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Guest chapter 37 . 11/14
awww im sorry youve been harassed by ungrateful people! so damn rude!

But you are right, you have a life! it will be a shame you wont be updating anymore! Lol i just started reading fanfictions! :( you'll be missed greatly!
writtingaboutsantana chapter 37 . 8/24
I hope that one day you change your mind.
This isn't just some little story, this is a freaking novel. This is legit- it deals with homophobia and loss, and the struggles of loving someone. Even if Brittany wasn't blind, and Santana still forgot to pick her up all those chapters ago, it would have been a legit argument that a couple would have. I'm glad that I still have access to this story. I saw that it hasn't been updated in 3 years, but I still wanted to read it, because you're talented. And you're well into your twenties now, probably busy with much more important things, but I really hope that you remember the password to this account one day, and post another chapter. Even if it's an epilogue that skips a bunch of stuff and is 5 years in the future. I don't think you're pathetic. I think you were stressed. Leaving high school to start college is hard. This story is way too good to not be finished. I just very glad that you left it on a light note, instead of a cliff hanger. Even if we have to wait another year for an update, it'll be worth it. Sorry that you were stressed out, and I hope all is well in your life.
bethybeth1234 chapter 37 . 8/6
I really love this story and I'm sorry that people have been so rude to you. But I just wanted to take the time to thank you for writing this. Even though you don't plan on continuing your stories, I am incredibly thankful for everything you've written. You're stories have made me very happy so thank you so so much for writing them.

With much love,
IP25 chapter 37 . 8/5
I'm not sure if you are reading this review, or if it will make a difference, but I'd rather try. I've read a lot of stories here, I remember little things about every story. But your story, damn, I remember everything about it, even after almost three years. At first I didn't want to read it because I knew it was on hiatus yet I did, and loved it. What I'm trying to say is that, if you were to decide to finish this story, I will read it. Besides begging for an update which I now you hate, I wish things are better now, than they were when you posted the last chapter.
ajiesnixunicorn chapter 35 . 5/31
Dear author,

Still not deleting this story in my favorite list. Please come back and I hope you will still finish this story. I'm begging you! This is one of the greatest Brittana story ever! And you're an amazing author! Please!
SM123 chapter 37 . 5/11
So I know you haven't updated this story in over two years so I have no idea if you'll even read this but I just finished reading this story and I wanted to let you know how amazing it is. You are truly a gifted writer and although you decided to stop updating I hope you kept writing for yourself and didn't stop all together. I understand how frustrating it can be when people keep asking you to update even when you ask them to not do that and it's even worse when they're rude about it. I saw that you recently updated one of your other fics a couple of months ago and I know sometimes it's hard but if people start giving you a hard time about updating, try to ignore them. You shouldn't be updating for anyone else but yourself. Don't stress yourself out too much and only update when you feel it's right. Anyway, I hope that whatever you are up to in your life right now, you are enjoying it :)

P.S. I totally knew Hallie was going to end up having feelings for a girl and I totally ship her with Sarah :)

P.P.S Sorry if this was long
Busshunter chapter 34 . 4/13
I'm so sad, I'm still hoping that you'll continue this amazing story :(
BlueRedG52 chapter 37 . 4/12
If this means something I love this story, I wish people didn't have to be rude so you could finish this story.
Guest chapter 37 . 4/11 was a great story...liked it so much.
filqianifin chapter 37 . 3/15
I love you. Okay it would be awkward just to say it without any other words. So, my cat was gone for like three years, then I said I love you to her photo and she's back! yaaaay! okay I made that up, but would you be back for me or maybe us? you break so many heart/3 once again, I love you! like really!
Guest chapter 37 . 3/7
It's not right deleting a story like this
wankylove89 chapter 37 . 3/3
I hate that rude people causes you to stop writing. This story is so amazing
Guest chapter 37 . 1/13
I love your stories you shouldn't stop for some haters
Maria chapter 1 . 1/5
Dear author,
I know you probably wont read this because you haven't used fanfiction in over 2 years but with the impending "final season" of glee I and I am sure some others would love if you finished this story. Several chapters into this story you mentioned me a "guest maria" on your author note. It meant so much to me as a reader to see that you recognized my note on how this story should be made into a film. I truly hope that whatever you are doing you are happy and of course writing. You may not have gotten the love and appreciation you deserved on here but I hope outside you are! I know I am asking for a lot...but it would honestly mean the world to me if you took the time to finish this story. Thank you for this and for your other fanfictions. It always made me feel better to read them. So again thank you, thank you for everything.
dancingunicornfeet chapter 36 . 12/17/2014
This story is fantastic.
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