Reviews for Every Cloud has a Silver Lining 2
IcannotRestImustWrite chapter 1 . 4/25/2012
This is a fantastic story! You're a great writer, and it sounds like you really know your stuff, it's very believable.
faeriemaiden96 chapter 12 . 1/8/2012
I loooooooooooooooooooooooved this story! On a side note, I loved Blakeney's little crush on Cicely (or at least that's the impression I got anyway). You are very talented write and I also love your pen name. Potterheads FTW. :D
Aiedail Choupette chapter 12 . 5/26/2011
I told you I would read it.

Usually, I don't read stories including OC. Or the story has to be brillant. This one is, without a doubt. You wrote it in a very beautiful way. I started it yesterday and, even though I had a headache, I couldn't stop until the last line. This is a great story indeed.