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Kyle37 chapter 22 . 4/25
So glad to get an update after so long and glad that you are back writing this one again, I cant wait for more misadventures of the mouse. Keep it up.
bloodshound chapter 22 . 4/25
*hands out ear plugs.




You may keep the ear plugs.

i hope the next chappies won't be as dark. cause i really didnt enjoy that.
Gon Freaks chapter 22 . 4/25
Glad you are doing OK, go a little worried that you might have been dead and thus killing this awesome story! Good Luck with your book, and hope to get a chance to read it. Welcome back! And now I have to read the story again from the beginning to see if the new chapter makes sense. Hope for another chapter soon, and keep up the writing!

tchae chapter 22 . 4/25
Loved the chapter and it's great to see you back, hopefully publishing your book goes well you have a reader in me i can promise your that.
tapionwarrior chapter 22 . 4/25
Great chapter I cant wait for the next one.
Leonineus chapter 22 . 4/25
Whoo! I kinda thought you'd died or something xD

Looking forward to reading your book when it comes out.

And now onto the next chapter of Win Some, Lose Some!
Scarease chapter 22 . 4/25
Yaaaaaa your back I am massively thrill that you have returned.
Flashohol chapter 22 . 4/25
So hyped to see you back in action!
Spiral Reflection chapter 22 . 4/25
Wishing you the best of luck in this endeavour.
thaumaturge1618 chapter 22 . 4/25
Brilliant chapter again! This is one of my favourites here and in each chapter you bring out such a deep and rich work - the characters are given more depth, the situations, the plots - everything made more realistic, deeper,richer and the protagonist - a tad wiser. Playful,humorous parts and dead serious one. Incredible!

You have incredible talent at writing. This story is easily on par and above many published works I have read. Be persistent and your career as a professional writer will flourish. Congratulations on finishing your first novel! Best wishes in dealing with the publishing industry ! Cheers
pikachucat chapter 22 . 4/25
george17 chapter 22 . 4/25
First of all, welcome back! I really thought this fic was abandoned and am so glad it is not. This has for a long time probably been my most favorite fic! This has the best and the coolest version of a Naruto that I've ever read.

That said, I didn't at all get the ending of this chapter and didn't buy into it at all. It seemed slapped on and didn't fit with everything previously written. He got busted stealing exam notes. So what? How is that any different from cheating on the first tournament? The only difference is he got caught. Okay, fine but how is that any worse than anyone else who tried to steal the notes and I have zero belief that other students had not tried or succeeded at that. I'm sure plenty of professors at real life universities let alone ninja schools will testify to that.

How is any of this a betrayal of the village? Sure he could have left his calling card and it would have been a training exercise but then his exam score would not have received the benefit. Directly prior to this you as normal had plenty of people comment about his efforts being that of a true ninja. Even the head of the academy considered this to be a ninjaesque act.

So, punished for getting caught stealing exam notes sure but I fail to see how anything he did was any worse than that. Being sent to T&I to supposedly be scared straight so to speak seemed absurd considering being a true ninja is one of the main characteristics of this fic. Being punished as any normal student would for this infraction is all that seemed plausible to me. I didn't get anything out of what you wrote to explain why this was any worse than that. Lastly I sure didn't get anything from this showing why apparently having friends and being on a team had a damn thing to do with any of this. Honestly the team thing seemed incredibly hokey in the context of this fic.

Needless to say the supposed moral lessons at the end of this chapter made no sense to me and I did not buy any of it.

Of course though I still am ecstatic that you are back and found everything else in this chapter fantastic and up to your normal standards. I completely accept I missed your point at the end of this chapter and you meant it to actually be a lesson. I could see where this was a lesson to not be over-confident but it seemed disproportionate to the supposed crime and for lack of a better term, team building crap that was tacked on to it seemed way out of place.

I absolutely love this fic and I'm only writing this as feedback to let you know that the morality play portion of this chapter came across completely flat from my perspective.
imgonnadie chapter 22 . 4/25
Excellent chapter
Guest chapter 22 . 4/25
I liked this chapter, thank you for curbing his arrogance in an original, to my knowledge, fashion.
Good luck with your novel and when it's published post the title/author and I'll look into getting it.

Keep up the good work,
Tribernator chapter 22 . 4/25
WOOHOO! Heh, i was so glad to see you are back! I hate it when an excellent story like this one seems to just be abandoned, and I am glad to see this one (and your others) are back in business. I wish you good luck with finding a publisher.
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