or Ork, given that they can take las-fire which has a heatr output considerably higher.

12. 40k weapons are just flat-out better than halo ones, if the daemon on cadia got harmed by a plasma grenade an imperial frag grenade would have shredded it.

13. If Ragnar didn't yell for the loss of one of his brothers, he wouldn't have done so for the chief.

14. Meltaguns don't fire plasma, and whyever would the wolves give MC one when he's far inferior to even the least of them?

15. Basilisks aren't tanks, they're artillery pieces, artillery that isn't used by astartes.

16. Armour lock would not cause a 40k tank to deflect or explode, it would just run chief over and crush him, armour lock or no.

17. A khornate daemon would be far more agile than the chief.

18. A space marine will never say 'NOOOOO', they literally know no fear.

19. Volcano cannons can't down titans in one, the experimental shell wouldn't do a thing, also void shields.

20. I'm just going to stop now, you probably get the idea.

Anyway, please don't take this as a flame, you seem to be a pretty good writer but simply haven't got sufficient knowledge of 40k, your halo seems sound though.
Silver Sun 17 chapter 1 . 1/27/2011
this has a lot of potential but seems to be rushed and your formatting needs work. if you want i can do a formatting edit to show you the right format, just pm me an email address to send it to.