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candescentstars chapter 28 . 8/13
hi ! i'm a random user who's just started hahah so i've read as far as it comes,, and i'm sure this isn't the end of the story, but i don't know if you're still on but ahh ! your plot is goals woah and this is your first story i've read, haven't read any others yet but i like this a lot . please continue it if you're still writing and checking pleaseee !
just wondering you watch(ed) hidamari sketch didn't you uwu
Guest chapter 28 . 6/4
Well to be honest.. I really like ur story and I do hope you'll update it soon.
lookalike5516 chapter 7 . 5/27
PLEEEEEEASE TwT I LOVE THESE SHIPS SOOO SO SO MUCH! Pls let there be more OldRivalShipping 3 and omg WILL THERE BE MORE OF THE SINNOH TRIO! I just love them to bits and CommonerShipping is my absolute fave X3
Anonymous chapter 27 . 2/11
Maylene chapter 28 . 1/12
I think I might print out and frame your rant about flamers! That, my friend was amazing.
I don't know where this story stands so far, or when it'll be finished, but I am looking forward to it, whenever it comes out. I honestly didn't think I'd get this hooked on to a fanfiction, but I soon found myself devouring chapter after chapter, and I didn't even realize that chapter 28 was as far as it went.

I wish you good luck in your life, and no writer's block!
ProfessorPingas chapter 1 . 1/12
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FANFIC! Its what got me started in fanfics in the first place, I have read this one over and over and I have read your other ones too! I love please keep it up :3
Guest chapter 28 . 1/3
Y u leave me hanging with everyone else
Guest chapter 1 . 12/25/2016
This story is good. Really, really good. You are an amazing writer, the plot is extremely captivating, and I can see the effort put behind this. It's also just plain hilarious. (I couldn't stop laughing over Green and his love of cats). I also like how you were able to balance the laughs with more emotional content. I would love to see this story continued. Keep up the great writing!
x.symphony chapter 7 . 12/19/2016
Love the not-so-subtle nod to the friendships in the actual manga, from Green being Yellow's mentor (I love all interactions between them no matter how little heeee the friendship in the manga always gets to me) to Blue meeting Silver and Silver blushing xD Hope to see more of the friendships between the characters (cross-gender) aside from the main romantic pairings in the next few chapters!
idek homestuck chapter 10 . 11/24/2016
yo holy fuck you made a homestuck reference this is the best moment of my life also great story 10/10 would read again oh wait im not done shit anyway so proud dont forget the stairs and we'll all be fine 3
Ryuumaru Kara chapter 28 . 7/13/2016


I love Amotodan.

And I'm dying to know what's next.

May have sounded a little too direct so sorry...

Anyway, as I have said, I love this story. Some time ago (Okay, 2 years), I would stay up late reading your work. Totally worth it. It really drives away all bad vibes from me. Made me laugh a lot, it did. And after the latest chapter, I'd occasionally-frequently check for updates.

I know I'm not in the best position to ask for one, because I'm just a reader/fan who's also a writer who can't get back to writing because of some... stuff.

But I'll say it anyway.

In behalf of all that was captivated by this story's charm... Please finish Amotodan.

I don't mean to sound rude or selfish but that will be my, no, our request. All of us. Hoping that someday, you'll return and conclude the journey you've started. We're with you all the way.

Please rest assured that no matter what you choose to do with the story from here on out... you have my full support. And I'm pretty sure everyone else feels the same way.

Thank you for creating A Miscellaneous Tale of Night and Day. We'll keep on waiting for the day you return.
Guest chapter 9 . 6/15/2016
While I like your story,I hate it that you use their fanon personalities.
AWESOME chapter 27 . 6/6/2016
OMG I can't wait for the next chapter! But you haven't updated in FOREVER. PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASE update sooon. I NEEEEED the next chapter. This. Story. Is. Amazing. But. OMG. UPDATE. I BEG OF YOU. I really do think its a good story. I read it months ago too but intentionally forgot about it so that if I found it again it MIGHT be updated. HEY GUESS WHAT?! I actually found this story mentioned in another story. My reaction was, and I quote, "O My gosh! That was such a good story and I FINALLY remember the name! I'VE BEEN SEARCHING, YASS! I hope its updated." I was a little disappointed when it wasn't. BUUUT... I shall forgive thee if thou story is updated. like, ever. *checks updated date* FOUR YEARS... says updated August 20 2012. Currently is 2016. I'm really sorry if it sounds like I'm rushing you. I JUST REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT SHALL HAPPEN NOW. DO THEY ALL DIE? DO THEY SURIVE? I mean, cliffhanger much? I laughed soo hard at moments (Cried tears signaling laughter too hard at INSUFFERABLE DOOR) I do love the story. What stopped you from writing it anyway? I mean, really. All I have to live off of for a while is "hell yeah, over." *cries because no updates and unfinished story* WhY *tears* U nO UpdATe? Lets just say I spend most of my time in my room and live off of fan fictions and this is... is... SUCH A GOOD ONE BUT ITS NOT FINISHED OR UPDATED. anyway i think you MIGHT see my point, hehehe. BUT MOAR THOUGHTS ON SAID AMAZING STORY... I loved how he first chapter is such a thrilling one which kind of inspired me to keep going. I kept reading and found the plot to the story is more than just "four-girls-were-kidnapped-will-they-get-home?" its more of a "four-girls-were-kidnapped-will-they-survive-because-they-were-taken-to-a-school-that-is-actually-really-freaking-scary-school-full-of-superhumans-and-they-in-a-deadly-situation." type thing. ANYWAY, I really love the plot of the story. I like how it's planned out. The only thing that confuses me is the prophecy. I counted the number of characters and I don't think that they all fit in the prophecy? I dunno. I LOVE the Idea of the whole story however. I would have never come up with it myself. I also have spotted few grammar mistakes. I usually stop reading if i find any (haha im such a hypocrite) I do love writing and reading. THIs. STORY. NEEDS. TO. BE. IN. MY. LIFE. UPDATE SOON. I SHALL BE AWAITING CHAPTER ARVAL. ONce again I REALLY AM SORRY IF I SEEM TO BE RUSHING YOU. I DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE RUSHED. IT SIGNALS BAD WRITING. Lets just pray that the next chapter is up and that it is up, well, anytime this year.
-me (such nice signature, I know)
CrimsonRed1136 chapter 28 . 6/6/2016
Update please!...I ship every ship you have and my fave is specialshipping...This story is so awesome...I hope you update faster (Im not rushing you though)
PokeSpeBanette chapter 28 . 5/30/2016
hey probably heard this before, but it's been like four years- you gonna update? the plot was getting even more awesome than it already was, so i kinda wanna find out what happens...and what in the hell fionn is. is she a mew? arceus's kid? and the twins are awesome, the way they just don't wanna be seperated from each other lol~ anyway, plz notice this fic, yadda yadda yadda, bye bye now.
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